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Happy Tree Friends: A Cartoon that Supports Your Child’s Sadistic Skills

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Happy Tree Friends is an American adult cartoon created and developed by Mondo Media’s Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro, and Warren Graff. The show has been cited as an example of following a cult.

Happy Tree Friends is a graphically animated internet cartoon series produced by Mondo Mini Shows, by creators Rhode Montijo and Kenn Navarro, using Macromedia Flash. The series features cute forest animals that frequently encounter bloody and violent deaths, depicted in a comical light. Happy Tree Friends from the pink and lively Giggles squirrel and the cute and cuddly toothy beaver.

Main characters

Cuddles: A yellow bunny-bunny with rosy cheeks, who inexplicably wears pink bunny slippers. Her white fluffy curly hair and cotton tail look exactly the same. His ears move as he feels. For example, if he’s happy they stand up and when he’s sad they fall. Cuddles is one of the main characters in the series. Giggles is featured in most of the ads, like Toothy and Lumpy. Cuddles was the second character created in Happy Tree Friends (the first being Shifty). Creator Rhode Montijo first drew it on a piece of paper with the phrase Resistance Is Futile, and that’s how the creators got the idea for the show. His voice is even performed by the show’s co-creator Kenn Navarro.
Cuddles’ personality is a bit mixed. On the one hand, he can be dangerously mischievous and quite selfish. Both of these traits led to both his death and the death of other characters. On the other hand, he is cute, friendly, sweet and affectionate most of the time, making his personality more complex than others. He is referred to as a skater boy, as described on Sweet Ride. He has been seen to have multiple homes, but his official home is known to be the Hollow Tree, as it is the only home that has appeared more than once (In a Jam and Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow). He is especially good friends with Toothy, Flippy, Petunia, Flaky and Lumpy. Cuddles and Giggles are also very close friends and it has been implied several times that they fell in love with each other. Their relationship is featured most in the Fall Out Boy music video:

With over 50 deaths, Cuddles is the most killed character in the Happy Tree Friends series. He’s also the character who’s been killed by Flaky, Toothy, Disco Bear, Lumpy, and Flippy so far (to be fair, Flippy and Lumpy usually kill everyone in the episodes they’re featured in).

While he died a lot online and on TV shows, Cuddles survived in Doggone It, Sea What I Found, A Change of Heart, A Sight for Sore Eyes, Letter Late Than Never, Double Whammy Part 1 (but not episode 2). , We Scrooged !, Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm episode, (disputed) Mime to Five, I Nub You, YouTube 101: Subscriptions, (disputed) A Bit of a Pickle, Star Kringle, By the Seat of Your Pants, And You Kraken Me. He also survived HTF Break’s Deck Halls, We Wish You, Take Your Seat, Happy New Year, Youtube Copyright School, and Oh Xmas Tree. His deaths often involve slicing of his body and flying out of organs.

Cuddles is one of the characters who has an account on Myspace. Carrot mentions that she is actually allergic to it because it causes her to choke. This is probably evidenced by his Smoochie’s ‘Feed’ option. Also, pand states that he collects powerful antique electric toothbrushes and that his fur is highly protected from the sun. He may look like a cute, cuddly and sweet bunny bunny on the outside (hence his name Cuddles), but on the inside he is known as a rebellious Treefriend. His talents include extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing and football. He even appears as a daredevil in Mime to Five. Cuddles loves to listen to rock music and was once a member of “The Happy Tree Band”. As evidenced in Happy Tree Friends Break: Seize the Day, Cuddles suffers from epilepsy, as does Handy.

It doesn’t appear consistently in all episodes.

Giggles: Giggles is a pink squirrel with a white diamond-shaped marking, a white oval on its body and wearing a large red bow on its head. Strolling through flowers, having tea parties with friends, ice skating, she has the personality of a young girl with a shy and sweet demeanor. Its name comes from the habit of giggling frequently. She seems to be allergic to the roses that appeared on Valentines Smoochie.
Giggles is a very affectionate character and is often seen hugging, kissing men and playing with other friends. That said, it doesn’t really seem to be compatible with Flippy (even though they came out on On My Mind). “Carpal Tunnel in Love” She is in love with her boyfriend, the yellow rabbit-rabbit Cuddles. His favorite type of music is pop. Her favorite hairstyle is curly locks. Giggles’ favorite color is pink. She loves to play Monster High, Bratz, Moxie Girls, My Little Pony and even Winx. He likes them the most. Like her best friend Petunia

Her favorite color since 2012 was green. She hated pink and girlish colors. She currently loves all pinks. 5 years ago she was a tomboy. Now she’s a girly girl.

Deaths often involve a crush, chest or head (often cut off or something torn). One of his most gruesome deaths, injuries and sufferings is in Eyes Cold Lemonade, where his face was cut with a nail and lemonade was spilled on his face. Despite this, he does not die in the episode in question. Giggles tries to be an environmentalist.

She is also considered a teenage girl in distress. When he’s in trouble, Splendid usually comes to the rescue, but injures or kills him in the process. For example, in From Hero to Eternity, Splendid blasts Cuddles and ruptures Giggles’ eardrums. In another instance, in Helping Helps, she accidentally beheaded him while trying to save him from a flood. Occasionally, however, he can reinvigorate the protagonist, trying to save other characters destined for a gruesome fate and failing, just as in Dunce Upon a Time.

Although a little dead, in Stayin’ Alive (controversial), Happy Trails pt. 1, Tongue Twister Trouble, Eyes Cold Lemonade, Hero to Eternity, (disputed) Scrooged, Out of Thight, Out of You, I Get a Trick Out Your You, Concrete Solution, Let it Slide, Ipso Fatso, As Dilek , Easy Comb, Keep Calm, Change of Heart, Ski Ya, You Don’t Want To Be, Delete, Once Dunce, Hear Today, Tomorrow Gone, Mouthful To Chew, Milk Pong, Cold Hearted, Sea of ​​Love, The Youtube Live Episode , Swelter Skelter, I Nub You, Sight Kringle, Star Kringle, Oh Xmas Tree, and HTF Break Shorts Deck The Halls, We Wish You, Take Your Place, Youtube Copyright School, Butter Me Up, Claw, and Flip Back.

