On the Way to Change Facebook Name

On the Way to Change Facebook Name

Facebook, which has had privacy and security problems many times before, has not been doing well, especially recently. Continuing to receive complaints and criticism from technology experts and users around the world, Facebook plans to rebrand by changing its brand name, according to the special news of The Verge. While it’s unclear when we’ll learn about the new name, according to the exclusive news, the company may surprise you by announcing the new name next week.

Okay but why?

Although there are several reasons behind this change, the biggest reason is that Facebook is no longer just a social media platform, it is much more than that, and it wants to lay a solid foundation for future technology. The company, which will renew its brand identity, aims to bring its services such as Oculus, Instagram and Whatsapp at least as much as Facebook.

Another reason is the goal of realizing the ‘metaverse’, the fictional universe, which is the virtual reality version of the internet, which Facebook defines as the future of technology. Let me explain a little more for those who are wondering. Metaverse is a concept that combines augmented reality and virtual reality. In many ways, this is believed to be the future of the internet. Zuckerberg also told The Verge’s Casey Newton this summer that “there’s going to be a big focus for the metaverse, and I think that’s going to be a big part of the next chapter on how the internet evolves after the mobile internet.” He used his words.

Finally, we can add that in this name change lies the desire to get rid of the image of scandals and lack of trust involved in the platform. It is not known how useful it will be, but it is not surprising that there is a desire to open a new page behind this change.

Although Facebook has finally taken steps regarding this long-talked decision, it is not the first well-known technology company to change its name as its goals expand. In 2015, Google was completely reorganized under a conglomerate called Alphabet, partly to signal that it was no longer just a search engine but an expanding conglomerate of self-driving cars and healthcare technology companies. Snapchat was also acquired by Snap Inc in 2016. rebranded as a ‘camera company’, the same year it launched its first Spectacles camera glasses, after starting to call itself a “camera company”.

We do not have any information about the new name of the company yet. We turned our eyes to Mark Zuckerberg for the new name, we are waiting.

Source: https://vogue.com.tr/

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