Can We See the Rainbow as a Circle?

Can We See the Rainbow as a Circle?

A rainbow is an enchanting natural phenomenon that is formed by the reflection of the light from the Sun by the water droplets in the air coming together at the right place and time.

But whenever we see a rainbow, the droplets are lined up like a circle. However, when we look from the ground, half of this circle; that is, we see the part above the horizon line.

When you see a rainbow, look at how high the Sun is. In this way, you can determine how much of the arc-shaped structure you will see. The lower the sun, the higher the apex of the rainbow.

If you go up high enough, you’ll find that some rainbows continue below the horizon and reach near sea level. Mountaineers sometimes see more of these types of rainbows. But even a high mountain may not be high enough to show the entire circle.

Pilots sometimes report seeing full-circle rainbows. It can be difficult to see these rainbows from the passenger window, but pilots can see much better than in the very front.

Photo: Stainless Images/Unsplash Can We See the Rainbow as a Circle?

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