For a while from Love and Relationships here!!!

For a while from Love and Relationships here!!!

Do you have the courage to stay away from love as much as you want to stay away from love?  Sometimes the only way not to hurt your loved ones is to stay away from them! Can you stay away from the person you love? I do not know how to do it…..

1. Every person has a period in their life when they want to stay away from love and there are various reasons for this;

A relationship that ended in disappointment, emphasis on career, or family matters… Whatever your reason, if you want to avoid falling in love, you must first know that it is a very difficult process. If you grasp this truth, the rest will come by itself. Here are 15 tips to help you along the way.

2. Try not to remember your exes, not to do the things you did with them.

If you want to stay away from falling in love, the first thing to do is to stay away from old memories. Of course, everyone has had a good relationship at one time or another. As you remember the good days of that relationship, you will inevitably develop the feeling of ‘if I find someone I can really love, it will happen again’. In this case, the probability of falling in love increases and you will fall in love. In all aspects of life, the first step is to condition your mind in the direction you desire.

How do I stay away from the person I love that I just met?  Anyway…

3. Find small but engaging activities for yourself.

3. Kendinize küçük fakat meşgul edici aktiviteler bulun.

It is very important not to feel empty. Believe me, a person does not need another person to be happy. As long as it determines how you will shape your life and what you will direct your time to. In this sense, it will be beneficial for you to be interested in small activities. Such as playing a musical instrument, playing all kinds of games, reading a book or doing sports; you can do things that are already part of everyday life with a willingness that matters to you.

4. Avoid watching romantic movies.

4. Romantik filmler izlemekten uzak durun.

Unfortunately, movies offer us lives we can never have. At this point, although we agree that everything is possible in life, it should not be forgotten that the framework of this possibility is very narrow. Romantic love movies will offer us the ideal and this will make us warm to the concept of love. If we can’t help ourselves and start watching these kinds of movies, first we will be unhappy because we are alone and then we will look for a place to fall in love. In most cases, our love is directed at the wrong person and we are disappointed. It’s best to stay away.

5. Take a walk instead of going to a party, paint instead of going to a bar.

5. Partiye gitmek yerine yürüyüş yapın, bara gitmek yerine resim yapın.

Another thing that increases our likelihood of falling in love is socializing. This socialization can happen in any setting, even the library. If you have made a really radical decision and planned a life without love, you need to stay away from socializing. Instead, individual activities should be preferred and the house should be remembered. You can transfer every emotion that grows in you to works of art and you can feel much better with these works that no one will see.

6. Tell people who are trying to set you up with someone else in your heart.

sad i feel sick GIF


Whether it is or not, saying this will keep you from falling in that love that you dread so much. Today, unfortunately, many relationships start with this kind of ‘adjustment’ logic and end in a short time because they are built on an unfounded ground. Since you are a smart enough person to see them, you should choose to stay away from such activities. You are already running away from love, in such a case, what is the use of going for a simulation of love?

7. Stay away from badly beautiful and impressive songs.

7. Feci güzel etkileyici şarkılardan uzak durun.

Who knows, there are such beautiful songs that knock people down and destroy all their emotional lines. There are songs that, after listening to them, you will never be the same again, and you want to break your chains and become a very different person, running towards a voice that grows within you every day and is never satisfied. These are the most fragile moments when a person falls in love. In such a moment, you hold on to the first person who reaches out to you and you fall in love. Therefore, it is very important to stay away from such songs and achieve emotional stability.

8. Don’t be afraid to say no to invitations to go out that end with “David’s friends are coming too…”.

8. "Ahmet'in arkadaşları da gelecek..." şeklinde sonlanan dışarı çıkma davetlerine hayır demekten çekinmeyin.

Such meetings will not yield any good results for you. What if you like someone like crazy? If you find a response, these feelings can grow to the point of love, and they can ensnare you in the love that you fear so much. While you have a wonderful life alone, you suddenly find yourself falling in love and everything turns upside down. It is best to stay away from such meetings and learn to be happy on your own.