Toothy: Freckled light purple/mauve beaver with very large, gaping teeth that look like diastema (from which the name derives). He has occasional normal teeth in Season 2, although his character description on the official site says he has “huge lame teeth” larger than other characters. He is usually a very friendly character who likes to play occasionally, especially with younger characters. She admires Splendid, presumably because the latter saved Toothy in an episode of Better Off Bread) and even dresses up as her for Halloween. Spin Fun Knowin’ Ya is good friends with Hugs such as Class Act, From A to Zoo, Remains to Seeen, Who’s to Flame ?, Take a Hike, Snow Place to Go, Blast from the Past, Can’t. Stop the Coffin, Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part 2), Party Pet, Concrete Solution, Con and Strain Kringle’s Wrath. He is also good friends with Giggles, Sniffles, Lumpy and Petunia. Toothy is one of the main characters of the series, as she appears in many commercials and commercials.
There are several ways he became famous: he was the first character killed in Happy Tree Friends (unless Banjo Frenzy was included as an episode), and he was also the character who suffered a gruesome death. The award-winning episode at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France is the famous Eye Candy. Also, Toothy has a wide variety of deaths; usually involves the eyes, head, or dismemberment.

Unlike most of the other characters whose personality defines how to behave in a given situation, Disy’s personality changes drastically. He is impulsive – often acting without thinking (eg, running away and throwing a lit candle behind him in Class Law). It is not generally considered no-brainer, although there are cases where it behaves rather oddly (for example, misinterpreting certain instructions and stuffing a ball with two gunpowder-filled barrels instead of the required two spoons in Mime). up to five). However, in Brake The Cycle he is shown to be quite handy as he knows how to build and assemble a bike.

One of the creators noted that Toothy is often used as a ‘placeholder’ character due to her casual ‘Public Tree Friend’ appearance until she decides on a final character. For example, in the storyboard for Wipe Out, Toothy was initially drawn at Cuddles’ place while surfing and crashing into a buoy. The lack of specific character also means that when used as a ‘placeholder’ it won’t affect the format of the episode in ways the creators didn’t intend or want. Sometimes Toothy herself plays the last role in an episode.

Also, while Toothy had a pop-up in the lead role, she never actually played a real lead in the TV series. The only episode he starred in was Autopsy Turvy, which wasn’t a real episode.

Although Toothy dies almost as often as Cuddles, Nuttin survived but Tooth, I’ll Take A Number From You, Kringle Karols, A Heart of Change, Erase, Wingin’ It, Read and Cry, Coffin Can’t Stop, (arguably) Banjo Frenzy, Cold Hearted, Youtube Live Episode, All Flocked Up, Something Fishy, ​​and the HTF Break shorts, Deck the Halls, We Wish You, Youtube Copyright School, Claw and Oh Xmas Tree. Most of Disy’s injuries and some of his deaths are related to his eyes, as seen in the films Eye Candy, Keepin’ it Reel, Chew Said a Mouthful, Idol Curiosity, A Sight for Sore Eyes, and The Carpal Tunnel of Love.

On the HTF official forums, writer Ken Pontac said that Toothy is the most underdeveloped character and feels he needs more personality. It was stated by Ken that it could be done in the future. This already happens in some of the last episodes (like the Love Bites short Cold Hearted, which is shown to be mischievous by interfering with Giggles and Cro-Marmot’s relationship). It is also shown in Brake the Cycle that he enjoys riding bikes and knows how to fix them. The episode shows that a bird can be stubborn as he decides to ride his bike despite getting a few bolts, leading to deadly misfortunes for himself and the other characters.

It seems that in some episodes Toothy likes to sing and others think she’s a good singer. Class Act, Deck the Halls and Wish You. Toothy has also cried many times, including Mime and Mime Again, (arguably) Eye Candy, Class Act, Take a Hike, Snow Place to Go, Blast from the Past and Brake the Cycle.

Lumpy: A light blue deer with a very low IQ, bad teeth (although they are light white), crooked eyes, and mismatched antlers (always changing direction). He is known as the older brother or perhaps the caretaker of most of the other characters. Generally well-meaning but clumsy and extremely stupid. Moreover, she screams like a girl. His usual motto is “Mmm-hmm!” When he thinks he has solved a problem or is satisfied.
Although Lumpy is normally portrayed as a good character, he can sometimes be portrayed as a bad character. While he usually never kills anyone by design, he was first portrayed as evil in Dunce Upon a Time. But the first episode where he intentionally kills another character is Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark. A famous example of Lumpy’s oppositional side is in We Scrooged, where he is quite greedy and does some wrong things like stealing a coin from the Mole and deliberately killing Toothy to sell his body parts. This is one of the few cases where Lumpy deliberately commits wrongful acts for his own benefit, because in most cases they are done out of his stupidity. Another highlight is seen on Every Litter Bit Hurts throwing garbage in a lake.

Lumpy is good for girls who act more mature, Petunia is childish. He killed her once in “Wishy Washy”. His best friend is Disco Bear. The two of them were in the hospital and in the bathroom.

Lumpy has four enemies in the HTF world (Lifty, Shifty, Flippy and Petunia). He has no chance with them anymore. Everyone else is his best friends.

Lumpy and Splendid are blue. They have the same voice actor Rhode Montijo.

He is the only character with a standard nose and two nostrils (all the little Happy Tree Friends except Sniffles and Truffles have heart-shaped noses). One of two characters (along with Handy) whose hands don’t turn mitten-esque. He’s also one of the only characters without Pac-Man-shaped students (along with Mole, Lifty & Shifty (not always), Nutty, Evil Flippy, and Cro-Marmot). Lumpy has appeared in the most episodes of all the Treefriends, and many fans consider him odd due to his height and lack of a normal Happy Treefriend style face. There was some controversy over his appearance being too close to The Get-Along Gang’s leader “Bullwinkle” and “Montgomery Moose” so his right horn was pulled upside down. He’s a villager by his voice, his way of life.

Lumpy is known to take care of other things like when he cares for that corn or having a pet elephant at Scrap Scrap.

Lumpy has had many professions such as teacher, farmer, bus driver, market clerk, police officer in many departments. He is usually a stuffed character like Wooldoor Sockbat from Drawn Together. While the rest of the Happy Tree Friends gang is playing in the snow, as seen in Snow What, he is often shown in tremendously mismatched situations such as lounging lazily, shirtless, and lying in a hammock. That’s it !. He is also the longest main character, nearly twice as tall as all other characters. The only characters who fit her size were minor characters like Giggles’ Mom or Ka-Pow! Characters like Tiger General.

Lumpy has the highest kills in the series. His low intelligence is often the cause of other characters’ and sometimes his own deaths. In fact, Lumpy caused every character to die at least once, except for Cro-Marmot and Splendid. Cuddles is Lumpy’s most frequent victim so far. Lumpy’s deaths often include impalement, explosions, dismemberment, crushing, or animals. Due to its strength and size, it tends to survive more punishment before finally dying compared to other tree mates. As a result, their death is often extremely painful. Lumpy usually has a habit of falling from high places (Dince Uon A Time, All Flocked Up, Concrete Solution, Take A Hike, Letter Than Never Than, Wingin’ It). He mostly lives in a dumpster trailer and drives a Lincoln Continental.

