Miraculous Motivational Tips for Cancer Patients

Miraculous Motivational Tips for Cancer Patients

It’s up to us to make this tree green again. As human beings, there is a tree inside each of us. We hope it will bloom again with the greens. But hoping is not enough. Together with the feelings of solidarity and hope, it is in our hands to adorn our majestic but in need of attention with flowers, and to sprinkle them with the fertile hopes of spring again! It’s ours first!

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1- Watching comedy movies: A famous pop star named Kylie Minogue answered the question of how you beat cancer by watching three comedy movies a day. Yeah. The issue is so clear. If he had preferred to watch depressing and depressing movies instead of comedy movies, maybe the result would not have been like this. Maybe not absolute!

We have known for a long time that energies govern the human body. You can take the motto of think well and get well one click away and prepare a solid menu of comedy movies for yourself. Laughter is the most natural pain reliever that is good for the human body!

2- Staying away from depressing environments and ideas: Stay away from people around you who will add disease to your illness, add new problems to you with their problems, and if necessary, remove them from your life. Because they exist. You are sick, but thank God they complain more. Don’t be a part of their brazenness and get them away from you. You need compassion and positive emotions. Not depressing environments or ideas.

3- Participating in nature trips and walks: Nature has always been a savior. The changing balance of the seasons and the hope-filling presence of the spring-summer months should also surround you. For this, you should participate in nature trips and walks frequently. You can do this alone or with people, as you wish.

4- Being a member of relevant associations and foundations: There are many associations and foundations related to cancer in our country. You can become a member of one or many of them, and you can establish common bonds and solidarity with people who suffer from this disease like you. All you have to do is research and you can easily become a member of one of the closest associations or foundations and attend their sessions.

5- Going to events and holidays with people: Being together with people and participating in various activities with them will always be good for your soul and body. Taking a vacation with like-minded and positive-minded people, especially when we are ahead of the summer season, will heal you.Business is not limited to hospitals. Hospitals will only take care of the technical and medical part of the job. Therefore, of course, you should go to the hospital to have your daily or weekly check-ups. But other than that, you should know that the job is done with you and your psychology.

6- Engaging in the arts: For example, if you are interested in music, playing an instrument and dedicating a few hours a day to it will be good for you. In addition, taking photographs or drawing pictures will be one of the basic principles that will be good for you and your soul. Produce. As you produce, mother nature and the compassionate arms of life will open up to you a little more.

7- Attending parties and balls:“Mixing people.” do this. If you prefer a life isolated from people, say I am sick, I have cancer and isolate yourself completely, your disease will progress further. Therefore, accept the invitations of people who invite you to parties and balls. You will see how good it is for you.


8- Getting psychological support: We also recommend you to get psychological support by participating in various sessions. For this, government staff and private hospitals prepare their psychologists specially for you. All you have to do is to apply on your own behalf or through your families and open your heart to specialist physicians.

Do not forget that the medical world and specialist physicians are working hard for you. Always keep your morale high and always open your heart to the good and hopeful. You have nothing to lose, besides what you gain.

9- Smiling stubbornly despite everything: Yes, dear readers of bright ideas. Despite everything, keep smiling stubbornly. In this struggle for survival, in order to take a step forward in this health problem, to re-enter life with health and hope, your greatest weapon and strength will be to smile stubbornly despite everything!

You will always live deep in our hearts. I dedicate this article to my brother Mustafa.

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