I Had a Pleasant Interview With Einstein About Education

I Had a Pleasant Interview With Einstein About Education

Today, there are many reference sources that determine the criteria of education and training, teaching and learning. We can get information from these sources by doing a little research. However, I was always curious about the views of the genius Einstein, whom I highly respect for his science and perseverance side, and I teleported to the past and interviewed him.

Let’s see, according to Einstein, what were the essential features of teaching and learning that will shape the next generation?

Before I go to my interview with the genius physicist, I think that we should first change our prejudices that the education system will not change, with one of his words.

“It is more difficult to break prejudices than to smash the atomic nucleus.”

So let’s listen to Einstein by taking lessons from the past and looking ahead.

First of all, thank you very much for not offending me and accepting my interview offer. I must say that I have traveled a long way to meet you.

Dear Albert Einstein, I would like to first ask you the following question:

Sevgili Albert Einstein, size ilk olarak şu soruyu yöneltmek istiyorum:

– What do you think, should we prioritize moral values ​​in teaching?

“It is not enough to teach one a specialty. With this, man becomes a useful machine, but does not acquire a complete personality. He must be enthusiastically driven towards something worth attaining. He must acquire a sense of beauty and moral goodness. Otherwise, a human being is more like a well-trained dog than a balanced human being with his expert knowledge.”

– Can I get another example of the chain of values ​​you prioritize besides morality?

“There is another thing that is necessary to raise a truly educated person, and that is the sense of social responsibility one must always have in front of other people.”

– Well, what is the primary duty of a school and indirectly a teacher?

“The most important sources of motivation to work at school and in life; It is the pleasure of working, the joy of seeing what you have done and knowing the value of the result for the society. Awakening and increasing these spirit powers in young people is the primary work of the school. Only on the basis of such a psychology can the desire and joy of attaining the highest values ​​of humanity be created: those values ​​are knowledge and art.

– I also liked that you emphasized the importance of art. As your fan, I share the same thoughts with you on many issues, so I agree with you on this issue as well. I think it is our duty as a teacher to ignite that first spark. To enable them to discover the pleasure of learning. And the rest will come…

“The most important skill of a teacher is to awaken the pleasure of creativity and knowledge.”

“Science is important, but imagination is more important.”

“The student is not a vessel to be filled, but a torch to light.”

– Now I want to ask the opposite question. What is the most important thing to avoid in a school?

“I think the worst thing in a school; is to resort to fear, pressure, and ways of appearing to know everything better than anyone. Such an education destroys strong feelings, sincerity and self-confidence in the student. It produces a submissive person.

“You will give the teacher the right to use as little force as possible, and the only source of the student’s respect for his teacher will be his humanity and intellectual values.”

– I would like to state that I pay special attention to this issue. Because we went through a process based on fear and oppression. I avoid this attitude by empathizing and see that it doesn’t work. Sometimes wrong examples can also lead people to the right.

“The most rational way to give education is to set an example.”

“Empathy is seeing the world through the eyes of another person with patience and sincerity. It is not learned in school; develops throughout life.”

– A generation that is very fond of technology is growing up. What do you think about this topic?

“I’m afraid that one day technology will overtake human interaction and a stupid generation will emerge.”

– Dear Albert Einstein, is there a final message you would like to give to the students?

“Dear children, do not forget that the wonderful things you learn in school are the work of different generations who work with enthusiasm and endless effort in different countries of the world. All of this has been entrusted to you to accept, glorify, contribute, and someday pass on to your own children, for we mortals achieve immortality only through the enduring things we have created together. If you always keep this in mind, your life and what you do will have meaning, and you will take the right attitude towards other nations and ages.”

My dear readers, Einstein’s answers are completely his own aphorisms. I have compiled by scanning books and sources.

In the coming days, I will continue my interviews with famous scientists and thinkers by teleporting to the past.

Source: https://onedio.com/ Burçak Yüce
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