Artificial Intelligence Could Be the End of Us!

Artificial Intelligence Could Be the End of Us!

“Artificial intelligences will be either the best thing or the worst thing that has happened to humanity.”

Stephen Hawking, the greatest living physicist, made these remarks last year about the emerging technology of artificial intelligence.

Because many events that occurred at the point where we arrived are developing in such a way as to increase the question marks in the minds related to artificial intelligence.

Zira geldiğimiz noktada yaşanan pek çok olay, yapay zekâ ile alakalı akıllardaki soru işaretlerini artıracak şekilde gelişiyor.

So, let’s take a closer look at a few of the developments that caused this confusion.

Google is one of the companies that has invested the most in artificial intelligence-related issues, especially recently.

Özellikle son dönemde yapay zeka ile alakalı konulara en çok yatırım yapan şirketlerin başında Google geliyor.

Google DeepMind company, a subsidiary of Google that conducts research on artificial intelligence, and they have recently made very valuable discoveries about artificial intelligence.

A major stage was achieved last year in the development of DeepMind artificial intelligence, giving robots the ability to acquire new memories and remember them.

DeepMind yapay zekâlarının geliştirilmesi konusunda geçtiğimiz sene büyük aşama kaydedilmiş, robotlara yeni anılar edinme ve bunları hatırlayabilme özelliği kazandırılmıştı.

In addition, these artificial intelligences have been the winning side in their encounters with the best Go players in the world, proving that humans can create robots that are much smarter than themselves.

Recently, the skills of these robots to imitate the human voice and their tendency to cooperate have been studied.

Son zamanlarda ise bu robotların insan sesini taklit etme becerileri ve işbirliği yapma eğilimleri üzerinde çalışılıyordu.

Studies have shown that when Google’s artificial intelligences realized that they were going to lose in a game, they began to get angry and develop aggressive strategies that would allow them to win.

Another company that has increased its investments in artificial intelligence, other than Google, is Facebook.

Google’in haricinde yapay zekâ konusunda yatırımlarını artıran bir diğer şirket ise Facebook.

However, they also faced a reaction beyond their expectations regarding artificial intelligence and had to take some necessary measures recently.

Facebook’s artificial intelligence units have developed chatbots to take advantage of this advancing technology, especially in marketing matters.

Facebook yapay zekâ birimleri, özellikle pazarlama konularında bu ilerleyen teknolojiden yararlanmak adına chat-botlar geliştirdi.

But when two chat-bots trained to do marketing took people aside and started communicating among themselves, recently the team had to intervene in one of the bots and ‘Decommissioned’ the robot.

In fact, two robots were supposed to learn to buy and sell balls, hats and books, assign values to items, and then Dec them among themselves.

Aslında iki robotun, topları, şapkaları ve kitapları alıp satmayı öğrenmesi, eşyalara değer ataması ve ardından bunları kendi aralarında takas etmesi gerekiyordu.

Despite this, Dec conversation between them developed as follows:

Bob: everything……….

Alice: Balls zero me me me me me me me me me me

Bob: You are everything I am ………

Alice: I have a ball of balls tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me

Bob: I do everything I do, I do everything I do ………

Alice: I have a ball of balls tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me


The problem here is that the sentence formed by combining these complex words does not make sense to us, but it belongs to robots Dec

Buradaki sıkıntı ise bu karmaşık kelimelerin bir araya getirilmesiyle oluşan tümce bize bir anlam ifade etmezken, robotlara etmesi.

I mean, they probably talked nonsense as you read it, what’s wrong with that now?’you can say that, but Facebook engineers realized that bots could understand this correspondence perfectly well and found the solution to unplug the system.

The last of the confusing developments related to artificial intelligence came from China recently.

Yapay zekâ ile alakalı kafa karıştıran gelişmelerden sonuncusu ise geçtiğimiz gün Çin’den geldi.

A technology company in China that has been the focus of criticism many times due to its sanctions related to online censorship has pulled the plug on an artificial intelligence chatbot due to its criticism of the Communist Party.

When the chat-bot produced by the company made the comment that the Communist Party that runs China is corrupt, we can actually say that it has pulled its own plug in a sense.

Firmanın ürettiği chat-bot, Çin'i yöneten Komünist Parti'nin yozlaştığı yorumunu yapınca, aslında bir anlamda kendi fişini çekmiş oldu da diyebiliriz.

In fact, chat-bot has taken the business one step further because the question posed to him was ‘What are the main conditions for being a patriot in China?‘to his question, he replied, ’to impose high taxes and not to give voice to the repressive order created by the Communist Party’.

In short, although there have been developments related to artificial intelligence, unfortunately, we have not achieved very useful results at the point where we have come so far.

Kısacası yapay zekalar ile alakalı gelişmeler yaşansa da, şu ana kadar geldiğimiz noktada pek de faydalı sonuçlar elde edemedik malesef.

We are thinking about developing driverless vehicles for the coming years, transferring some of the jobs that people do to artificial intelligence, and we want them to carry out all these jobs in a way that is safer for us. The fact that we produce artificial intelligence does not mean that they will have the precision that we have. For this reason, in order to prevent future disaster scenarios, we need to develop them more carefully, produce software that will make them more thoughtful and cooperative…



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