Amber Heard Ex-Wife Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Ex-Wife Johnny Depp

The waters never calm down in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case. While Depp and his witnesses were heard last week, Heard and his witnesses testify in court this week. Amber Heard claimed that her ex-husband was forcibly married to her. For details come here…

You must have heard of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case, which the whole world is talking about and a new claim is made every day.

Every day, a new claim is made in the court, after pooping on the beds, allegations of betrayal, and violence, and everyone is surprised.

Yataklara yapılan kakalar, ihanet iddiaları, şiddet derken mahkemede her geçen gün ortaya yeni bir iddia atılıyor ve herkes şaşırıyor.

We have told you at length in this content what has been discussed in the case so far;

Last night, Amber Heard was heard in the court and again very interesting allegations were made.

Dün akşam ise mahkemede Amber Heard dinlendi ve ortaya yine oldukça enteresan iddialar atıldı.

Amber Heard’s witness at yesterday’s hearing, clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Dawn Hughes rested. Dr. Dawn Hughes listed examples of sexual violence that Amber Heard claims was perpetrated on her by her ex-wife Depp.

According to Hughes’ allegations, Johnny Depp wanted to have sex with his ex-wife when he used alcohol or drugs.

Hughes'ın iddialarına göre Johnny Depp alkol ya da uyuşturucu kullandığı zaman eski eşi ile zorla birlikte olmak istiyordu.

Allegedly, Depp pushed Amber Heard to the bed and took off her evening dress, forcing her to have sex. Dr. Dawn Hughes stated the following; “I hate you, I’m going to kill you,” while Depp was choking and violently choking Heard. Mrs. Heard also seemed to have lost the unity of body and soul at that time.’

Amber Heard’s witness also claimed that Johnny Depp was a very jealous person.

Amber Heard'ün tanığı aynı zamanda Johnny Depp'in çok kıskanç biri olduğunu iddia etti.

Allegedly, Depp did not want Amber Heard to appear in front of the camera naked in the films he starred in, and he did not allow him to make friends with any male actor.

Another claim about Johnny Depp was that he used violence against Heard.

Johnny Depp ile ilgili ortaya atılan bir diğer iddia ise Heard'e şiddet uyguladığı yönündeydi.

Last week, Depp said his ex-wife had beaten him, but Heard’s witnesses said the opposite was true.

Amber Heard, on the other hand, could not hold back her tears while describing how they came to be and said, “I was head over heels in love with this man.”

Amber Heard ise nasıl bu hale geldiklerini anlatırken gözyaşlarına hakim olamadı ve 'ben bu adama sırılsıklam aşıktım' dedi.

‘In the beginning everything was like a fairy tale, I was very in love. But then he changed a lot when he started using drugs and alcohol. He disappeared for a period and when he returned he said he was battling the disease. I started to experience violence because of alcohol.’

Heard’s witness also stated that Depp forced Amber Heard to have oral sex when she came home angry and resorted to physical violence if she didn’t get what she wanted.

Heard'ün tanığı aynı zamanda Depp'in eve sinirli geldiği zamanlarda Amber Heard'ü oral seks yapmaya zorladığını ve eğer istediği gibi olmazsa fiziksel şiddete başvurduğunu dile getirdi.

Finally, a photograph of the knife that Amber Heard gifted to Depp was presented to the court.

Son olarak mahkemeye bir de Amber Heard'ün Depp'e hediye ettiği bıçağın fotoğrafı sunuldu.

On the blade was written ‘Hasta la Muerte’ in Spanish, ‘Until I Die’. In court, Amber Heard was asked why he gave such a knife to his wife if his life was in danger, but Heard could not give a definite answer.

Things are confused again, you see, we don’t know who is right and who is wrong yet… What do you think about this? Let’s meet in the comments…




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