Kendall Jenner and the Anti Taylor Swift Squad

Kendall Jenner and the Anti Taylor Swift Squad

America’s sweet heart, Taylor Swift has built a celebrity team since the Grammy-winning artists she is today. With friends like supermodel Karlie Kloss and actress/singer Hailee Steinfeld they supported each other throughout it all. They’ve been seen together smashing tracks in Swift’s music videos, laughing a bit at award shows, and making all-star cameos. If you’re not entirely sure about a star-studded fellowship, check out the video for the song “Bad Blood.” The video features BFF Selena Gomez, Girls star Lena Dunham, named models Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, and even actress Jessica Alba. Although these powerhouse celebs seem to be getting a kick out, they’ve totally got each other’s backs, but there are a handful of celebs who don’t buy into it and refuse to join the T-team. Here’s a list of celebrities who didn’t get f*$%s with Taylor Swift’s crew:

12 Katy Perry- Is “Swish Swish” a bit in the way of Swift?

You would think that pop stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift would famously get along and be the best of friends. Both are strong female pop singers that blasted the billboard charts, but these two reportedly have a big skirt. Do not hold your breath for any arm. It looks like this bubble gum diva has had problems for years, with her case going all the way back to 2008, when the three of them start off in a disagreement with their backup dancer. Fans believe Katy Perry’s latest single, “Swish Swish,” is a track for Swift. With all the rumors surrounding Perry and Swift’s tumultuous relationship, it’s no surprise that Perry isn’t worried about being separated from Swift’s elite girl gang. Perry reportedly wants to end the fight because he thinks women should stay together. While these two have put an end to their nearly 10-year feud, we don’t expect Perry to make cameos in any of Swift’s music videos.

11 Nicki Minaj-Two went head-to-head for a while

We’re almost certain that baby Miss Nicki, Taylor Swift, has no plans to leave the cast, the two have gone head-to-head for a while. The lawsuit reportedly started when the MTV video nomination was released in July of 2015, and long story short, Minaj kind of felt like it was because the “Anaconda” video wasn’t a nominee for video of the year. Swift and Minaj started commuting on twitter after Minaj tweeted. “If your video celebrates very slim bodied women, you will be nominated for vid of the year.” Swift responded immediately, assuming the tweet was directed to her and her video. Bad Blood. “The two went back and forth on twitter and some other candidates and celebrities got mixed up. They eventually crushed it and concluded that it was all a big misunderstanding. While the two don’t seem to have any more blood, we don’t think Minaj wants to be apart of Swift’s skinny girl squad.

10 Demi Lovato – Doesn’t Want To Do Anything With Swift

Former Disney star Demi Lovato seems like the perfect member of the Taylor Swift crew. However, Lovato has been very open about how Swift feels about the girl group. In the November 2016 issue of Glamor magazine, Lovato said, “Honestly, I can’t see anyone in any cast with a normal body that would probably get me in trouble. This false image of what people should look like. And what they should look like and it’s not real. “Lovato criticizes Swift’s feminist brand because all girl groups are mostly supermodels with an unrealistic image of women and don’t use her platform to talk about issues. . Lovato talked about her eating disorder and her problems with mental illness. It’s no secret that Lovato doesn’t want anything to do with Swift’s cast and has made it clear that she won’t agree with her move.

9 Rhianna- Not interested in ALL

Bad girl Rhianna has killed the Billboard charts and her superstar power fits all the criteria to be a member of T-Squad but Rhianna is not interested in joining Swift on stage. Rhianna stated in her interview that she didn’t think it made sense for her to join the stage with Swift because their brands are completely different. Rhianna also said that Swift is a role model whereas she is sensual and NSFW. After the duo also claimed they co-wrote the song featuring Rhianna, Swift’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’ single “What You’ve Been Waiting For,” and supposedly Rhi wasn’t happy with the fact that even Swift was raising her. It was also reported that Rhi is thought to be friends with Katy Perry, whom she never took sides during Perry and Swift’s ongoing feud. While Rhianna remains neutral, we’re pretty sure she doesn’t want to join the Swifts.

8 Ariana Grande Might Be Changing Her Mind.

Pint-sized pop sensation Ariana Grande has been through a lot this year after the tragic bombing of her London concert. It has been reported in the past that Grande was willing to be separated from Swift’s girl squad, but her mind seems to have changed in the recent London tragedy. Some reports claimed that Swift sent one of his private jets to pick up Grande and her mother after the tragedy and extradited them to the United States, but some sources close to Grande said this was not true. Could this be the beginning of a feud or friendship? “All the girls are really pretty,” Grande said in her interview. When asked if Swift would join the gal group, she replied “I would just be vile”. However, when the latest rumors of Swift came in for Grande’s rescue, perhaps her desire to join the T-Squad changed.

7 Bella Hadid- No new friends

Supermodel Bella Hadid may be tall and beautiful, but she doesn’t join her older sister Gigi’s Taylor squad. One obvious reason is that Selena Gomez, one of Swift’s BFFs, is Hadid’s ex-boyfriend and the Weeknd’s current girlfriend. If Hadid joins Swift’s group, it could cause some tension between the group and leave Swift in a very awkward and uncomfortable position. We also got the impression that Hadid was too cool for Swift’s girl gang. Hadid has a close-knit group of friends that includes Kendall Jenner and fashion designer Alexander Wang. Hadid has her own elite cast and her ex-boyfriends don’t need to date her current girlfriend’s friends. It looks like she’s challenging Gomez, though sources say Swift remains mutual when it comes to the love triangle.

