Bella Hadid enters the kitchen and wraps it up

Bella Hadid enters the kitchen and wraps it up

World-famous model Bella Hadid shared her skills in the kitchen with her millions of followers. Images of Hadid preparing a pot of leaf wrap became the agenda on social media.

Bella Hadid, the world-famous model of Palestinian origin, continues to attract attention with her social media posts. The famous model, known for her interest in Middle Eastern cuisine, does not hesitate to show her skills by entering the kitchen from time to time.


Bella Hadid finally drew attention to himself with the sharing he shared on his social media account last night.

25-year-old Hadid, who was on the agenda with her statements and photos about depression and mental health the previous day, entered the kitchen and started to wrap.

Hadid’s videos, which has more than 24 million followers, became a hot topic on social media. The images that Hadid shared while wrapping the leaves were highly appreciated by her followers. While some social media users claimed that Hadid’s wraps were too thick or even wrongly wrapped, those who appreciated him wrapping a pot were also in the majority.

These images are not Bella Hadid’s first kitchen post. Hadid had previously shared with her father at their home in Los Angeles that dishes such as stuffed meatballs, lahmacun and eggplant salad were available.

The Palestinian-born model often shares stuffed meatballs.






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