“Don’t Look Up” What Is This Movie About?

“Don’t Look Up” What Is This Movie About?

What is Adam McKay’s Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” about? Here is Leonardo DiCaprio’s answer to this question…

What is Adam McKay’s black comedy “Don’t Look Up” about? Co-starring with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role and discovering that a comet is about to crash into Earth, scientist Dr. Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays the character of Randall Mindy, commented on the meaning of the movie in a special video released.


The star, who is known for his sensitivity on global climate change, says in the video released by Netflix that he has wanted to make a film on this subject for years, but that such serious and important issues are under the cover even in news programs, let alone making films. Saying that he can briefly summarize “Don’t Look Up” as “a concrete example of contemporary culture and our disregard for scientific facts”.

DiCaprio states that he also finds it clever that Adam McKay uses the metaphor of a comet that comes to the world quickly for the climate crisis.

According to Leonardo DiCaprio, Don’t Look Up “is a very daring film that mirrors our entire culture and the way we deal with bad news in many ways. Stating that he especially liked that the movie did not have a happy ending, DiCaprio said that if we do not take urgent action on climate change in ten years, we will end up with the movie.” emphasizes that it will be the same.

Written and directed by Adam McKay, the cast also includes Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, and Jonah Hill. The movie can be watched on Netflix…

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