Lumpy is not a playable character in the PC version, but appears in the XBOX 360 video game, Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm, although it appears as an icon in the HUD (head-up display). Lumpy has an extremely dysfunctional brain in the minds of many viewers, but it’s remarkable that the characters themselves are the ultimate responsibility. A good example of this is From A to Zoo, where it’s her job to take care of five young characters. Sometimes it’s domineering, like in the movie Peas in a Pod, Change of Heart, and See What Develops.

He spoke clear English most of the time. Sometimes “What is going on?” She is cursing. when you see something strange or disturbing. Also, when Sniffles was about to leave the store in the episode “Scrooged”, “No, wait! Minute!” Says or tells Mime while Mime is juggling “Boring…” A ball in “Mime to Five” sang 4 different songs in people’s homes, in “Blast From the Past” she was able to tell the Sniffles in clear English that Toothy broke her arm, and many once did.

Petunia: An indigo and dark blue skunk with a cerulean arrow on its forehead, attached to the triangular mark on its back and cerulean stripes on its long tail, an always pink flower on its head and a pine-scented car air freshener or deodorizer around its neck. Its name and genre are a parody of the character Flower from the Disney movie Bambi. She likes to play with dolls and strollers and also have tea parties with her friends.
Petunia and Giggles were often seen together. They seem like best friends as they run a lemonade together, play together, and exercise together. While Giggles is featured more in the series, Petunia’s deaths are considered one of the most horrific, if not the most horrific in the series. deaths like Flippy pressing his face to a hamburger grill; being flattened by the Cro-Marmot; being sucked through the drain of a sink; throwing their organs with bed springs; and in Read ’em and Weep, his lower half being skinned to pieces and consumed by a demon are just some of the gruesome deaths he suffered. His deaths often involve his head or household appliances like sinks. Although she seems closer to Handy, her love has been for both Mime and Handy. As evidenced in My Better Half and I Nub You. They are seen on a “Tunnel of Love” ride on My Better Half and have a date on I Nub You.

In the web series, he and Giggles had almost identical personalities. But when the TV series came out, the creators gave it obsessive compulsive disorder. More specifically, she is a “clean freak” and a girl who loves the color blue. She showers five times a day, as described in the “Collect All” section, and if things are dirty or not in their proper place, she starts hyperventilating. Will do anything to clean it again. Wishy Washy got incredibly dirty in the TV episode and couldn’t clean himself, so he went crazy and killed himself with a potato peeler trying to clean it up. His OCD has also been featured in other episodes such as Home Is Where the Hurt Is and Wingin’ It. He is also seen hyperventilating with a paper bag while lining up his socks in the arcade game Socks To Be You.

Petunia, like Giggles, is used as the endangered maiden (blue woman) in some episodes; this is evident in House Warming, Gems the Breaks, Who’s to Flame ?, Dunce Upon a Time, and Read ’em and Weep. She, like Giggles, is a Girl Scout as seen on Read ’em and Weep. When Petunia has a lot to drink, she’ll have to go to the bathroom pretty badly, as seen on Happy Trails pt. 1 and Wingin’ It (on Happy Trails, he actually gets wet just before his death).

While I’m dying a lot, Meat for Lunch, Ipso Fatso, Change of Heart, Milk Pong, You’re Wiping, You’re Driving Me Crazy, I’m Taking A Trick From You, Stealing the Spotlight, Survived in Mime Five, (arguably) House Warming, Easy Comb, Easy Go, Hotter Skelter, Ski Ya, You Don’t Want To Be Ya!, HTF Break is short Take Your Seat, Youtube Copyright School and Back. During internet episodes, he died in almost every episode he appeared in, although he survived more often in series. Handy was the first victim of Mole, (controversial) Disco Bear, Giggles, Cro-Marmot, and Lammy/Mr (controversial). pickels

Sniffles: A nerdy blue anteater who is one of the smartest characters in the series. He is the second character with a heart nose and a pair of teeth. He generally likes to do science and math problems and read. To reinforce the ‘nerd’ image spread by the Sniffles, he is seen dressed as a Star Trek character (probably Spock, Vulcan ears gift) along with Mime in Remains to Seen and Something Fishy, ​​and also sporting a pocket protector. on your chest.
Sniffles’ IQ has been proven to be extremely high both on the internet and on TV shows. He built things much more advanced than most of the other characters (for example, a rocket from a school bus or even a time machine). But sometimes these devices can malfunction and work against them, leading to their own death and the death of others. Like Toothy, he experiences a wide variety of deaths, often involving his tongue, head, limbs or organs. He also has multiple jobs, including a doctor and a pilot. Additionally, he is a mad scientist mixing fluids that caused his death (as shown in his Smoochie). Usually “Oh Ha!” der. for when he comes up with an invention idea. Sometimes, he blushed at Lumpy or Cuddles, like Wingin’ It, In a Jam, and Tongue in Cheek.

Sniffles also crave ants, one of their animal instincts. However, whenever he tries to eat it, they kill him after torturing him in the most sadistic manner. Only in Blast From the Past did Sniffles eat an ant without being killed. Overall, Sniffles’ deaths are slower and more painful than most of the other characters. Cheek in Tongue must have been his worst and longest death, it had brought him to tears of extreme pain or sheer desperation. In some cases, especially in new episodes, he dies with quick deaths. Similar to The Cub, Sniffles rarely survives the episodes in which they appear. The only surviving episode is Happy Trails pt. 1 (but not Part 2), Stealing the Spotlight (controversial), Blast from the Past (with time machine), See What’s Improved, Delete it, Easy Combo, Easy Go, Hear Today, Tomorrow Gone,

His mouth and nose are combined to form a trunk-like nose with his lips at the tip. It used to be long in internet short films, but later it got much shorter in serials. The reason for this was to add an additional elegance to his appearance.

Sniffles’ home looks like a lab, as seen in the episodes I’m Got You Under My Skin, Blast from the Past, A Sight for Sore Eyes, Suck it Up, and Tongue in Cheek.

It is worth noting that although Sniffles is not one of the four main characters (Lumpy, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy), he is starting to be more of a main character. She played the second most leading role in a TV series with 6 lead roles in total, alongside Lumpy, who is 16. Also, if you add her leading roles in TV and Internet episodes, she played a total of 17 leading roles.

In “Collect All” Sniffles has a few allergies and likes to calculate long split problems.

