How to Become an NFT Artist: Binance NFT Market

How to Become an NFT Artist: Binance NFT Market

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Unique tokens (NFTs) can be used to digitally represent almost anything, including videos, event tickets and virtual real estate. Still, probably the most common use for NFTs is in digital art. Many marketplaces allow promising digital artists to sell their work, which is causing more and more people to want to become NFT artists. Here are some tips on how to digitize and monetize your work to become an NFT artist on platforms like Binance NFT Marketplace.


NFTs are a unique class of digital assets that can represent digital and real-world items. Each NFT has a unique token ID that makes it easily distinguishable. Unlike Bitcoin and other interchangeable assets, NFTs are unique, meaning they are not interchangeable.

Thanks to the unique features of NFTs, artists can gain advantages when they create and sell their works in the form of NFTs. NFTs make ownership and authenticity easily provable and allow artists to easily receive their name fees without the need for an agency or manager.

What is NFT art?

In short, NFT art refers to any artwork created as a digital token on a blockchain network. These tokens are called unique tokens, or NFT for short. NFTs are often created using smart contracts that meet certain standards. One of the most popular standards is Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard, which requires all tokens to have a unique token ID to ensure uniqueness.

Because of their uniqueness, NFTs can represent property and create financial value for digital artworks. In a world of shocking counterfeit scandals, NFTs can ease artists’ concerns about counterfeit works. Artists can easily prove that they produced a work of art through blockchain technology.

Among the different types of NFTs in the crypto market today, probably the most common is the art of NFT. You may have heard of the famous NFT artist Beeple, who made an impact with a $69 million NFT sale. A versatile artist, Grimes is also said to have sold $6 million worth of digital artwork. Indeed, NFT artworks can be sold for millions of dollars at NFT art auctions similar to traditional auctions.

Why do people become NFT artists?

Since NFT art is digital, the exhibitions are no longer limited to physical spaces such as museums and art galleries, allowing artists to exhibit their works all over the world. This can enable artists’ work to transcend geographical boundaries and gain worldwide recognition.

Besides moving to a modern and new art form, another important reason for producing art through NFTs is that authenticity can be easily verified. Due to the unique identity of each NFT artwork and the immutability of the blockchain, the ownership and authenticity of all NFT artworks can be preserved.

NFT artists will also be happy to know that their work can be exhibited and sold without the need for third parties, thus avoiding having to pay brokerage commissions that reduce their earnings.

Some platforms, such as Binance NFT Marketplace, also allow artists to earn passive income from name fees. This means that NFT producers can receive a certain percentage of all NFT sales, even if they occur among users in the secondary market.

Finally, the good thing about the NFT art scene is that anyone can create and sell artworks. Unlike traditional art galleries, many NFT markets are inclusive. This environment gives new artists a chance to be independent and make a living from their passions.

Disadvantages of being an NFT artist

Although growing in popularity, NFTs are still not considered a mainstream art form. Well-known NFT artists may not find buyers as quickly as in art galleries as this space is still in its early stages of development.

Moreover, since anyone can be an NFT producer, the marketplace where you intend to sell your artworks may be more saturated than private art galleries with handpicked pieces. To increase your chances of success as an NFT artist, you may need to acquire a fan base and build value behind your artworks. For more information on how to market your NFT content, you can read our 5 Tips to Become a Content Creator in the Web3 World blog article.

How to become an NFT artist?
You can easily start your NFT art journey:

Step 1: Start producing artworks. You can be inspired by other NFT art collections.

Step 2: Go to a platform like Binance NFT Marketplace and upload your digital artworks to the blockchain.

Step 3: You are now ready to sell your NFT artworks.

Mining and selling NFT artwork on Binance NFT Marketplace
Verified users can create an NFT or NFT collection on Binance Marketplace through a process called NFT issuance. Please note that you must have at least two followers on your Binance NFT user profile to start issuing NFTs.

Step 1: Go to your Binance NFT Market account and click the [Create] button.

Step 2: Enter the relevant information for your new collection. This information includes the collection name, a short description, a logo and cover image, as well as a symbol. In NFT markets, you can also choose to link a wallet to your creation so you can prove your NFT is yours.

Step 3: After reading and accepting the Binance NFT Issue Rules and Terms of Service, click the [Create] button.

For more information, please review the Binance NFT Sell Price Hold Policy for Standard NFT Collections.

Step 4: You will receive an email when your collection is ready.

Step 5: Click [User Center] – [Created] to view your NFT art collection. From here you can also edit some information about your collection.

For a more detailed guide or a video guide, see the How to Build Your Own NFT on Binance NFT Marketplace FAQ.

Last word
If you want to monetize your art, you may want to consider converting your work to NFT. Not only is this easy to do on the Binance NFT Marketplace, it also allows you to enter the NFT art scene even if you are not yet a well-known artist.

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