An Author Raised by Solitude: Charles Bukowski

An Author Raised by Solitude: Charles Bukowski


Who is Charles Bukowski?
Charles Bukowski, real name Heinrich Karl Bukowski, is a world-renowned writer and contestant who lived 1920-1994.

Childhood and Youth Years
Charles Bukowski, the son of an unemployed and violent father of Polish origin and a tailor mother of German origin, grew up with harmful and severe mental problems that led to violence, bearing the traces of the family and society in which he lived, and continued the effects of his psychology for many years.

He left the university where he studied art and literature after studying for 1 year. He worked daily where he could earn, and with his anger at his father, he struggled for the notion that money was not important. Bukowski, who is addicted to alcohol and gambling, has been exposed to a lot of violence in his life and has survived life-threatening situations from time to time. Wanting order in his life, Bukowski started working at a post office and took a break from writing for 10 years.

The Beginning of His Literary Life
After he had a fatal ulcer disease, he took a typewriter and started to write after he was discharged from the hospital by making a great turn in his life, thus stepping into his life as a writer and poet. He tried to find a place in his literary life by sending various stories he wrote to magazines, but he was rejected every time.

Afterwards, he accepted the offer of a small publishing house to work for a low wage, resigned from the post office and started writing.

Charles Bukowski, who fit 45 books in his 74-year life, wrote more than 100 stories, essays and poems that he did not include in his books, and became one of the famous literary writers he wanted most before he died, and made his life mentioned frequently.

Literary Personality
His mental problems, addictions and alcohol addiction, which started in his youth, caused him frequent problems and his disorderly personality, feelings of loneliness, unhappiness and pessimism. However, despite this, he managed to make a name for himself and take his place in the history of literature before he died.

Private life
With her oppressive, rude and violent personality, she became the focus of wealthy women; Although this brought him to the point where he could not break away from alcohol, gambling and other habits, the number of people around him gradually increased thanks to his literary personality.

Bukowski, who had many marriages and relationships throughout his life, married for the last time in 1985 and moved to the port city of San Pedro.

After completing his novel Pulp, Charles Bukowski went to California in 1994 due to leukemia that started in the spinal cord, but died on March 9, 1994, without getting results from the treatments.

‘Post office’
It is the first book he wrote about his years as a civil servant, which he started to write by leaving the post office as a result of his illness, and he started to make his name known with this book.

It is the best book that tells about his life and himself after he ran away from his home because he could not stand the pressure of his family and his father.

‘Drunk Play the Piano, Like a Percussion Instrument, Till Fingers Start to Bleed a Little’


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