He has a MySpace account that reveals his idols are Albert Einstein, Spock, William Shatner and Splendid. Sniffles is the second character to idolize Splendid (along with Toothy) and has been proven in Suck it Up and A Sight for Sore Eyes. He is best friends with Nutty, as seen in From Hero to Eternity and Random Acts of Silence. Also, Boo Do You Think You Are?, Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, I Got You Under My Skin, Every Litter Bit Hurts and Idol Curiosity. He has also appeared in several episodes with Lumpy in a Jam, I’m Got You Under My Skin, See What Develops, Take a Hike, From A to Zoo, Class Act, A Hole Lotta Love and Blast from the Past.

Handy: Handy is an orange beaver with unexplained amputated arms (hence the name). The stumps are covered with bandages. He wears a tool belt and a yellow worker’s helmet (typical of most construction workers). He is mostly depicted as an adult, but a few times he is portrayed as a child, as in Happy Trails pt. 1 Remains to be Seen while on a school bus along with many other characters and when he and some other characters are dressed up and trick-or-treating for Halloween. The dam is mostly made up of hand tools.
Despite having no hands, he can still build many things, big or small, but we don’t actually see him building it in the first place – often off-screen, very similar to the Cro-Marmot (with the exceptions of Wheelin) ‘and Dealin’ and Don’t Yank My Chain is seen putting the finishing touches on his race car and driving another car). Usually, whenever he builds something for female characters, like House Warming’s Petunia and Giggles from Home is Where the Hurt is Where, they’re pleased when he builds something for female characters, and they usually thank him with a hug. This has led some fans to believe they are in love with him.

Whenever we see her trying to do something that usually requires hands, she fails and shows off the frustrated look and an angry grunt that frustrates her main trademark, showing that she forgets she has no hands. Often when he finds a compromise, he leads to his own death and sometimes the death of others. Their deaths include either glass, organs, impalement, splitting in half, or beheaded. Since he has bandages left over his arms, it can be assumed that he lost them in a work-related accident. He also doesn’t seem to feel any shock or remorse when he sees others die or get injured.

Handy may have had an interest in flying, as seen in the TV series Who’s to Flame?, Gems the Breaks, A Change of Heart and Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. Sometimes he stays in the air from the moment he first appears in the episode until his death. From the episode of In a Jam, it was revealed that he had photosensitive epilepsy, with flashing lights triggering the seizure as his eyes flickered, flickered, and foaming at the mouth.

Similar to Cub, Cuddles, Petunia, Lifty & Shifty, and Sniffles, Handy rarely survives the episodes in which he spawns. The only episodes he survived were House Warming, Spare Me, Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, Happy Trails Pt. 1, Double Whammy, Something Fishy, ​​Milk Pong, Doggone It (Disputed), The Seat of Your Pants, the HTF Break Short Happy New Year, Claw and the Youtube Live Episode.

Scaly: A red hedgehog whose feathers are filled with dandruff-like white scales, hence the name; Flaky is one of the most popular characters in the series and has a personality that can be described as a rather cautious and reserved character. There may also be necrophobia (fear of death/death) and possibly a fear of sharks, as seen on Snow Place to Go. She is shown to have a peanut allergy on Party Animal.
Flaky was often seen as a cowardly or very shy. However, Flaky’s actions in both internet episodes and TV series are countered as he is brave and has saved his own life in many cases. Flaky is actually one of the kindest characters on the show, like rescuing a baby bird in Take a Hike, for example. He is often seen around Lumpy, Sniffles, Flippy and Cuddles. Additionally, while hanging out with Cuddles, Flaky is often forcefully dragged into situations that lead to the death of one or both, despite Hugs’ warning of potential dangers as seen in Water You Wading For, Let it Slide, and The Wrong. Their deaths include either being flayed, burned, or eaten. 5 years ago, she was a girly girl who spoke Spanish but could no longer speak it. Currently a tomboy unlike Giggles. Petunia and Lammy. He loves doing sports.

Flaky is such a sweet and helpful character, as several TV episodes prove. All these factors suggest that Flaky is not only overly cautious (as opposed to being a coward), but also one of the kinder characters of the show. However, as seen in Snow Place to Go, she seems a little off-balance – towards the end of the episode, she starts going crazy and forms a friendship with a garden gnome and sings “Rock-A-Bye Baby.” After being stranded in the Arctic without food and civilization. That’s a very strange thing about Flaky, but in some cases he’s very strong and very brave, like in Ski Ya, Can’t Wanna Be Ya. It is not so, even though in many cases it is very weak, and it is strengthened by fear. It usually leads to his demise, but it can confuse many characters and sometimes they misunderstand something else. This look is mostly seen through the Hitch, but it was still the imagination.

In Party Animal, it turns out she’s allergic to peanuts: a purple rash, big lips, and balloon-like bloating. He also has a fear of flying and is prone to vomiting. The fact that he is a hedgehog often creates problems – his feathers often pierce other characters and unintentionally destroy objects. Because of his quills, Flippy even once used it as a weapon where he killed Cuddles in Keepin’ it Reel. Also, as with Class Act, it is sometimes flayed, and when Let It Slip falls into a tight space, its feathers come out as it goes down. When it comes out the other end, its muscles are exposed.

Excessive dandruff has sometimes been exploited by other characters. The Second Presentation DVD features its own breakfast cereal called Flaky Flakes, which is reminiscent of cereal with mixed red and white pieces. Its bran is also used to create a snow effect in a play on Class Act. A joke in the series was that his dandruff would always fall out when he ran, shook or bumped into something.

Flaky’s first and third deaths were after he was killed. In the episode, Rink Hijinks fell on Lumpy’s floor bumper when Disco Bear carelessly pushed him, causing the quills to spiral out of control and pierce and kill Disco Bear. In Party Animal, his feathers pinned him to the wall after he was blown up by the Mole like a balloon. His second kill is from Let it Slide, because Lumpy accidentally turned off the water, losing hairs all over the waterslide, separating the waterslide, and then being cut in half by the separated slide when Cuddles slides down. ; therefore, it is assumed that Flaky caused Cuddles’ death, but probably not because the screw was thrown out before Flaky descended from the slide.

Flaky is also shown to be close friends with Flippy because they do activities together like playing hide and seek, camping, and going to the movies. She even organized a surprise birthday party for him at Party Animal. However, his friendship with Flippy led to his death several times because of Flippy’s flips. Interestingly, in Party Animal, Flippy didn’t kill Flaky even though he provoked the flip and was right in front of him (despite looking very different, bloated, and Flippy didn’t kill the Mole either). Double Whammy: In Episode 1, her screams threw her out of one of her flip-outs.

He’s been killed multiple times, but survived in Water Run, Overlook, Out of Mime, I’m Fooling You (seen but not heard), Stealing the Spotlight (Debatable), A to Zoo, The Water. Wrong Side of Parts, Ipso Fatso, Heart Exchange, Double Whammy Part 1, Easy Comb, Easy Go, Happy Trails Pt. 1 (but not part 2), Something Fishy, ​​Drowning You, and Random Silence.

