Cryonics: Welcome to a Future Without Death

Cryonics: Welcome to a Future Without Death

The natural process basically consists of three stages for human beings: birth, life and death. The time we have spent in the world is hidden in these three words. Metaphysical, cultural, or religious beliefs have always portrayed death or extinction as something to think about for humans.

Well, what if we could prevent death? I wonder if science, which has made the world more livable for us, directly intervenes in human life with micron surgeries and sensitive organ transplants, reducing the average human lifespan to around 70-80 years old today, hasn’t thought about this? Don’t worry, they have a plan for this.

Let’s take a look at that plan together.

According to a rumor; Lokman Hekim was a person who was given wisdom and a panacea. He even found immortality, but the book in which he wrote the cure for death has been lost.

During the Second World War, it is said that the drug called pervitin, which Adolf Hitler used on German soldiers, could make the dying soldiers fight again in an hour or a half.

Here, cryonics in the modern world is a concept that should be known at this point.

Cryonics; In its most basic sense, it is the freezing of the human body and its preservation at low temperatures.

Jacques Dubourg, who was working on delaying death in the 18th century, received a letter from Benjamin Franklin. The most striking sentence of the letter; ‘I wish there was a scientific method to freeze people and wake them up in the future. In this way, I could even accept that I could see America’s future 100 years for a day and then die. I have no doubt that our science will achieve these in the future.’

When you think about it, which of us wouldn’t want that…

The work, which is accepted as the basis of Cryonics, is the book of physicist Robert Ettinger, which was translated in 1962 as The Expectation of Immortality or The Probability of Immortality. According to Ettinger; In order to reach the technology required for the treatment of many diseases that cannot be cured that day, the human body must be frozen.

Robert Ettinger envisaged the application of this procedure for himself at the time of his death.

As a result of the studies, the Cryonics Institute is established and the first person frozen is psychology professor James Badford. His body is still kept frozen.

By 1979, it was understood that 9 frozen bodies had been thawed as a result of the disaster experienced within the institute. Investigations showed that the corpses were thawed in 1973, and it was found that the bodies of the subjects decomposed terribly. As a result of this disaster, the body of James Badford, the first person frozen, was able to be saved.

One of the most famous experiments in cryonics; Dr. Segal and his dog Miles. Dr. Segal managed to freeze and resurrect his cute dog Miles.

Miles was killed by stuffing after his blood was drawn, after 70 minutes of clinical death his blood was injected back into his veins and brought back to room temperature. When the three-and-a-half-year-old dog was brought back to life, it was seen that he had all the characteristics as they were, and that his habits and habits had not changed.

This is shown as proof that when frozen people are revived one day, their memories will be intact.

In Turkey, Güner Kuban, known as the grandson of Çerkez Ethem, is one of the signatories of the freezing agreement. Güner Kuban said in a statement; ‘Now the shroud has a pocket. I didn’t choose to be born, so I can’t wait for death’, he surprised everyone and said that he would go to Colombia without losing his hand and that he would be euthanized and frozen.

In case you die out of control or out of the country, they give you a bracelet or necklace, at your request. They indicate where the body should be sent immediately in the event of your death, and it reads ‘do not bury, do not autopsy’.

Although the website of Cryonics, which provides this service, says “Life is priceless” for the cost, the price requested to freeze and store the whole body is 28 thousand dollars.

Source: Orçun Topçular

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