Most Effective Acne Cream Brands

Most Effective Acne Cream Brands

Acne is known as sebaceous glands formed due to clogged pores on the skin. In other words, sometimes sebum cannot come out of the hair follicles and accumulates under the skin over time. This causes acne. Although acne is seen as one of the biggest problems of adolescence, it is actually a problem that can erupt on the skin again in almost every period of our lives. So whether you’re 17 or 37, it’s still possible that you’re facing the problem of acne.

The problem of acne, which occurs as a result of changes in the body during adolescence, appears in later ages due to the wearing effects of the cosmetic products used, environmental factors and the loss of elasticity of the skin. So how do acne and acne spots go away? This question is very important for people struggling with acne. Of course, there are natural methods that can be applied to remove acne and the scars it leaves behind. Many alternative methods are used to eliminate acne, from garlic cure to aspirin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, but sometimes these herbal methods are insufficient or they are only temporarily effective on acne. In such cases, creams come into play as the most effective acne treatment. So, which acne creams are effective?

Most Effective Acne Cream Brands

1. Imex cream

Imex cream, which is frequently used in the treatment of acne with its antibiotic properties, has managed to be among the best-selling acne creams. If we look at the indication features of Imex, the active ingredient it contains is “Tetracycline hydrochloride”. Imex penetrates the pimples that have formed or started to form on the skin and dries the inflammation in the acne from its root. It is effective on both inflamed acne and treats superficial acne. In addition, Imex cream has another feature that women may like. If you are fair-skinned, you can also use Imex as a foundation. Thus, your skin looks smooth while being treated. It is important to apply the cream in the amount recommended by the physician, because an allergic reaction may occur on the skin if it is used excessively. Before going to bed at night, Imex cream is fed to the acne-affected area by massaging. Imex is very effective in the treatment of acne, skin blemishes and blackheads.

2. Nadixa Cream

Nadixa cream is among the best acne creams. The active ingredient of Nadixa cream is “Nadifloxacin”. This antibiotic-containing cream works on skin infections caused by bacteria. It is effective both in superficial skin infections and in the treatment of inflamed blisters and pimples caused by bacteria that prevail around the hair follicle. People who start using Nadixa cream complain that their acne intensifies in the first place. Although Nadixa cream has such an effect, unlike other creams, it actually destroys the pimples under the skin by making them come out. That is why acne proliferates all of a sudden. It is essential to use it with the advice of a physician. Because it is a strong cream, it is usually prescribed together with orally taken antibiotics. When used regularly, it eliminates acne problem in a short time.

3. Azelderm Cream

Azelderm cream is one of the creams that comes to mind not only in the treatment of acne, but also when it comes to cream for acne scars on the face. It is also effective on blemishes and sunburns on the skin. The active ingredient of the cream is “Azelaic Acid”. While it destroys acne on the skin, it also provides activity on the bacteria that cause rose disease, and thanks to the beneficial natural acids in its content, it renews and repairs skin cells. It helps the skin to recover itself in a short time. It prevents the appearance of blackheads and acne. It is also effective on acne seen during adolescence. It is normal to experience itching after applying Azelderm cream. In such a case, rubbing the area slowly instead of scratching it will both prevent irritation and ensure the continuation of the effect of the drug. When used regularly, it helps to get rid of acne in a short time.

4. Sebi Ixir Acne Cream

Sebi Ixir acne cream, which has an award among acne and acne creams, contains a “cell-renewing component”. In addition to its acne and acne removal properties, it is also frequently used in the treatment of blackheads and skin blemishes. This acne cream, which does not have side effects, does not contain AHA acids, salicylic acid, antibiotics or cortisone. Sebi Ixir cream both nourishes the skin and makes it look healthy, and can be used safely throughout the year. It helps to control the sebum balance of the skin. It destroys the oil layer that clogs the pores. It purifies the skin from oil phase. Conclusion; It is a clear, smooth and radiant skin that is free from acne and acne spots. It is applied as a thin layer on cleansed skin twice a day. It provides a visible change on oily and blemished skin.

5. Madecassol Cream

Madécassol cream is indicated for the treatment of many skin problems. So the scope is quite wide. This cream, which is at the forefront of wound and burn ointments, is safely prescribed by physicians as it has a natural content and does not cause any side effects. The most important feature of Madecassol cream, which gives very successful results in the treatment of skin blemishes, acne scars and cracks, is that it can be easily used by pregnant and lactating women as it does not contain any chemicals. The cream, which provides a comfortable use to patients with its pleasant smell, should never be applied to open wounds. This causes the wound to be watered when it should dry, and the healing time is prolonged.

6. Fucidin Cream

Fucidin cream is also an effective acne remover that is frequently included in the prescriptions of doctors. While it removes acne and the spots they cause, it is also very effective in eliminating irritation and acne on the skin after waxing or epilation. The active ingredient of Fucidin cream is “Fusidic acid and Hydrocortisone acetate”. Fucidin cream is an antibacterial cream that is preferred in the treatment of skin infections. It destroys bacteria on the skin and prevents them from multiplying. Thus, it prevents the formation of acne. It can be used in the treatment of pus-filled acne and blisters, as well as in the treatment of “erythrasma” infectious skin disease, which manifests itself with brown or red spots on the inner parts of the thighs and under the armpits. It is applied to the infected area twice a day. Eliminates acne and scars in a short time. Excessive use of Fucidin cream can cause skin irritation, so it should be used in the way and amount recommended by the doctor.

7. Erythretin Gel Cream

One of the creams effective on acne is Erythretin. Unlike other acne removal creams, this cream treats the skin by peeling it off. Therefore, side effects such as burning and redness of the skin may occur during use. These effects are normal, but in cases of severe burning, it is recommended to stop using the drug and consult your doctor. Application to a clean skin is important for the effectiveness of the treatment. Although the recommended amount of use is 2 times a day, it can be applied 3 times with the advice of a doctor. Erythretin cream makes acne disappear in a short time. The active ingredient of this cream is “erythromycin and tretinoin”. Erythretin cream reduces the effectiveness of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. It treats inflammatory or non-inflammatory disorders of the skin. It removes the oil and dirt layer accumulated under the skin and allows the skin to breathe.

8. Acnelyse Cream

Like Nadixa cream, Acnelyse cream first removes acne under the skin by removing them on the skin. Its active ingredient is “Tretinoin”. This cream is both effective and cheaper than other acne creams. That’s why it is often preferred. It contains vitamin A. In this way, it is very effective in the treatment of acne. With its skin regenerating feature, it creates a visible effect on the epidermis cells in a short time. It also prevents the formation of excess keratin. It is also used in the treatment of ichthyosis and hyperkeratosis. However, it should not be forgotten that excessive use will cause some side effects. Therefore, care should be taken to use it in the posology (appropriate dose and duration of use) recommended by the physician. If you are allergic to an active ingredient in Acnelyse cream, its use is not recommended. When first applied to the skin, stinging and warmth may occur. These are possible side effects. However, if these side effects are too severe, the treatment should be interrupted or the dose should be reduced. In the first weeks of use, there may be an increase in the amount of inflamed acne. When you encounter such a situation, do not panic, this is the reflection of the effect of the drug on the lesions outside the skin. After a short time, the situation will return to normal. Therefore, the drug should be continued. In order for the drug to have an effect on the skin, it must be used regularly for 2-3 weeks. However, sometimes this period can take 6-7 weeks.



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