Make Your Own Bath Bomb

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Make Your Own Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are piles of deliciously smelling and colorful exploding foam in your tub. The perfect gift for any occasion. But sometimes they can be a little expensive. If you take the ingredients that make up the mixture and combine them yourself, you can leave a greater impact in your bathtub. Plus, you can adjust the color, scent and shape perfectly for the holiday you want. Moreover, no one will know that you have kept dozens for yourself.

Tools and Materials

  • 225 g Baking Powder
  • 115 g of English salt
  • 115 g corn starch
  • 115 g lemon salt
  • A big bowl
  • Beater
  • Biodegradable glitter powder or dried flower petals in case you can’t find it (optional)
  • 2.5 tablespoons coconut oil (or any vegetable oil)
  • 1 tablespoon of water
  • 2 teaspoons essential oil (for fragrance)
  • 4-6 drops of food coloring
  • A small jar or bowl
  • 12-18 pcs of silicone cups

1. First, mix the dry ingredients (baking soda, cayenne salt, cornstarch, and citric acid) in a large bowl. Make sure it is well mixed using the whisk. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is the main ingredient for bath bombs. When low pH powder reacts with high pH acid, it creates carbon dioxide bubbles. Remember the volcanoes you made in elementary school with baking soda and vinegar. Lemon salt replaces vinegar in this chemical reaction, but does not react with sodium bicarbonate until it gets wet. If you want, you can add visual decorations such as glitter powder, which can decompose in nature. Just don’t use old non-sorting sims, it won’t be good for our friends in the oceans.

2. Now mix the liquid ingredients (oil, water, essential oil and food coloring). The easiest way to mix them is to put the ingredients in a jar and shake them. This is a step where you will make important decisions about smell. You can adjust the amount according to your own taste, but the total amount of oil or perfume should not exceed 2 teaspoons. For winter days, you can use cinnamon, cocoa, mint or coffee scents. Or continuing the classic, a mixture of eucalyptus and lavender like in the spas, or vanilla with lots of sugar. The possibilities are truly limitless. It’s also time to decide on your colors. We recommend sticking to one tone so that the mix doesn’t accidentally turn into mud. Keep 4-6 drops of dye quantity but feel free to mix different pigments.

3. Slowly add the liquid mixture to the dry mixture, really slowly, 1 teaspoon at a time. Beat and slow down if you start to see bubbles. You can leave the mixture when the materials stick together, it should have the consistency of moist sand.

4. Quickly pour into your silicone cups. Make sure you have enough silicone cups so it doesn’t dry out while it’s still in the bowl. In order for the mixture to take shape well, apply pressure after putting it in the silicone cup.

5. Let the bath bombs dry. If your pattern is too detailed, it would be good to leave it there for 1 day. Then you can remove it.


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