9. Spend time with your family.

9. Ailenizle vakit geçirin.

Family is everything. Whatever happens to you in life, a family is always a safe haven. There you will find the feeling of ‘protection’ you seek, love and warmth. If you feel deprived of such feelings and get into a bad mood, you open the door to love, because a person you meet makes you feel that they can give you all these feelings. To avoid this situation, you should spend a lot of time with the family and stay away from emotional gaps.

10. Do not fall into the trap of people who are persistently hitting on you and inviting you out.

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These people will continue to blindly follow you. Of course they are not who you fall in love with, but if you start being with one of them ‘just like that’, your longing for true love will increase. So being with the bad will push you to look for the good. Therefore, it is better to stay away from such people in the first place. You must reject them without falling into their trap. You should try to do this in a polite way at first, but if they don’t understand, you shouldn’t hesitate to break their hearts because they are jeopardizing your happiness.

11. Instead of looking at people on the bus/metro, read a book, listen to music, go to sleep.

11. Otobüste/metroda insanlarla bakışmak yerine kitap okuyun, müzik dinleyin, uyuyun.

The eyes are the mirror of the heart. You know, there are eyes that one can never forget. Meaningful and innocent eyes that feel like they contain the secret of the whole universe… The way to fall in love actually passes through these eyes; first we get hit in the eyes. We laugh with their laughter, we start crying with their crying, and after a while we find ourselves falling in love with that person. It is essential to stay away from this situation. We should make eye contact with people as little as possible and avoid such communication. In public transport, where people are excited about this, being buried in a book in our hands will give us a lot to not fall in love with.

12. Remember how successful you were at school/work when you didn’t have a girlfriend.

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While this is not true for all people, it is true for the vast majority. Instead of imagining how happy you were when you had a girlfriend, think about how successful you were in your life when you didn’t have a girlfriend. You were doing everything on time and behaving like a real adult who was aware of all his responsibilities. And now, this is the life you want! Channel yourself into this path and imagine what you can achieve as long as you are truly alone. If you can achieve this, the rest will come and you will be far from love.

13. Convince yourself that this thing called love is just a burst of libido.

13. Aşk denen şeyin yalnızca bir libido patlaması olduğuna kendinizi inandırın.

Let’s not go into the scientific details of this now. One way or another, what does it matter? The truth doesn’t matter to you, it’s what works for you. At least at this point in your life… So you have to convince yourself that love is just a burst of libido. ‘I fell in love!’ You should think that people who say so are only saying this out of a physical desire, that those lofty feelings that are claimed to have are actually lies, and more importantly, you should convince yourself of this. If you can achieve this, the concept of ‘falling in love’ will seem repulsive to you from the very beginning.

14. Do not dream of love when you hit the pillow at night.

I think of him at night...
I think of him at night….

Dreaming of something is the first step towards that thing. Do not do this! If you have love-themed dreams at night, the next day you will have to struggle with an id in your subconscious that insists you ‘find love’. Your dreams should also be about the life you desire. For this reason, you should move away from the concept of love in your dreams and dream of a world where you are alone. If you do this, you will also support your radical decision to stay away from love.

15. Keep a distance between you and your friends who have a girlfriend and are constantly chatting with them.

15. Sevgilisi olan ve sürekli sevgili muhabbeti yapan arkadaşlarınızla aranıza mesafe koyun.

These friends may be very close friends and may be people who have no bad thoughts towards you. Therefore, you can warn them without offending them in the first place. If they are still going on, it will be healthier for you to put some distance between them because if you listen to love talks all the time, after a while you ask yourself ‘why not me?’ You start to ask. Feeling that being alone is a bad thing and that you should fall in love, you end up ruining your life by falling in love with an unnecessary person.

16. And finally, keep in mind that loneliness is the most beautiful thing in the world.

16. Ve son olarak, yalnızlığın dünyadaki en güzel şey olduğunu aklınızdan çıkarmayın.

You have to completely convince yourself that it really is; loneliness is the most beautiful thing in the world, if you can handle it. If we think that everything in this world is a matter of consciousness, if you direct your consciousness that loneliness is a preferred lifestyle, you can really be happy and have the strong and peaceful life that you desire, far from love. It’s easy to do, but it takes courage. Do you have the courage to stay away from love as much as you want to stay away from love?




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