Bionic bird deceives real birds, even cats

Bionic bird deceives real birds, even cats

This flying biomimetic vehicle driven by smartphone will be the new entertainment for humans and cats.

If aeronautical engineer Edwin Van Ruymbeke achieves his goal, you will soon be able to use your smartphone to fly with the birds. Of course, you will not fly, the bionic bird produced by Van Ruymbeke, namely Bionic Bird, will fly instead of you.  Bionic bird deceives real birds, even cats

Bionic Bird can blend in with real birds because it really flaps its wings, not with a helicopter propeller like most UAVs. The Bionic Bird has been shown to be able to deceive other birds, even birds of prey and cat enemies. The Bionic Bird team argues that this drone’s foam body is indestructible (although we know what cats can do with their teeth and claws to big carpets), but at least you can replace the carbon fiber wings if you want.

Bionic Bird can be controlled by smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 connection from a distance of 100 meters. While it only works with iOS at the moment, the Android app is on the way. The battery on it allows the device to fly for 6 to 8 minutes, and the egg-shaped charger that comes with it can charge the bionic bird in 12 minutes. In future releases, the team will add hovering features such as an HD camera with live video streaming, wristband control, and a bee-eater.

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Bionic bird deceives

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