I Interviewed The Greek Philosopher Epicurus!

I Interviewed The Greek Philosopher Epicurus!

Dear Epicurus, first of all, I must state that interviewing you will be difficult for a person like me who believes in God and the hereafter. It is obvious that we will have differences of opinion. And yet I have no doubt that we will respect each other’s views.

So let’s start with the first question,

– As a philosopher, I am very curious about your thoughts on the concept of God and evil.

God either wants to eliminate evil or cannot; or can remove it, but does not want to remove it; or he neither wants to remove nor can remove, or both wants to remove and can remove. If he wants to destroy but cannot, He is powerless, which is incompatible with God’s character; if he can remove but does not want to remove, He is jealous, which is equally incompatible with God; if He neither wants nor can abolish, he is both jealous and powerless, and then he is not God; if it both wants to eliminate and can remove, then what is the source of evil? Or why does it not remove those evils?

-Does God want to prevent evil but can’t afford it? So he is powerless. No, he can afford it but does not want to prevent it? So he is malicious. Where does evil come from if it is both powerful and good?

It was an answer that would be accepted by empiricists and materialists. While I express my belief that good and evil should go hand in hand where there is free will, I am worried about people who will find your view disrespectful to monotheistic religions.

– Do you think this will pose a problem, let me continue with my questions,

The real profanity is not the one who does not recognize the gods worshiped by the crowd, but the one who affirms what the crowd believes about the gods.

If God had listened to their prayers, people would all have perished because they constantly prayed against each other.

– “The purpose of the information; It is to save man from ignorance and superstition, from the fear of God and death. And without it there is no way to be happy.” The word is yours. Coming to happiness here, do you think happiness is only in worldly pleasure?

- “Bilginin amacı; insanı bilgisizlik ve boş inançlardan tanrı ve ölüm korkusundan kurtarmaktır. Ve bu olmadan mutlu olmaya imkan yoktur.” sözü de size ait. Buradan mutluluğa gelirsek, sizce mutluluk sadece dünyevi zevkte midir?

Pleasure is the beginning and purpose of a happy life. Everything in the universe is an object of pleasure for man. However, the more knowledge that comes with virtue, the greater the pleasure. Therefore, the orientation should be towards knowledge, not pleasure.

As the wise person gives importance to the deliciousness of the food, not the abundance of food, he also takes care of the most enjoyable part of his life, not the long one.

– Since you do not believe in the existence of the hereafter, I can understand your last sentence, especially with reference. So what do you think about death?

It is meaningless to fear death, because for man death is nothing because if we exist, death does not exist yet, when there is death, then we are not present. Not being alive is not a terrible thing at all; For a person who has fully grasped this, there is nothing in life that cannot be tolerated. When we are present, death still does not happen. When death comes, we are no longer present. Thus, death is neither for the living nor for the dead.

The human soul has a material quality, it cannot exist in any other way. The souls of living things are tiny particles found between these atoms. When death occurs, atoms break apart; after that, the soul particles also dissipate. Therefore, there can be no such thing as immortality or soul transmigration. An individual with a single and short life should strive to achieve happiness and pleasure throughout his life.

Therefore, he should get rid of the fear of God and death. This can be achieved by getting rid of delusions and prejudices. I reject the afterlife and divine judgment. Your soul is mortal just like the body.

We’re in disagreement again. Let’s get to philosophy. “In philosophical arguments, the loser wins, because he has acquired new wisdom.” I really like your word. What else would you like to say about philosophy?

Philosophy is a coherent operational system for ensuring a happy life. Old people should educate themselves with philosophy just like young people. The first group to feel younger by remembering the wealth that fate has given them, the second group to be as brave as someone who is older in the face of the future despite their youth.

To say that the time to philosophize is not yet, or that it has passed, is no different than saying that it is not yet time to be happy, or that it has passed. And the words of the philosopher who have never been a cure for any trouble are worthless.

– “The wise man does not marry. Even if he gets married, he does not fall prey to the delusions of love.” Your thinking is quite ambitious. It’s too late for us married couples. Well, what else would you like to tell us in parallel with wisdom?

- “Bilge olan evlenmez. Evlense bile aşkın vehimlerine kapılmaz.” Düşünceniz oldukça iddialı. Biz evliler için iş işten geçti. Peki, bizlere bilgelikle paralel başka neler söylemek istersiniz?

Laws were made for the wise, not that they should be wronged, but that they might not be wronged.

Everything in the universe is an object of pleasure for man. However, the more knowledge that comes with virtue, the greater the pleasure. Therefore, the orientation should be towards knowledge, not pleasure.

It is better to be wise and miserable than foolish and happy.

– Since you are someone who prioritizes happiness and pleasure, I am surprised to agree with your answer. What other life practices should the wise man have?

In order to live comfortably in life, it is necessary to live with reason, morality and justice, or on the contrary, it is impossible not to live comfortably by living with justice, morality and reason.

One should always be grateful to the wise nature, who has made it easy to obtain what is necessary and difficult for what is not necessary.

It is not necessary to force nature, it is necessary to obey it.

– You associate a virtuous life with friendship and recommend that you live away from the society in general, but also establish personal friendships, and state that you believe that only truly wise and virtuous individuals can establish such solid friendships. What else would you like to say about friendship and friendship?

The noble soul is most devoted to wisdom and friendship. One is a mortal goodness, the other is immortal.

The friend laughs with us. Friendship travels all over the world and calls us all to reach out to be happy with all its voice.

Before you eat and drink, think carefully about who you are going to eat and drink with rather than what to eat or drink, because to eat and drink without friends is to live the life of a wolf or a lion.

– If you could convey a message to today’s people, what would it be?

- Günümüz insanına bir mesaj iletmek isteseniz bu ne olurdu?

Always work. love always. Love your wife and children more than yourself.

Don’t expect gratitude from anyone and don’t be upset if they don’t thank you. Advice instead of hate, laughter instead of sadness. May you always have a new book in the library, a bottle full of wine in the warehouse, and a fresh flower in your garden.

The enemy is not the one who accidentally hurt you, but the one who does it on purpose. If the enemy asks, do not refuse, but remember to be careful.

The most beautiful fruit of righteousness is peace of mind. The product of being just is spiritual calmness.

In the face of every request, one should ask himself: What will happen if this request is obtained, what will happen if it is not?

Don’t do something you’re afraid of when someone else finds out.

Hide your life!

Except for my bottle of wine in the warehouse and hiding my life, the items are mostly okay. Since I don’t like wine, I’ll be careful to hide my life from now on.

And thank you very much for this enjoyable interview.

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