6 Hailey Baldwin- “I don’t understand team Taylor Swift at all”

Another model beauty who absolutely does not want to do anything with Swift’s staff is Hailey Baldwin. In fact, Baldwin doesn’t even believe Swift should have a cast. “I don’t know what a team means,” Baldwin said in an interview with Yahoo, and also said, “I don’t understand the Taylor Swift team at all.” Also, Baldwin’s friend group is thought to be all babies who don’t want to be in Swift’s gang, he usually hangs out with Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. “I have friends and that’s it,” said Baldwin, not needing to tag his group of friends. While it’s not clearer that Baldwin isn’t on Swift’s roster, “I don’t think you need to make a public roster. I don’t know what this proves. “Don’t expect Baldwin to join Swift on stage or make any cameos in music videos….

5 Miley Cyrus- “I’m not trying to be on the team”

The Disney star has created a pop sensation, Miley Cyrus isn’t holding back on anything and has made it very clear that she’s not trying to be on Taylor Swift’s team. “I’m not trying to be on the team,” Cyrus said in an interview with the New York Times, adding that Swift’s elite group isn’t just for him. “None of my friends are celebrities and for no other reason than that I love real people living in real life,” said Cyrus of Swift’s group of models, actresses, musicians, and entrepreneurs. Cyrus was also unimpressed by Swift’s music video for “Bad Blood”. Cyrus said he didn’t understand the violent revenge thing. “Is this supposed to be a good example? And I’m a bad role model because I’m running out of boobs? “I’m not sure breasts are worse than guns,” he said. Marie Claire.

4 Rita Ora – Ex-boyfriend drama

America’s Next Top Model Host Rita Ora isn’t keen on joining the T-squad because they both have something in common. Both were in a relationship with DJ and producer Calvin Harris. Their relationship with both of them turned out to be ugly, but after Ora and Harris went public, the fact that Ora was publicly dating Swift might have been hard to swallow. There were also rumors floating around Ora that she was once dating Gigi Hadid’s current boyfriend Zayn Malik, which could cause some conflicts for the T-Squad. Was it weird seeing Rita Ora if she was dating other women with him? “Well, I don’t read a lot of magazines anymore,” said Watch What Happened with Andy Cohen. “But honestly, I guess, it doesn’t seem like a breakup as usual, it’s like you don’t see your ex everywhere. But take it with a pinch of salt and move on with your life and make the most of what you are.”

3 Kım – NEVER

El mensaje de cariño de Kim Kardashian a Taylor Swift: ¿Un intento de firmar la paz?

Soon, we expect Kim and Kanye to be on the Taylor Swift team. Taylor and Kanye have had a steady beef since the infamous VMA cut by Mr. It was an iconic moment we will never forget, and people were very upset about it, especially Swift. Kanye got a lot of experience at Swift’s parade, and even if you’re not a fan for him, Kanye made a few public apologies while finally taking it back by saying “no regrets” to each of them. Later, the two create what seems real this time, and they even plan to break into the studio. But Kanye sang “Famous” with the lyrics “I can make love like me and Taylor” / Why? I made that bitch famous,” the two of them are back, and this is where my wife Kim messed up. Of course, Kim will stand by the man who stated in an interview that Taylor fully endorsed the lyrics that Swift’s camp claimed was disapproving, and later posted a recording of Kanye’s phone conversation discussing the song. Kim also adds fuel to the fire by saying that Kendall Jenner was never separate from Taylor Swift’s cast.

2 Kendall – Blood is thicker than water

Reality TV star and model Kendall Jenner fits the profile of the perfect member of Taylor Swift’s cast, but this tall beauty is in no rush to leave any cast that doesn’t start with the letter K. We all thought it was part of Kendall Jenner. his Taylor team; The two look pretty close. We’ve seen Kendall Join Taylor and her gallery take the stage but after the release of “Famous,” Kendall’s big sister broke the record. During an appearance with Watch What Happened with Andy Cohen, Kim said, “I don’t know if Kendall was part of her team, I don’t think she was.” Said. Shadow was cast, but it didn’t come as a surprise to us that Kendall stood by her brother after Kanye and Taylor’s public feud. beech. If you thought Kendall was separated from Swift’s girl team, you were wrong. Is blood thicker than water?

1 Lorde- “Like you have a friend with very specific allergies”

You might be surprised and confused to find New Zealand-born singer Lorde on this list because she’s totally in the Taylor Swift suit and practically sisters on this list? We all thought Lorde was apart of Taylor Swift’s team, but she recently revealed that she is no longer leaving the team and we are shocked to say the least. Lorde shook us all after she told us. The Guardian “It’s like having a friend with very specific allergies.” Then he said, “There are places you cannot go together. There are some things you can’t do. There are these different thoughts in friendship. It’s like having a friend with an autoimmune disease,” she said. She later revealed in a Twitter post that she didn’t specifically mention Swift in her allergy comment, but come on! Lorde reiterated that she and Swift are still very good friends, but she had a hard time with the concept of a ‘team’. He says the team was never a private club or secret society, just a large community of people, some of whom he had never met.


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