Gender Conflict: There has been a lot of controversy over Flaky’s true gender. Some fans assume that Flaky is male due to his lack of a distinctive feminine look; Female characters like Flaky tend to have long eyelashes. Series creator Rhode Montijo once said he created Flaky as a male, but Mondo Media sees Flaky as a female character. Her actual gender caused a lot of confusion; Even the Happy Tree Friends website is vague about it, but many of the creators and writers refer to Flaky as a woman. This is most evident in DVD reviews, where they regularly refer to Flaky as “female”, such as the reviews for And the Kitchen Sink. Some even see her hair as long hair, especially because of dandruff and her reaction to the hair growth formula in Easy Go. She also carried a flower bag on Wingin’ It, and the episode description mentions Flaky with the female pronoun “she”. Some of the show’s voice actors are ambiguous about Flaky’s gender, while others think she’s a girl, but now she may still be masked.

In “Something Fishy,” Flaky is seen trying to decide whether to use the girls’ or boys’ restrooms. Therefore, despite being female, she seems confused by her gender, which further added to the uncertainty many fans felt about her.

On the official website, Flaky’s gender was initially listed as “Female” but changed to “Unknown”.

Disco Bear Ski flirted with Flaky Ya, Don’t Wanna Be Ya! He shakes Flaky’s hand and winks at her, as in See What You’ve Made. Although this is the usual slotted Disco Bear, he never flirted with Petunia and Giggles. At the end of the winter episode, two characters die.

On April 28, 2012, on Happy Tree Friends’ twitter, in response to someone’s tweet, there was an actual discussion about Flaky’s gender, and they deliberately stated that Flaky was a girl who confirmed Flaky’s gender.

He’s also referred to as “himself” in some posts on the official Happy Tree Friends Facebook page, and there’s even a comment by the author that “Flaky is a girl”.

In the commentary of the Third Strike Happy Tree Friends DVD, it is stated by the producers and voice actors that Flaky is actually a girl.

Nutty: Nutty is a light green squirrel with a yellow diamond-shaped marking on its head and a large curved tail that moves when excited. Nutty has an addiction to sugar or anything sugary. As seen on Chew Said a Mouthful, there’s a big swirl lollipop, a candy cane, a small all-day sucker, and a sugar apple stuck to his fur, which changes sometimes as seen on Chew Said a Mouthful. When Nuttin made his debut in ‘Wrong with Candy’, sugar attached to his fur fell out, so this is the first time Nutty is seen without sugar sticking to him.
It is clear that his stupid eye is amblyopia or lazy eye, because he almost always looks down and when he looks elsewhere, he drops down.

As a result of his high sugar intake, he’s often hyperactive and nervous, and giggles more than he speaks (sometimes even when he’s dying). He was first heard saying that he wished for a fantastic lollipop in As You Wish. A drop of sugar moves it to a point where it can create a hurricane like “Taz the Tasmanian Devil.” Sometimes it foams at the mouth when deprived of sugar or other sugar-related substances. As seen in the False Alert episode, she can go crazy after long hours without a nap. It also shows that once he loses an addiction, he can start a new one right away, implying that he likely has an addictive personality. She also gets momentarily upset after she finishes her nap.

Nutty will do whatever it takes to get the candy he wants. He gets very angry if he doesn’t get what he wants. Nutty occasionally eats other types of “food” (like when he eats Sniffles’ body and some cardboard thinking it’s sugarcane, as in Class Law, or Concrete Solution when he eats a bag of cement mix) for a bag of sugar, but that’s too much. a rare condition. He also eats normal food, such as pancakes, but usually soaks them in syrup first.

He’s one of the few characters on the MySpace website who mentions having fourteen tooth spaces. This probably doesn’t help as he brushes his teeth with lollipops and candy and uses soda as a mouthwash. He drinks coffee made from jelly beans and still has to add more than a bowlful of sugar to make the drink sweet enough for him.

On the Second Presentation DVD, they have their own breakfast cereal called “Candy Frozen Walnut Honey,” but there are hardly any grains in it – the picture just shows a large pile of sugar in the bowl. Nuts can be seen when eating this grain in the Concrete Solution.

Nutty is often featured in episodes revolving around candy, with the exception of Eye Candy, which uses Toothy instead, and the pink and yellow candy Petunia, which is featured on the front cover of the Volume 1 DVD. When Eye Candy was made, it was said that Nutty was already featured in another episode and that’s why this choice was made.

Nutty’s love of candy often led to the death of both himself and others, but it’s his hyperactive personality that makes him one of the series’ most memorable characters. He’s more interested in crack candy than his friends. In Party Animal, he pushes the allergic Flaky aside to consume chocolate. He tried to steal a lollipop from the Cub in A Sucker for Love. In Chew Said a Mouthful, he stole a stretcher with a badly injured Gear in order to get a jawbreaker. He stole a bag of candy from Happy Tree Café at Concrete Solution and followed Cuddles for his ice cream at Sweet Ride. There seems to be a lack of common sense (as evidenced in many episodes), something that often leads to death. Their deaths often include having their mouth pierced, crushed, dissected, dissected, or breathing problems.

The only episodes he survived were Nuttin ‘but the Tooth, I Get a Trick Out of You, Out of Mime, Out of Flame ?, (disputed) Mime to Five, A Change of Heart, In a Jam , Milk Pong, Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm Episode, HTF Break short Bite, Youtube Live Episode Sized, Something Fishy and Claw.

Flippy: Flippy is one of the main characters of the Happy Tree Friends series. It has been enjoyed by many fans over the years and often forms the basis of HTF fans, fans and fan characters. For this reason, he is considered the most popular character in the series.
Flippy is a green male bear. He wears a green beret with a dog tag around his neck and a checkered crest on his head. He is a retired veteran in the army. He fought in the Armed Animal Regiment (WAR) and has a flashback to the experience of being held captive by them (as seen on Easy For You to Sleigh), along with an obsession with making booby traps inspired by the Viet Cong. Additionally, his outfit appears to resemble that of the US Army Special Forces involved during the Vietnam War. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant while fighting for years. According to author Warren Graff, Flippy is mostly based on John Rambo. At the time of the internet and TV series, it is unknown whether Flippy retired from the army or if they were just in peacetime. Flippy rarely appears in the series, most likely due to his repetitive behavior in most of the episodes in which he appears. Lumpy probably had more kills than Flippy because he had under 80 kills and has only appeared in 23 episodes so far, so he would have had the highest kills if he had appeared in more episodes.

