Are fortune telling and witchcraft a sin?

Are fortune telling and witchcraft a sin?

Fortune Telling And Witchcraft

In this modern age we live in, we see with sadness and surprise that hundreds of thousands of people in our society resort to witchcraft, fortune-telling, amuletism and other supernatural spiritual ways, and unfortunately, they hope for help from witchcraft, amulets, fortune-tellers, and mediums.

Some call the door of fortune tellers, psychics or amulet teachers to get rid of all kinds of troubles, some for financial expectations, some for school, some for work, some for family problems, some for psychological problems. One of the most common reasons is that our people are really pessimistic. They have a deep pessimism and despair about themselves. This somehow makes them feel like “I must have been enchanted”. Even if they have encountered some ordinary difficulties in life, they attribute this to the fact that some of their enemies have somehow cast a spell on them and hid an amulet somewhere.

Fortune telling and the Uncertainty of the Future

We may have hopes in our hearts about the future, but we cannot see clearly ahead. A voice may whisper in our ear that a fortuneteller will give us so much strength, so much hope. Unfortunately, few of us ask, “Can fortunetellers really console us by predicting the future? Can they really see the future? Or what good will it do us if we hear bad things?” we think.

Of course, some people may be involved with jinn and they may be involved in such bad things, and they may be trying to do evil against other people through magic in return for money. But what should we do if we encounter such a situation? If our business is not going well, if we find an amulet in a corner of our house, what should we do? Should we find a sorcerer or a demon teacher and hope for their help? Should we fight against such evil enemies by holding their hand?

One Source – The Bible

The Bible is; He is very clear about fortune telling, mediumship, witchcraft, amulet and witchcraft.

“When you enter the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not learn and practice the abominable customs of the nations there. Let there be no one among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in fire, or who is a fortune teller, magician, amulet, psychic, summoner, or consults the spirits of the dead, for the LORD detests those who do. The LORD your God will drive these nations out before you because of their abominable customs. Be perfect before the LORD your God.” (Deuteronomy 18: 9 – 13)

Through the prophet Isaiah, too, God warns his people: “When someone says to you, “Consult the summoners with whispering mediums,” “Do not the people consult their God; Is the dead consulted for the living?” say. It is necessary to return to God’s teaching and message! If they don’t think so, it will never dawn for them.” (Isaiah 8: 19 – 20)

Fortune telling and Competence

We are attached to one God, and we must know, learn to trust in Him. How can someone who has traded with Satan say that he is living according to God’s will?

In the Bible, we see how the incarnate Son of God reigns over evil spirits. We read about how he frees people who are imprisoned by demons. Likewise, we see that the disciples of Christ heal the sick and drive out evil spirits, with the authority they receive from Christ. They were doing such great wonders in the name of Jesus Christ that many people who practiced witchcraft and fortune-telling came to faith. They burned their very expensive books on witchcraft and fortune-telling (Acts 19:19). Because they no longer needed them. They had found God, the true source of all power.

Once, a slave girl in the spirit of fortune-telling followed the apostles and kept saying good things about them. However, the Apostle Paul, who was disturbed by this situation, turned to this girl and saved her from the evil spirits in her. He displayed the power of prayer and faith, driving out demons. Of course, this did not please her owners, who earned a lot of money from her fortune-telling, and they stoned the apostles away from there (Acts 19:19).

I think we need to see how God cares for human life here. Conversely, it is how people exploit other people for money. Another point we need to see is; although this fortune teller constantly shouts good things about the apostles, the messengers do not see this as an opportunity for their own benefit. Well, “here’s your fortune teller girl says wonderful things about us too, come follow us!” they could say. However, of course they didn’t. They did not cooperate with the devil for God. Satan is a liar and is the father of lies, we can never trust him and someone with God would never need it.

Fortune telling and God

“If God is on our side, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31) How can a person who has believed in God, tasted his love in his heart, and received the peace from him (John 14:27), goes and sees fortune-tellers? can knock on the door of witch teachers or any psychic? When there is being under God’s protection, when there is being God’s household; Why dive into untrustworthy people, demonic forces, and endless spiritual adventures?

In response to any attack of the devil or any uncertainty of the future, we are strong and safe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We have the shield of faith, we have a pen like prayer and a guide like the word of God, so our way is clear. Christ Jesus is ready to take us under his wing and says, “I have said this to you so that you may have peace in me. You will have troubles in the world, but be brave, I beat the world!” says (John 16:33)


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