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Information About Morocco; Morocco Flag Meaning, 2020 Population, Capital, Currency And Time Difference

The Kingdom of Morocco, which is located on the African Continent and is not a member of the African Union, means ‘The Place in the West’. Due to being under French rule, most of the population in the country can speak French. We have compiled the answers to the questions of how much is the population of Morocco, where, where is the capital, what is the currency, which is the official language.

Fas Hakkında Bilgiler; Fas Bayrağı Anlamı, 2020 Nüfusu, Başkenti, Para Birimi Ve Saat Farkı

The current Moroccan flag was introduced on 17 November 1915. The background of the flag is red. The green star in the middle is the seal of Solomon. The color red was accepted as the color of the Moroccan dynasty. The seal on the flag means the connection between the nation and God.

Where is Morocco?

The Kingdom of Morocco is located in the northwestern part of Africa. To the north are the Mediterranean Sea and the Straits of Gibraltar. It is bordered by Mauritania to the south, Algeria to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Morocco is also famous for its coastline that starts from the Atlantic Ocean and ends in the Mediterranean.

What is the Population of Morocco?

According to the estimation of, the population of Morocco in 2020 consists of 36,910,560 people. It ranks 40th in the world population ranking. The annual population change of Morocco has increased by 1.2%.

What is the Capital of Morocco?

The capital of Morocco is Rabat, which is one of the historical cities of the country and is among the tourist attractions. The largest and best-known city in Morocco is Casablanca. Marrakech, Fez, Essaovira, Tangier and Mohammedia are some of the other important cities of the country. Marrakech, the first capital of Morocco, is one of the most important commercial centers of the region and the world.

What Is The Currency Of Morocco?

The official currency used in Morocco is called the Moroccan Dirham. The Moroccan Dirham is printed and issued through the country’s central bank. In 2020, 1 Moroccan Dirham is equivalent to 0.75 Turkish Lira.

What is the Official Language of Morocco?

The official language of Morocco is Arabic. Besides, the Berber language spoken by the Berbers in the country is found among other languages. French is common in public offices in Morocco. The fact that Morocco was a colony of France for a while is effective in this. As you go to the northern parts of Morocco, it can be seen that Spanish is among the preferred languages.

Morocco’s Economy

Morocco, whose economy was bad until 1980, has improved its economy by establishing good relations with the World Bank and IMF since then. Privatization of banking systems, new economic breakthroughs are among the foundations of progress. Most of the economic activities in Morocco are carried out in the capital Rabat and its important city Casablanca. Mining, manufacturing and agriculture are among Morocco’s economic activities.

Morocco Climate

Due to its geographical location, Morocco can accommodate many climates. Cities closer to the ocean have a temperate climate. In the cities located in the Atlas Mountain region, the desert climate is the dominant climate. In the interior, the Mediterranean climate is more common. Generally, winters in the country are warm and summers are hot.

When to go to Morocco?

Because Morocco is an African country, it spends summers at high temperatures. Therefore, it is generally recommended to go to Morocco during the winter months. It can be recommended to go to Morocco, especially between November and March. Temperatures during this period are low.

Social Life in Morocco

Even if the people of Morocco are not very rich, it can be said that there is cultural richness here. The coexistence of many different cultures has ensured that the social life in Morocco is diverse. The income gap between the rich and the poor in the country is high. However, the recent economic activities of the country have been aimed at making the life of workers easier.


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