Flippy says that in every episode where the other characters in the series appear, at least when he “turns upside down” (with the exception of Without Hitch and Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part 2), all kills are accidental). There is a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. When he sees or hears something that reminds him of war (for example, sounds like gunfire or crackling campfires), he freaks out and kills everyone around him, and sometimes himself, believing he is still at war (probably this is a split). in most of them basically becoming someone else, not even being himself when reversing, and a few examples of him countering his bad side during Double Whammy and Hear Today are Gone Tomorrow).

When he’s turned upside down, several physical features about him change: his eyes change a different color, usually green or yellow, his voice changes from loud and cute to low and evil, and his teeth sharpen. His teeth were simply crooked in the first internet short films. In later episodes, he blinks, changing his pupils from normal pac-man pupils to round pupils, his irises turn green (sometimes yellow), his voice changes to an angry snarl, and his teeth sharpen; There has even been one instance (Remaining to be Seen) whose eyes are small, circular, with a light blue iris.

In his bad mood (along with Lumpy, Mole, Cro-Marmot, and Nutty) he doesn’t have Pac-Man-shaped pupils. When he goes crazy, he is known as Evil Flippy or Fliqpy in WAR Journal. A few physical features about him change: his eyes change a different color, they are usually green or yellow, his voice changes from loud and cute to low and bad, and his teeth are sharp. His teeth were simply crooked in the first internet short films. In later episodes, he blinks, changing his pupils from normal pac-man pupils to round pupils, his irises turn green (sometimes yellow), his voice changes to an angry snarl, and his teeth sharpen; There has even been one instance (Remaining to be Seen) whose eyes are small, circular and with a light blue iris. In his bad mood (along with Lumpy, Mole, Cro-Marmot, and Nutty) he doesn’t have Pac-Man-shaped pupils. When he goes crazy, he is known as Evil Flippy or Fliqpy in WAR Journal.

A few physical features about him change: his eyes change a different color, they are usually green or yellow, his voice changes from loud and cute to low and bad, and his teeth are sharp. His teeth were simply crooked in the first internet short films. In later episodes, he blinks, changing his pupils from normal pac-man pupils to round pupils, his irises turn green (sometimes yellow), his voice changes to an angry snarl, and his teeth sharpen; There has even been one instance (Remaining to be Seen) whose eyes are small, circular, with a light blue iris. In his bad mood (along with Lumpy, Mole, Cro-Marmot, and Nutty) he doesn’t have Pac-Man-shaped pupils. When he goes crazy, he is known as Evil Flippy or Fliqpy in WAR Journal. he is usually green or yellow, his voice changes from loud and cute to low and bad, and his teeth are sharp. His teeth were simply crooked in the first internet short films.

In later episodes, he blinks, changing his pupils from normal pac-man pupils to round pupils, his irises turn green (sometimes yellow), his voice changes to an angry snarl, and his teeth sharpen; There has even been one instance (Remaining to be Seen) whose eyes are small, circular, with a light blue iris. In his bad mood (along with Lumpy, Mole, Cro-Marmot, and Nutty) he doesn’t have Pac-Man-shaped pupils. When he goes crazy, he is known as Evil Flippy or Fliqpy in WAR Journal. he is usually green or yellow, his voice changes from loud and cute to low and bad, and his teeth are sharp. His teeth were simply crooked in the first internet short films.

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In later episodes, he blinks, changing his pupils from normal pac-man pupils to round pupils, his irises turn green (sometimes yellow), his voice changes to an angry snarl, and his teeth sharpen; There has even been one instance (Remaining to be Seen) whose eyes are small, circular, with a light blue iris. In his bad mood (along with Lumpy, Mole, Cro-Marmot, and Nutty) he doesn’t have Pac-Man-shaped pupils. When he goes crazy, he is known as Evil Flippy or Fliqpy in WAR Journal. In later episodes, he blinks, changing his pupils from normal pac-man pupils to round pupils, his irises turn green (sometimes yellow), his voice changes to an angry snarl, and his teeth sharpen; There has even been one instance (Remaining to be Seen) whose eyes are small, circular, with a light blue iris.

In his bad mood (along with Lumpy, Mole, Cro-Marmot, and Nutty) he doesn’t have Pac-Man-shaped pupils. When he goes crazy, he is known as Evil Flippy or Fliqpy in WAR Journal. In later episodes, he blinks, changing his pupils from normal pac-man pupils to round pupils, his irises turn green (sometimes yellow), his voice changes to an angry snarl, and his teeth sharpen; There has even been one instance (Remaining to be Seen) whose eyes are small, circular, with a light blue iris. In his bad mood (along with Lumpy, Mole, Cro-Marmot, and Nutty) he doesn’t have Pac-Man-shaped pupils.

When he goes crazy, he is known as Evil Flippy or Fliqpy in WAR Journal. with a light blue iris. In his bad mood (along with Lumpy, Mole, Cro-Marmot, and Nutty) he doesn’t have Pac-Man-shaped pupils. When he goes crazy, he is known as Evil Flippy or Fliqpy in WAR Journal. with a light blue iris. In his bad mood (along with Lumpy, Mole, Cro-Marmot, and Nutty) he doesn’t have Pac-Man-shaped pupils. When he goes crazy, he is known as Evil Flippy or Fliqpy in WAR Journal.

Although Flippy is the most cruel and dangerous character in Happy Tree Friends, when “turned upside down”, in his normal state, he is considered one of the most sociable and kindest characters. This is evidenced in several episodes where he is seen doing social activities with some other characters, such as going to the movies and playing hide and seek. In many of the episodes he appears in, he is portrayed as a friendly individual before he went mad, or as many people say, “crazy,” hence his name. In addition, when it “goes wrong”, he does not remember the bloody rage that followed.

However, in Double Whammy Episode 1 (and possibly the first time he resisted his evil side in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow), he finally realizes his problem and turns to psychiatrist Lumpy for answers. After three attempts to heal him, Lumpy fails. At the end of Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part 2), Flippy finally cures his traumatic stress disorder, but is soon run over by a chicken truck.

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He seems like Flaky’s best friend as they are shown doing activities like going to the movies together, playing hide and seek, and camping. Although Flippy killed Flaky several times, he didn’t kill him in Party Animal or Random Acts of Silence, even though he was defenseless. In Double Whammy Part 1, Flaky’s scream brought him out of his inverted mode. Although they seem like good friends, Flaky develops a phobia towards her in later episodes. She is so afraid of him that when she tries to help him in Nonstop, she mustered up the courage to kill him by going to the point where she stabbed him out of fear. From Random Acts of Silence, Sniffles and Nutty also seem to be aware of being impersonating Flippy when they try to sneak out of the library while being unsettled by Flippy Mime.

