Newton or Einstein right? Which Theory Is Correct?

Newton or Einstein right? Which Theory Is Correct?

Gravity According to Albert Einstein

According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, there is no gravitational force between two objects, this occurs as a result of the bending of space. In other words, the earth does not pull us, the space pushes us to the earth. So how does this happen?

We can explain it like this. Imagine an elevator being freely dropped from the top of a skyscraper. The people in it have no weight. They can hang in the air. Likewise, this is the case with spaceships. Astronauts in a spaceship entering Earth orbit do not have weights. In this environment, a marble or a bowling ball is in the same condition. When dropped on the ground, they fall at the same speed. A similar experiment was carried out on the moon, and it was observed that two objects with different masses fell at the same time.

Einstein says that space is not a vacuum, but a sheet like a sheet and comes from layers. When viewed in this way, it is possible to see the gravitational fields of massive objects and to understand the bending of space when they form. With the video below, you can watch how the gravitational force occurs according to the general theory of relativity.

Newton or Einstein right? Which Theory Is Correct?

Here we see that the correct one is the theory put forward by Einstein. Newton’s theory has been proven wrong. It is not right to say that it is completely wrong. Because Newton’s formulas give accurate results when applied with small objects. In other words, it is possible to describe the events in the world with these equations. This is where Einstein’s theory comes into play. The general theory of relativity has been used to understand and explain very massive objects in space and the universe and has replaced Newton’s theory. In everyday physics, the validity of Newton’s rules is still possible. Accurate results can be obtained, but Einstein’s theory is the last rule that has been proven correct, even though it is the kind that most of us cannot understand.

Thanks to Gravity

What is going on with the gravitational force effect what would happen if the gravitational force were different?

  • Gravitational force is the source of life.
  • The shapes of the elements and atoms we use today are formed by gravity.
  • Thanks to gravity, people’s bodies are the way we know them today.
  • If there was no gravity, the moon and the earth would not have stood like this.
  • Without gravity, there would be no galaxies or star systems.
  • If the gravitational force was greater, the concept we call time would flow more slowly.
  • If the gravitational force were less, the universe would be larger and the states of galaxies and stars would be different.
  • If there was more gravity, the universe would be much smaller and the lifetimes of the stars would be shortened.
  • If the gravity was greater, the tidal waves would be much higher.

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