George Orwell and his Spooky Dystopia “1984”

George Orwell and his Spooky Dystopia “1984” 15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

‘1984’ maintains its place among the most read books of every period. We’ve brought together information you probably didn’t know about this stunning book and its author.

1. The title of the book almost became “1984”. Orwell would put “The Last Man in Europe” for the book.

2. “1984”, not by George Orwell P.S. It could also have been written by Burton, Kenneth Miles, or H. Lewis Allways.

2. "1984", George Orwell tarafından değil P.S. Burton, Kenneth Miles, ya da H. Lewis Allways tarafından da yazılabilirdi.

‘What does that mean’, I can hear you say. George Orwell was the ‘pseudonym’ of the author. The real name of the artist was Eric Arthur Blair.

3. The artist was confused not only about the name, but also about the date of the event. Orwell replaces 1984; He also thought of the dates 1980 and 1982.

3. Sanatçının kafası sadece isim değil, olayın geçtiği tarih hakkında da karışıktı. Orwell, 1984 yerine; 1980 ve 1982 tarihlerini de düşünmüştü.

4. Orwell was struggling with tuberculosis while he was writing the book.

4. Orwell, kitabı yazdığı süreçte bir yandan da tüberküloz ile boğuşuyordu.

Orwell, who began to write his book peacefully in a farmhouse in Scotland, later fell ill and was admitted to a sanatorium.

5. Orwell was in danger of drowning while writing the novel!

5. Orwell, romanı yazma sürecinde bir de boğulma tehlikesi atlattı!

The writer, who went to sea without life jackets in Scotland with his son and nephews in 1947, had a hard time when the boat capsized.

Fortunately, his family members survived the accident, but the incident took a toll on Orwell, who was in poor health.

6. Orwell was actually under surveillance at the time of writing the book.

6. Orwell, kitabı yazdığı süreçte, gerçekten gözetim altında tutuluyordu.

Orwell was under surveillance by the British government for his previous writings and works.

Intelligence reports stated that he had ‘highly communist ideas’ and ‘wearing bohemian clothing’.

7. George Orwell had worked as a propagandist at the BBC before writing his work in which he criticizes propaganda activities.

7. George Orwell, propaganda faaliyetlerini eleştireceği yapıtını yazmadan önce, BBC'de propagandist olarak çalışmıştı.

8. “2+2=5” was a slogan the Communist Party actually used.

8. "2+2=5" Komünist Parti'nin gerçekten kullandığı bir slogandı.

It was called ‘2+2=5’ in reference to the 5-year development plans that started in the Soviet Union in 1928. What would create that surplus value would be the enthusiasm of the socialist workers to work.

9. Orwell owed the oppressive policies in his book to different governments around the world.

9. Orwell, kitabındaki baskıcı politikaları dünyadaki farklı hükumetlere borçluydu.

Although he was a socialist himself, he was an opponent of Stalin and critical of many policies in the Soviet Union.

He also developed the concept of thought crime, taking into account the Japanese practice of arresting people with ‘unpatriotic thoughts’, the Kempeitai.

10. Orwell’s development of the character of Julia in the book is thought to have been modeled after his second wife, Sonia Brownell.

11. Orwell was inspired by “Room 101”, which he describes in the book as a place where you can be subjected to all kinds of torture, from his office at the BBC.

11. Orwell, kitapta her türlü işkenceye maruz kalabileceğiniz bir yer olarak anlattığı "101 No'lu Oda"yı BBC'de yer alan ofisinden ilham almıştı.

So what did the room look like? In 2003, artist Rachel Whiteread made a copy of the room in the image.

12. Orwell died just 7 months after 1984 was published.

Although Orwell is a famous writer with ‘Animal Farm’, he unfortunately did not have the chance to see the effect of ‘1984’.

He died on January 21, 1950, just 7 months after the work was published.

13. The asteroid discovered in 1984 was named after Orwell.

13. 1984 yılında keşfedilen asteroide Orwell'in ismi verildi.

Named ‘11020 Orwell’, the asteroid was discovered by astronomer Antonin Mrkos on July 31, 1984.

14. Orwell held the record for being the most translated author with two books in 40 years after the books “1984” and “Animal Farm” were published.

15. Celebrities who consider “1984” their “favorite” book include names like Stephen King, David Bowie, Mel Gibson, and Game of Thrones star Kit Harington.

15. "1984"ü "favori" kitabı olarak gören ünlüler arasında Stephen King, David Bowie, Mel Gibson ve Game of Thrones dizisinin yıldızı Kit Harington gibi isimler bulunuyor.







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