Discoverer of Firsts Who Is Nikola Tesla?

Discoverer of Firsts Who Is Nikola Tesla?

Who is Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), what did he find? We answer the question… Here is a closer look at Tesla:

Everything that can be said about him has been said. Actually, these are just the tip of the iceberg. There must be more, but what we know ends where his private life begins, as he spends most of his time either working or reading, devoting his life to unraveling the secrets of the universe and realizing the crazy projects he has been carrying out in the meantime.

Instead of solving the scientific needs of his age, he either implemented or planned over 700 inventions, most of which were dedicated to the people of the future, but today we are aware of very few of them. Nikola Tesla, who learned all the languages ​​he needed to read important information spread all over the world, and could read in eight languages, had a great visual memory. In his autobiography, he said, “As soon as an idea occurs, I first visualize it, change its structure in my mind, develop it, make it work”; “For example, if there is a balance problem, I see it and take notes.”

It is obvious that he had a different mind… This “strange” man, who was not understood by his contemporaries, reached a profound intellectual level in a wide range of subjects, like the rest of our list. What they all have in common is that they look at the universe from a different perspective. They saw what no one else could see, pondered on deep questions and left their mark on history by transforming their knowledge into inventions that would change the world. Tesla knew, too, that the answers sought appeared only to those who were willing to go all the way for him.

The first important invention of this quick-witted genius, who always dreamed of the impossible, is the alternating current motor, which allows electricity to be transferred easily. “People will no longer work like slaves to perform difficult tasks. My engine will set them free” and set off for America. Due to the difficulties of using and transferring direct current, it literally “lighted up” a world most of which is still condemned to candlelight.

But first Thomas Edison got stuck.

Edison, with whom he started to work, did not want alternating current, he insisted on direct current. However, it would be possible to carry electricity to long distances with alternating current using high voltage. Unable to resolve the misunderstanding with Edison, he quit his job and started working as a trench digger. Meanwhile, he never gave up on his dream. Although Edison found investors in his own technology, he could not implement it due to infrastructure problems. Tesla’s invention prompted the American Institute of Electrical Engineering. Despite the smear campaign initiated by Edison and his investors, the Westinghouse company agreed to make a large investment in Tesla’s model.

His relationship with electricity is like an interaction that goes on in perfect harmony, with Tesla in the position of conductor. In the following years, he discovered that electricity could also be transmitted wirelessly. He even succeeded in his experiments. Gifting this power to the whole world has always remained his biggest dream. At the Colombian World’s Fair held in Chicago in 1893, he staged a show that surprised everyone: He illuminated glass tubes by transmitting electricity wirelessly. With this show, his fame began to spread all over the world.

Two years later, from Niagara Falls, he turned a dream he had as a child into reality and generated power; “I will generate power from Niagara!” The world’s first hydroelectric power plant was being built, and Tesla was behind it again. The energy produced in the waterfall is 40 km. was transferred to the distant city of Buffalo, thus completing the mission. In the following years, it turned into a power that could even provide energy to New York.

A Matter of Energy “One of the most important turning points in Tesla's life was Colorado Springs, where she played with lightning and conducted dangerous experiments.”
A Matter of Energy “One of the most important turning points in Tesla’s life was Colorado Springs, where she played with lightning and conducted dangerous experiments.”

“One of the most important turning points in Tesla’s life was Colorado Springs, where he played with lightning and did dangerous experiments.” Its target is to transfer the energy it will obtain from them to the most conductive layer of the atmosphere in the region famous for its lightning; Of course, it was to transfer it to the ionosphere and deliver it to the whole world. As he watched this show of power of nature closely, he also succeeded in producing artificial lightning in his laboratory. We don’t know enough about the secret Colorado Springs period. As a matter of fact, he was preparing to move on to his next giant project and erect the Wardenclyffe Tower in New York. The issue, of course, is to transfer energy wirelessly, as usual. And this time he designed a tower that can transmit both radio broadcasts and electricity. He says that in the next stage, it will work to transfer audio and video, no one could understand what kind of technology he was talking about. Unfortunately, he could not complete the tower due to the fire in his laboratory. Perhaps the world was not yet ready for such an undertaking.

It is obvious that he devoted his life to this when, at the age of 5, he realized that energy can be obtained from the movement of water, turned into a big dream of transferring energy everywhere. He was also interested in Eastern philosophy. He even learned Sanskrit so that he could read ancient Hindu texts. As he read, he realized that matter was essentially energy. At the time, Einstein came to the same conclusion. The difference of Tesla from him is that he turned to the next energy source again, rather than turning it into a scientific article; brain waves! So he was thinking about ways to increase the strength of the human energy field. During one of his experiments, he was caught in an electric current of 3.5 million volts and lost consciousness for a while. He summarized his experience with the effect of the current passing through his body as follows; “I did not lose consciousness. On the contrary, I found myself living the past, present and future at the same time.” With this experience, he realized that the mind has some secrets that have not yet been realized, and in the following years he succeeded in confirming the existence of brain waves.

Who knows what would have happened if Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla had come together; Unfortunately, they never met.


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