Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the Gemini Paradox

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the Gemini Paradox

One of the greatest achievements of the human mind in understanding the universe we live in is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. When you say it like that, it shouldn’t sound like a very difficult thing to understand. On the contrary, this theory is quite simple. It’s even frighteningly simple and thought provoking. Einstein’s theory makes two assumptions that have been proven correct by dozens of subsequent experiments: that the speed of light never changes and that the laws of physics are the same in all cases.

Here is a small look at Einstein’s theory and the Gemini Paradox that emerged as a result of this theory:

1. The speed of light is always observed in the same way under all conditions.

Source: https://onedio.com/
Source: https://onedio.com/

Einstein’s first proven assumption: The speed of light is the same for every observer, regardless of the speed of the observers or the movement of the light’s own source.

2. Regardless of the observer’s state, the laws of physics are always the same for everyone.

And the second assumption: The laws of physics you observe never change, whether you’re on a moving or stationary ground.

All experiments have proven that both of these assumptions are correct.

3. Let’s come to the results of these two assumptions: The slowing of the time flow.

When we consider these arguments of Einstein, we encounter a rather unusual and frightening phenomenon: If you travel very quickly or settle on another planet with a stronger gravity than earth, time starts to flow more slowly for you than for other people.

4. “So my clock will go slower?

Not only the watch on your wrist, but everything that belongs to you and your surroundings will slow down. Interestingly, you won’t notice it because the neuro-synaptic cells in your brain that produce thoughts will also work at a slower rate. That is, the slowing down of time for you will not be noticed by you in any way, but will be noticed by everyone who observes you. This brings us to the famous Gemini Paradox:

5. Let’s say our twins are Gerald and Yennefer, they are 40 years old.

Gerald and Yennefer were born on the same day and are currently the same age. Until now, their time has always progressed at the same pace and they have aged at the same rate.

6. Let’s put Gerald in a spacecraft and send her into space at 90% of the speed of light.

Let Yennefer stay here on earth with us and wait for his brother to return.

7. Gerald returns after traveling for 5 years on her own clock.

Will there be a difference in the aging status of the two brothers when Gerald returns to Earth?

8. Answer: Yes.

Gerald’s clock, which we send into space, will only have clocked 44% of the world’s time. So for every 100 seconds on earth, only 44 seconds will pass for Gerald. As a result, Gerald will have aged less than his twin brother, Yennefer.

9. What if we increase the speed of the spacecraft that Gerald travels a little more?

For example, if we send the spacecraft into space at 99% the speed of light, then what would be the result? Let’s just say it right away: In such a situation, Gerald’s clock runs at only 14% of world time. So if Gerald travels at this rate for 7 years, when he returns to earth, he will find his twin brother aged exactly 50 years.

10. What if traveling at a speed of 99.9% of the speed of light?

In such a case, Ahmet’s clock ticks at only 4.5% of the world time, and when Ahmet returns to earth 5 years later, he finds his twin brother Mehmet aged 110 years.

11. So what does it all mean?

Known as the Gemini Paradox, this situation is actually a paradox only to classical physicists. According to Einstein, this situation has nothing to do with being a paradox. According to his revolutionary Theory of Relativity, if we assume that the speed of light is the same for everyone and the laws of physics never change, the situation of twin brothers is one of the most fundamental features of the universe we live in.

Source: https://onedio.com/& https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2s1-...

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