Lives Depending on Cards Alice in Borderland Review

Lives Depending on Cards Alice in Borderland Review

Greetings friends. Today, I will talk about Alice in Borderland, an immersive Japanese production that draws attention with its different subject such as Squid Game. Let’s go to the article.

Released on Netflix on December 10, 2020, Alice in Borderland is based on the Japanese comic book of the same name by Haro Aso. The series was directed by Shinsuke Sato. As of today, the IMDB score of this Japanese-made series of Science Fiction – Thriller, the first season of which consists of 8 episodes of 40-50 minutes, is 7.7. Let’s move on to the subject of our series.

In the center of the series, we watch the character of Arisu, who is intimately involved with computer games and is constantly compared to his brother in his daily life. Arisu and his two close friends want to meet up when they are having a bad day. Unable to put their lives in order, these three find themselves running from the police while trying to distract themselves after meeting. Three friends hiding in the toilet cabin, after coming out of the toilet, step into the streets of Tokyo where the streets are empty and the cars are not running. While trying to understand what happened, they realize that they have fallen into a game. “The playground is on this side, go to the playground etc.” in the buildings. They enter the first game by following the instructions such as. The only way to survive in this new universe is to win these dangerous games that require strategy, power and skill.

As for my own comments on the series, I can say that I like this series in general, as a person who likes productions in the style of survival. Immersiveness, editing, acting and the duration of the episodes were very good. The creativity of the games was also on point, you can’t help but put yourself in the place of the player there. “I wonder what I would do, what strategy would I set up?” You find yourself asking questions such as: The levels of curiosity, tension and excitement given to the audience by the episodes are quite good. Our drama is good, yes, but there are logic errors. But let’s also say that these logic errors are not at a level that cannot be ignored. If you ignore these mistakes and watch them, your enjoyment will rise to higher levels. Apart from that, the visual effects in the combat scenes seemed a little mediocre to me. The shooting and shooting scenes could have been better. By the way, there are plenty of bloody knives and adult-oriented scenes in the series. Let me warn you from the beginning, in case you want to sit and watch as a family. My rating for the series is 8/10.


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