Consumption Society and Consumption Culture

Consumption Society and Consumption Culture

Dear visitor, in this article, we will examine the concepts of “Consumption Society and Consumption Culture” from a Christian perspective. Our primary source is the Bible, the word of God.

We are consuming and consuming
We are a consumer society at least as much as any other society. Of course we need food, drink, shelter, clothing and rest. These are the most basic needs in the existence of a person and every society. But even the things that were eaten, drank, sheltered, worn and even made us rest 100 years ago; not the same as today. We constantly want more and more. More delicious food, more elegant rooms, more beautiful hotels; We are constantly in pursuit of consumption.

Our perception of consumption progresses at the same rate as the word “instant”. We consume, we consume instantly. That’s why we’re running out, we’re running out slowly. The more you eat, the more you dress “differently”, the more you live in stylish houses; something is running out in our inner being. Because nothing we consume does not appeal to our inner being or reach our inner being. Everything stays outside. It does nothing but become a simple consumption culture.

In this world where our external existence is getting more and more exhausted every day, why do we focus all our consumption outside, have you ever thought? Because our purpose is more than ourselves, more than our own inner being; to appeal to people outside of us. “What does Elalem say?” is only one of our most cultural reasons behind the consumer society. We want people to see how much we have. Because we are what we have earthly; we think.

The Effect of Over-Consumption
Not only because of the people around us, but also our curiosity about this consumption. In fact, we are struggling with an area that occupies a large space within us, but is actually empty. With everything we consume with our outer being, we are actually trying to fill this huge void inside us. But those things do not penetrate us, they fade like our outer being; we can’t see it.

Mountains are eroding, glaciers are melting, even the layer of the earth is getting thinner, trees are drying up, and species are becoming extinct. Ever since sin entered the world, everything that exists has been dying out, and they are being consumed day by day. And the only concern of us humans is to consume this already consuming world faster. It has completely become a culture.

We do not see that we cannot find what we are looking for in them. Latest model cars will not give us this inner pleasure, new phones will not give us, what we eat, what we drink, what we wear; won’t. Any consumer product that we rush to buy a new one before we consume, wear out, or finish what we have, will not yield. The stylish armchairs we sit on, the diamond rings we wear, the perfumes we spray; they will evaporate into the air and disappear. Like everything else in this world that is doomed to extinction.

So what is permanent?
“There are three things that endure,” the Bible says, “faith, hope, love. The highest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13) Neither faith nor hope nor love can be extinguished, as long as they are attached to something eternal. And in all existence there is only one eternal being, God. There is something in us that will never run out, for he has given us of his eternal Spirit; Our souls.

We think that everything we do in this world only affects our life and body in this world. However, every decision we make also affects our eternal soul. This effect also determines where our soul will stay forever.

Kim said, “I’m sure I’m going to heaven. I have counted my good deeds, more than my sins” in this world? Even the purest, purest, most truthful person cannot say that. Because no one is that innocent. Except for one; Jesus Christ. Here we see the love that lasts in this scene. Christ sacrificed himself for the sake of his love for us. He came into this world, died, and rose to be the only permanent sacrifice. I, you, we; So that we can be cleansed of our sins that will never be less than our good deeds.

Consumer Society and God
Again, this sin that we are addicted to pushes us to consume so much. He wants us to fill the void within us that only the Lord can fill, by consuming everything in the world. It stalls to keep us away from God. As long as we humans continue to fill the void that God wants to fill with earthly things, the devil will continue to achieve his purpose. But God is calling, “Stop consuming and being depleted. I am waiting to fill you completely. Come and receive the lasting fullness.” God says this for all who want to have faith in Him.

God says one more thing, “Where your treasure is, there will be your heart.” (Matthew 6:21)

The things we consume; people, roads, things, food, feelings, love, laughter and pain; they are all our treasure. And where our treasure is, there is our heart. Where our heart is, there our soul remains. If we continue to indulge in this worldly consumption, our soul will not be able to go to the eternal God. Because if we don’t have God in our hearts, we won’t be in our souls either. Therefore, let us pay attention to what our treasure and our heart are filled with, what they consume.


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