King of Glam Rock Picasso of Pop: David Bowie

King of Glam Rock Picasso of Pop: David Bowie

Briefly by David Bowie

David Robert Jones, or David Bowie as he is known to the world, was an actor, arranger, and producer as well as a singer and songwriter. Considered one of the most influential artists in history with his creativity and productivity, Bowie was also a successful painter and art collector.

Having fit 26 studio albums in his 69-year life, the artist has taken part in nearly 40 films, television shows and theater productions, although he is primarily a musician.


Born on January 8, 1947, in Brixton, South London, David Bowie began studying at Burnt Ash Junior School in Bromley Suburb, where he moved with his family in 1953.

David Bowie, who was accepted to the school choir here and attracted attention with his talent in playing the block flute as well as his voice, was evaluated by his teachers as lively and artistic with his dances.

Shortly after, he started learning the piano, bought the ukulele and tea chest bass used in American folk music, and started skiffing* with his friends.

*A style of improvisational music, often created by the interaction of jazz, blues and American folk music.

What They Fit into Their Music Career

  • 26 studio albums, including 9 UK #1 hits
  • 21 live albums
  • 46 compilation albums, including 2 UK #1 hits
    10 EP*

128 singles, including 5 singles that peaked at #1 in the UK

  • 4 soundtracks
  • EP (Extended Play): A recording that is shorter than a standard album and usually consists of 4-5 songs.

Bowie, who ended his concert tours after 2004 due to his illnesses, performed his last live performance in 2006. After taking a long break from music, he signed the albums The Next Day in 2013 and Blackstar in 2016, which was released two days before his death. Bowie, who gave birth to many new movements and understandings throughout his career, died on January 10, 2016 due to cancer.



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