Geometry (Book)

Geometry is a 44-page book by Atatürk using Turkish geometry terms for the first time at the end of 1936.

Agop Dilacar recounts what he described in the preface to the 1971 raid. In the autumn of 1936, Atatürk sent the Chief of General Staff Süreyya Anderiman and Agop Dilaçar to the Haşet Bookstore in Beyoğlu to have the French geometry book bought. Along with this throughout the books and began to receive the initial training of the geometry book. Atatürk’s work in the Dolmabahçe Palace, which is portrayed on this book, was published by the Ministry of Culture in 1937. Atatürk, from Arabic and some geometry terms; space, surface, level, diameter, small, cross section, section, circle, tangent, angle, bisector, angle, angle, angle, u, oblique, fracture, plumb, horizontal, perpendicular, perpendicular, congruent, position , triangle, quadrilateral , pentagon, polygon, diagonal, equilateral, isosceles, parallelogram, lateral, trapezoidal, plus, minus, skewed, division, equal, sum, proportion, derivative, area, such as Turkish fees still today, ultimately, consequential, lateral, trapezoidal. found. It is not stated that the author of the book is Atatürk; It is not just for those who write on the cover that “The Ministry of Culture has been published in a library for those who teach geometry and those who will write a book by this book”.

In the Ottoman period, yamuseles were called Mesaha-i sathiye, right angle was called zaviye-i kaime, and height was called pedestal. “In relation to the area of ​​the field of a plan.” The surface of the mussel will be designed for your target in the section heights of its base.

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