He also has an allergic reaction to peanuts (or venison) like Flaky. Flippy also appears to be an extremely heavy sleeper, as seen on Easy For You to Sleigh and Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Flippy rarely dies on the show. When he dies, his deaths include vehicles, machines, Lumpy or explosions. Flippy is also one of six playable characters in the XBOX 360 video game Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm.

It has its own action show called WAR Journal, which is part of the Happy Tree Friends Action Series: Ka-Pow! to show. According to the first episode, Flippy wasn’t actually a very good soldier. Unable to throw his knife directly under pressure, he killed both teammates, hid in fear in the corpse of one of his deceased teammates, and accidentally threw a slice of pizza at the enemy commander instead of his knife.

It first appears when he hides inside his comrade’s corpse to avoid being killed by the Tiger Army. Most likely, the first time he went mad, he did it because his consciousness needed to protect him, so his instinct told him to Fight or Flee and he fought. He lost his hands in a fight with Tiger Commander. but he was apparently able to reunite them sometime between the events of the WAR Journal and the regular series Happy Tree Friends (unless those episodes return everything to the original at the start of each new episode, like the regular Happy Tree Friends series). It is also possible that while in WAR, they are the most destructive soldiers when turned upside down.

The only episode where Flippy dies is Happy Trails Pt. 2: Skipping the Shark, Class Act (controversial), Remains to Be Seen, Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, Autopsy Turvy/Double Whammy Part 2 and Hassle free. This makes him get rid of Hide and Seek, It’s Your Knife, Flippin ‘Burgers, Keepin’ it Reel, Party Animal, Double Whammy Part 1, New Season Teaser, Out of Mime, Out of Mime, Class Act (disputed), Youtube Live Episode , Easy To Sled, On My Mind, Operation: Tiger Bomb and Claw. Most of Flippy’s deaths are due to the evil Flippy’s (Fliqpy) plans backfiring.

Mole: A blind pink mole with purple sunglasses (or possibly a tassel) with a mole on its nose. She wears a long purple turtleneck over her sweater. Like Mime and Cro-Marmot, he doesn’t speak. This may be due to the top of his throat covering his mouth, but more likely he is mute, never seeing himself making a sound even in his most unbearable injuries or deaths. While not deaf, he appears to have hearing problems, as seen on Party Animal. Since disaster often follows his blind wanderings, his actions and features are similar to those of Mr. Magoo. Although completely blind, it is often seen while driving. He is also one of the few characters whose students in the form of Pac-Man (along with Lumpy, Nutty, Evil Flippy, and Cro-Marmot) are unknown.
It appears that while Mole has hearing and vision problems, he is unable to feel pain. This has been proven when he did not react to the burning of his thumb and his cane pierced his head.

According to Pitchin’s rendition of ‘Impossible’, Mole was originally supposed to be a James Bond-like secret agent with all kinds of spy devices around him, but was removed when the series was created. It was until the episode of Mole in the City, where the secret agent identity was discovered. He also has an archenemy known as The Rat, most likely because they both have careers in international espionage.

A prankster on the show, Mole does things that require vision, such as reading magazines, lighting a match to see in the dark, and even driving a car. He usually has good vision jobs and in many episodes leads to the death of many characters (especially Lumpy and Handy) and sometimes himself. According to the Concrete Solution comment, the writers only do it because they need something bad to happen, and Mole and Lumpy are seen as the worst people for almost any job. If the partition needs to run smoothly, they use a tree mate that can do any job right.

He is good friends with Handy and Lumpy, as seen on Concrete Solution and Sniffles in A Hole Lotta Love.

In Internet short films, the Mole rarely dies, but often inflicts great harm on his fellow tree mates due to his injuries. He dies much more often in the TV series, but still survives many episodes (he’s survived 25 episodes so far). Their deaths often include beheaded or crushed, explosions, or loss of body parts.

Looking at the storyboard of Flippin’ Burgers in the Second Presentation DVD, Mole would actually be featured in this episode and be killed by Flippy. Flippy is shown tearing off the Mole’s skin with a hanging hook. The idea was removed when the episode was finalized.

He is the first and only character in the first season of the television series, which has 3 leading roles without playing a single lead. He co-starred with Handy, Lumpy, Russell and Splendid. In “Collect All” on the First Blood DVD, The Mole claims to have blue eyes. He also seems to like stuffed animals, as seen in Pitchin ‘Impossible’.

In many episodes, he’s been seen doing lots of random things with body parts from dead characters, for example Mime’s head for a jack o’lantern is S instead of a bowling ball.

Using Sniffles’ head is like mixing Disco Bear’s severed head with a watermelon and weighing it. a scale scrambles Giggles’ heart like a piece of garbage and smudges Cuddles’ eye for an apple. He was also seen swinging for an apple in the comics, but mistook Handy’s heart for an apple. He also ate body parts from time to time, probably just because he wasn’t aware of what he was eating. Another abuse of body parts can be found in Fall Out Boy’s Carpal Tunnel of Love music video. When Disy’s eyeball fell into a tub of ice cream, she put it in ice cream soda that Cuddles and Giggles had spat out.

In some episodes, it was implied that the Mole lived in poverty. Hear Today plays the trombone for money on Gone Tomorrow. We are Scrooged! In ‘da, it was implied that he was raising money for a donation while he spent the money on a new toy. This was further explored in False Alarm, which was revealed to be wearing bad clothes and living homeless next to a fire. In other episodes, she appears with a house, a car, and beautiful clothes to wear.

Mole survives most of the episodes in which he appears, but Happy Trails pt. 1, Class Act, Remaining to See, Hero to Infinity, Party Animal, Don’t Echo My Chain, Doggone It, Concrete Solution, Who Will Burn?, Gems the Breaks, A Hole Lotta Love, Idol Curiosity, Home Is Where The Wound Is, Aw Shucks !, A Vision for Aching Eyes, Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, Carpal Tunnel of Love, Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm Episode, Wrath of Con, Windbreaker, All In Veins and No Time is now.

Mole’s name was “The Mole” from his debut album Pitchin’ Impossible, throughout all TV episodes (with the exception of Wipe Out, which is probably dumb as the name change isn’t planned yet), up to Season 3’s A Sucker episode of Love and “Mole” The It was used in Chokes on You and later episodes, but “The Mole” was still used in the Best Happy Tree Friends Character Tournament.

