Mobile Legends Guide

Mobile Legends Guide

First of all, before moving on to our guide, let’s talk about why you should play mobile legends. Because mobile legends is very easy to play and control, and its graphics are also quite good compared to a mobile game. If you haven’t played this game with so many players yet, we recommend you to take a look, if you like moba type games, it is one of the fun moba games you can play on mobile.

Day by day, as technology advances, it seems that the use of computers has started to decrease. Especially for most users, the reason for the high cost of buying a good computer in our country is reducing the rate of computer use.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Review
Mobile legends bang bang is a moba-type game as we mentioned above. The game, which is designed for game lovers of this style, can also be summarized as the mobile version of games such as Dota and LoL.

To describe the game for game lovers who have not played this type of game before, the game consists of fighting with your team against the enemies in the form of 5v5 consisting of two groups. There are three corridors in total, right, left and middle in the game. In these corridors, each team has three towers in total.

We are trying to dominate the game by defending these towers. For now, your only goal is to win the game by destroying the towers and your opponents and your opponent’s epicenter, with a total of eighty-nine characters and each character’s unique gameplay and features.

In LoL Mobile, Winners Are Rewarded As Extras.
The winning team gets EXP and many rewards in addition to the normal values. You can own some costumes by purchasing them in the game, or you can have these contents for free if you are patient and participate in the events.

Let’s summarize the logic of the Legend Mobile Game.
If we open the issue a little and explain it simply;

You started the game and took your starting items and took action towards your corridor. After a certain period of time, your little helper friends, the minions, will start to come to the corridors. With the help of these friends, you will try to earn gold by killing the opponent’s minions, and you will have higher gold by killing your opponent with your skills.

In addition, by killing monsters, you will level up, improve your skills, and start inflicting higher damage. While doing all this, using the gold you earn wisely and completing the item sets will make you stand out as a power level against your opponent. Not only that, you can also help your teammates and help your friends who fall behind, after all, this is a team game.

While doing all this, your goal should be to protect the corridor you are in and not to lose your towers, losing a tower will gradually narrow the area you rule. After you reach your opponent’s epicenter by taking firm steps, all that remains is to enjoy the victory.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Match Types
There are more than one type of match in the game, whichever you like, you can have fun by participating in that match type. If we talk about the match types;

1.Classic Mode
In the classic war mode, you encounter in the form of 2 groups of 5 people, which we have described above.

2. 5v5 Mobile Legends Competitive Mode
Competitive mode is the same as classic mode. The only difference is that the matches you win in this game type determine your global ranking. There is no room for mistakes in battles with people from all over the world in order to have ranks such as master, grandmaster, epic legend, mystic, because as you rise in rank, your opponent starts to push you. The team that wins the ranked mode gets 1 star.

3. Survival Mode
As the name suggests, in survival mode, you can either hide or fight to survive, and finish your set by killing monsters because the map gets narrower as time goes by, and the person outside the area dies due to electrocution. Survive and get your reward.

4. Action Mode
The aim in the action mode is to fight in groups of 5 people, but thanks to the food on the ground, each food has a different feature.

M. Legend Bang Bang Hero Shop
The Hero store has 14 characters in the Shooter category, 25 characters in the Warrior category, 11 characters in the Assassin category, 20 characters in the Mage category, 13 characters in the Tank category, and 16 characters in the Support category. You can get some of these heroes as you level up, so don’t be in a hurry to get a character.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game Control
To play the game from the phone, you don’t need to struggle or make any adjustments, but if you wish, you can change the rotation sensitivity, graphics and sound settings of the game as you wish.

Download Mobile Legends PC
If you want to play the game on the computer like me, it is possible to do this with lol android emulator programs. Some of these programs are;

BlueStacks Mobile Legends
GameLoop Mobile Legends

We can recommend these emulators.



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