Bodi Tribe: Men Who Want to Marry Drink Blood..

Bodi Tribe: Men Who Want to Marry Drink Blood..

Not a day goes by that we do not encounter an extraordinary tradition! ­čśŐ Here is the Bodi tribe, where men who want to get married try to gain weight by drinking blood…

When it comes to primitive tribes, we encounter many unusual traditions. For example, the Bodi Tribe, living in southwest Ethiopia, is on the agenda with the Ka’el Ceremony, where men gain weight by drinking blood. In this tribe, where it is believed that men who want to get married should gain weight, single men are fed a drink prepared from a mixture of milk and blood. The man who gains the most weight gets the wife of his dreams! ­čśŐ We have researched and compiled the details you need to know about the Bodi Tribe. Here is that tribe where men who want to get married gain weight by drinking bloodÔÇŽ

The Mekan and Me’en ethnic groups reside in southwestern Ethiopia and are further subdivided within themselves.


While the main source of livelihood of the Tishena people living in the mountains is agriculture, the Bodi people living in the lower regions, namely the plains, are engaged in animal husbandry. In this region, they survive by producing products such as meat, milk, eggs and wool.

Men of the Bodi Tribe must gain weight to get married


Single men have to gain weight to win the hearts of single women. This ceremony, in which the heaviest man is awarded, is called Ka’el.

To prepare for the Ka’el Ceremony, or to gain weight, the tribe’s men must drink cow’s blood


Members of the tribe prefer to drink cow’s blood mixed with fresh milk. They believe this mixture will nourish them and make them fat.

Tribal people worship cows

That’s why they don’t kill cows. Instead, they make a hole in the cow’s vein, and after removing the blood, they close the hole with clay.

So what happens during the Ka’el Ceremony?

For this ceremony, which is held in the first months of the new year according to the traditional calendar, single men have to prepare for six months. The men stay in a hut during the preparation and do not go out. They start the day by drinking 2 liters of blood and milk mixture. Even if they vomit sometimes, they are expected to gain weight by drinking more throughout the day.

When the preparation process is over, the show begins!

When it’s time for the ceremony, single men cover their bodies with clay and ash. Then they come forward to showcase their skills. The winner of this competition is chosen by the leaders of the tribe. They run around the sacred trees for hours. Sometimes women support them with their cheers. Finally, a sacred stone is touched and a cow is sacrificed. The fat person of the year is rewarded with a crown and is respected throughout his life. Of course, he will get the woman of his dreams! ­čśŐ



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