Exactly 21 Years Ago Leon With 15 Images

Exactly 21 Years Ago Leon With 15 Images

About the Movie:
Leon the Professional, which was screened in the USA in 1994 and met with the audience in our country in 1995, aroused great repercussions with its intense drama, extraordinary story and magnificent acting and took its place among the legends. The acting talent of Natalie Portman, who was 11 years old at the time, also increased the admiration for the film. The mysterious character created by Jean Reno, on the other hand, took its place among the unforgettable characters that have a great place in the world of cinema. The set images of this amazing movie are also amazing!!

1. The movie got 8.6 out of 10 from IMDB. Ranked #27 among the top 250 movies

2. Despite being a drama-heavy movie, the crew had a lot of fun on set during the shoot.

3. The movie was screened abroad as ‘the professional,’ as ‘Power of Love’

4. The movie was written in 30 days and filmed in 90 days.

5. Luc Besson (director and writer of the movie) thought only of Jean Reno for the character of Leon and we must say that he made the right choice.

6. You can’t see Portman inhaling cigarette smoke in Mathilda’s cigarette scenes.

Because Portman’s family was very worried about this. The director shot the smoking scenes from such angles that some people even thought that Portman had to smoke during the shoot and reacted.

7. The scenes at Leon’s house were shot in Paris, and the scenes outside were shot in New York.

A citizen was robbed during the shootings on the 8th Street.

The citizen who was robbed ran away, mistaking the uniformed actors in the film crew as real police, and took shelter next to them.

9. Natalie Portman was selected from 2,000 child candidates.

The other director of the movie downplayed Portman for the role in the auditions.

10. However, when Portman was called back, he played Mathilda’s lines so well that Luc Besson loved Portman’s acting and of course Portman got the role right away.

11. Luc Besson is a true Stansfield fan

12. The director burst into laughter in almost every shot involving Gary Oldman.

In particular, Gary Oldman interpreted the line ‘Bring me everyone’ differently and said, ‘Bring me EVERYONE!!’ Besson burst out laughing when she did

13. The film was criticized by some circles for the claim that there was love between two people with an age difference.

Despite this, Mathilda’s feelings for Léon are not just normal love, but love for someone who treats her well for the first time.

Although he does mention falling in love later in the movie, the expression of love here is simply a young boy’s way of expressing his feelings.

14. But in the original text, Leon and Mathilda really do fall in love.

This part has been changed in the movie. In the film, which was criticized for being a film about pedophilia, this was not actually intended to be reflected.

15. The trailer of the movie made for America was released with the song “The dark side of time” in the background.

The song is about a girl trained to be an assassin.

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