Mime: A purple male reindeer with pointed ears, antlers on top, face makeup and wearing a navy/dark purple and white striped shirt. He never speaks because he is a mime and causes others to have trouble understanding him. Apparently, many of his possessions, though fictitious, can be stolen (or even shown to be real); Easy For You to Sleigh, Mime to Five, Concrete Solution, Keepin ‘it Reel, and I Heart U. Sometimes things have an illusion around them, like the walls they used for showmanship in Dunce Upon a Time. He even did seemingly impossible things like making an audible honking sound while riding a unicycle in Concrete Solution and making noises when interacting with his ‘imaginary’ furniture. It was once said to be quiet, but in some parts, Happy Trails pt. 1, Out of Sight, Out of Mime, Something Fishy, ​​Keepin’ It Reel, and I Heart U made audible sounds (e.g. choking sounds, snoring or blowing noises) that clearly indicated they could speak, not just not speaking (in Double Whammy Episode 1). although he is known not to scream even when in severe pain, as seen when given This led to the death of other characters, such as in Who’s to Flame. When she chose not to talk on the phone with Lumpy, a firefighter, it eventually led to the destruction of the entire town. He chose not to (although he is known not to scream even when in excruciating pain, as seen when he was set on fire in Double Whammy Part 1). This led to the death of other characters, such as in Who’s to Flame. When she chose not to talk on the phone with Lumpy, a firefighter, it eventually led to the destruction of the entire town. He chose not to (although he is known not to scream even when in excruciating pain, as seen when he was set on fire in Double Whammy Episode 1). This led to the death of other characters, such as in Who’s to Flame. When she chose not to talk on the phone with Lumpy, a firefighter, it eventually led to the destruction of the entire town.

He is skilled in circus skills such as juggling (which he can do with one hand) and creating balloon animals, but attempts to entertain his Happy Tree Friends often have deadly consequences. Mime is so fond of peanuts that she would go so far as to stick her hands in a blender and eat them. He had a queue in Mime and Mime Again, Out of Sight, Out of Mime, and Class Act, but appears without him in later episodes. Despite that, in the latest Kringle episode, Chill Kringle and See You Later, Elevator has its tail again..

Mime is often seen riding a unicycle in Party Animal, Concrete Solution, Who to Flame ?, As You Wish, A Hole Lotta Love, See What Develops, Junk in the Trunk and Double Whammy. Sometimes he sits on a unicycle throughout all episodes.

Mime is the only character who didn’t die in the two TV episodes she played (Who’s Gonna Fire? and Mime Five), and she had no co-stars in those episodes. It also survived with Mime and Mime Again, Easy For You to Sleigh, A Change of Heart, Easy Comb, Easy Go, Concrete Solution.(Controversial) ‘In a Jam, I Heart U, Chill Kringle, Youtube Copyright School, Random Acts of Silence (Debatable) and the HTF Breaks Happy New Year, Place Your Seat and Tunnel Vision. He lives in a tent that looks like an ordinary house with invisible or imaginary furniture inside, as seen in Easy For You to Sleigh and Mime to Five. He dies faster and painlessly than any other character except Happy Trails pt. 1, Home Is Where The Wound Is, Party Pet, and Double Whammy Episode 1. Like many other characters’ deaths, these often involve his head, metal objects, or machines/tools.

Russell: Russell, a cyan otter-pirate, has typical pirate accessories such as a Jolly Roger’s hat, a striped red/white shirt, hook, eye patch, and two wooden dowels. He enjoys fishing, sailing and eating seafood, especially mussels, which is why he got the name Russell. He also likes to fly kites and even runs his own fast-food restaurant (Mime to Five). His hook started in the left hand, but then in the right hand for the remainder of the series. Russell’s first villain design depicted him with a shadow at five o’clock; She appeared with him in her first appearances, but the creators eventually scrapped her. She hasn’t had a shadow at five since Get Whale Soon.
Typically, the vocabulary is simply “Yar!” Dan, but in the Get Whale Soon episode, “Aha!” He also says things like. and ‘Huh?’ A Sight for Sore Eyes was heard apologizing to Mole after accidentally bumping into him.

Sometimes, when put in a gruesome or violent situation, Russell freaks out and starts laughing wildly, and his eye turns gray like Flippy, as seen in Get Whale Soon and Snow Place to Go, but instead of killing people, he just cuts things off with his hook. Russell is rarely seen with other characters, as he spends most of his time navigating. Still, she has appeared in a few episodes with Lumpy and seems to be appearing more often with others lately as well. Their deaths often involve marine animals or being tied to the stake.

From Sea What I Found, it can be seen that when Russell wakes up and goes to his locker to change his stakes, his legs are partially amputated. He is the first character to wear shorts. He’s also the third character with no visible ears, as seen on Something Fishy when he takes off his hat for a few seconds in his Internet brief introduction. Russell wears a striped tank top while he sleeps. The big pirate ship shaped tree lives in the house and sleeps in the hammock.

Because he has only one eye and his vision is blurred, it is recommended to wear a contact lens as seen in the book A Sight for Sore Eyes.

He seems to be friends with Lumpy I Found at Sea. He was also seen with Nutty and Handy in Ipso Fatso, and Disco Bear in Double Whammy Part 1 in The Wrong Side of the Tracks and Sniffles. And in Can’t Stop Coffin, Cuddles was seen playing baseball with Toothy and Cro-Marmot.

So far, the only internet episodes that have survived were The Coffin Can’t Stop and The Seat of the Pants. He survived A Sight for Sight for Sight, The Wrong Side of the Tracks, Mime to Five, Chew Said a Mouthful, See What Develops, Easy Comb, Easy Go, and Double Whammy Part 1 throughout the series. He also survived Milk Pong, Youtube Copyright School, and He’s Back.

Mr. Pickle: As seen in the first episode of A Bit of a Pickle, he is one of the characters who deliberately kills other Happy Tree Friends, which is considered arguable as it may be fictional. She seems to love tea parties and was seen arranging one with Lammy at the start of A Bit of a Pickle.
Mr. Pickle wears a top hat (probably because he looks like a regular pickle in Lammy’s imagination) and has a mustache like the Mouse Ka-Boom. Many fans believe that Mr. Pickles is a representation of a repressed dark half of Lammy, similar to Flippy’s “inverted” state.

Despite being similar to Flippy, the difference is that Mr. Pickels presents a new opportunity to set up unique scenarios for the show, assuming Lammy is schizophrenic, one character being held responsible for the actions of the other, leading to some strange consequences.

Mr. Pickles might be jealous of other people around Lammy and therefore hate them, because he wanted to draw all the attention to himself rather than allowing him to be his true friends. After killing someone, he reverts to his normal pickle form and frames Lammy.

He is also an antagonist of the series that kills people (for example, Petunia). Lumpy thought Lammy had actually killed Flaky when he was Mr. Pickels. He is one of the most violent characters in the series (along with Flippy, Tiger General, and The Ants).

For now, Mr. Pickels is the only non-animal character in the series. More is likely to emerge in the future, especially given Lammy’s possible schizophrenia.

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