Information About Poland;

Information About Poland; Poland Flag Meaning, 2022 Population, Capital, Currency And Time Difference

Poland is located on the continent of Europe. Its official name is the Republic of Poland. The machinery and manufacturing industry in the country, which became a member of the European Union in 2004, is highly developed. what is the capital of poland.

The Polish flag consists of two horizontal stripes. Red represents the wars the country entered and the soldiers who lost their lives. The color white symbolizes freedom, peace and tolerance. There are 58 provinces in total in Poland, which consists of 16 administrative regions. The largest administrative regions are Warsaw, Zielona Gora, Kielce, Ludzin and Poznan. The most populated cities are Krakow, Wroclaw, Lodz, Gdansk, Radom and Lublin. Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland, located in the Lesser Polish Voivodeship region. There are 10 universities in the city.

Some of the schools where students from abroad can also study are: Krakow University of Economics, Jagiellon University, EVS Science and Technology University and Krakow Music Academy. There are also historical structures such as Wawel Castle and St. Mary’s Basilica in the city, which is visited by thousands of people every year from our country. With a surface area of ​​427 square kilometers, Krakow has a population (estimated) of 780,000.

Where is Poland?

With an area of ​​312,679 square kilometers, Poland is located in Central Europe. The country, which has a coast with the Baltic Sea in the north, is bordered by Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the east. Other countries it borders include Belarus, Romania and Lithuania.

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What is the Population of Poland? (2022)

According to the latest data, the estimated population of Poland is 37.8 million. It makes up 97% of the population. Germans, Belarusians and Ukrainians make up 2.8% of the country, and other minorities 0.2%. The average life expectancy in the country with a high level of welfare is also above the world average. The average life expectancy is 73 for men and 77 for women.

What Is The Capital Of Poland?

Warsaw, the largest city in the country, is the capital of Poland. The population of the city, which has a surface area of ​​517.2 square kilometers, is 1 million 708 thousand. Cultural and historical tourism has developed in Warsaw, one of the most populated cities in Central Europe. Lazienki Park is one of the most visited places. With an area of ​​76 hectares, the park is the largest in Warsaw. The Palace of Culture and Science, built by Russian architect Lev Rudnev, includes many museums, movie theaters and libraries. Other most visited places in the capital are: Friedric Chopin Museum, Monument to the Unknown Soldier, Wilanow Palace, Royal Castle, Saxon Garden and Warsaw Zoo.

Wroclaw, the capital of the Lower Silesia region, is another of Poland’s best-known cities. About 633 thousand people live in Wroclaw, the fourth most populous city in the country. In the city, which is famous for its Market Square, the 13th century St. John’s Cathedral is located. The historical building, visited by millions of tourists every year, was restored in 1951.

Other largest and most populated cities in Poland are Lodz, Katowice, Zakopane, Lublin, Kielce, Opole, Oswiecim, Zielona Gora, Sopot, Radom, Balice, Plock, Nowy Targ, Mielec and Bielsko Biala.

What Is The Currency Of Poland?

The currency of Poland, which is a member of the European Union, is not the Euro but the Zloty. The lowest banknote is 10, and the largest is 500 Zloty. The power to issue money was vested in the Polish National Bank, which was established in 1945. The original name of the bank is Narodowy Bank Polski.

Languages ​​Spoken in Poland

The official language of Poland is Russian. Young people in the country speak English as a second language, while the older population speaks Russian. Other European languages ​​spoken in Poland are German and Spanish.




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