All About the Gucci Brand

All About the Gucci Brand

Gucci is one of the most luxurious brands in the world; It is a brand that first became famous by producing bags, shoes and leather accessories, and later became one of the most successful brands in the fashion world. We went to Gucci on the pretext of making the movie “Gucci House” directed by Ridley Scott, which is a slice of life and fringes around his son Marizio Gucci. In this article, we will first review the life of Gucci, the founder of the Gucci brand, and then we will discuss the development process of the Gucci luxury brand. join us.

The early years of Guccio Gucci’s life

Guccio Gucci was born in Florence, Italy, in 1981, into a poor family. His father was a leather craftsman working in the industrial area of ​​central Italy. In 1989, Guccio left Italy to find work and live in Paris and London.

In his late teens, Guccio Gucci worked as a porter at the Savoy Hotel. As he gradually became acquainted with the culture of the wealthy English class, he was greatly influenced by the elegance and style of hotel guests, and by the hotel guests’ bags, suitcases and accessories, mostly made of luxury leather.

After some time, Guccio returned to Italy and, inspired by what he saw, helped his father make saddles and leather travel bags. With the arrival of the car and the waning demand for the guccio’s saddle, he decided to produce other types of accessories to continue his business.

Founding of the Gucci brand

In 1921, Gucci House was founded as a family business in Florence by Guccio Gucci. Gucci’s home initially consisted of a manufacturing unit and a small leather accessory store. Gucci managed to combine the elegance seen in British and French products with the Italian sector, and after a short time, Gucci leather bags and various accessories attracted the attention of buyers. The Gucci brand soon became a well-known brand offering quality products and creative designs.

Gucci, which attaches great importance to the quality of its products, was very strict in hiring its workers and hired the best leather masters for its production. Most of Gucci’s customers at the time were aristocratic equestrians who went to the Gucci store to buy equestrian accessories, so Gucci used equestrian elements like pedals and gear in their designs.

As the popularity of the Gucci brand grew, people from all over Italy came to the Gucci store in Florence to shop. In 1932, Gucci designed the lufer shoes, the first of their kind, which soon became one of Italy’s most popular men’s casual shoes. In 1938 he developed the Gucci brand in Rome and involved his sons in the family business.

The Gucci brothers continue brand expansion

In the mid-1960s, this popular brand’s logo was created with two intricate G letters. In this decade, which can be counted as a decade of Gucci’s numerous successes, the brand has managed to place its name more strongly on the world stage by opening branches in London, Palm Beach, Paris and Beverly Hills.

In the 1970s, Gucci set out to expand the company’s global reach by opening stores in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and introduced its first line of apparel featuring GG branded button-up shirts and fur coats. During this decade, the Gucci brand was best known for features such as innovation and legendary Italian style. In these years, the logos of this brand were designed in different colors and shapes. In 1997, the Gucci Private Gallery was added to the hugely successful Beverly Hills store, where private customers like Rita Hearst or Michael Caine could purchase expensive items, including tens of thousands of bags with removable gold and diamond chains.

One of the biggest Gucci brand crises of the 1980s brought them to the brink of bankruptcy. Rodolfo’s son, Marizio Gucci, took over the management of the brand after his father died in 1983 and his uncle Aldo was fired. Aldo spent several years in prison for tax evasion in the following years. Marizio then failed to run Gucci and was forced to sell his stake in the brand to Bahraini Investcorp in 1988.

Combining the luxury quality of the brand with unparalleled courage and creativity, Tom Ford became the brand’s creative designer in 1994 and as a result quickly resonated in the popular fashion world. In 2004, Charlize Theron wore a suit designed by Tom Ford on the night she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for The Beast. Tom Ford and the Gucci brand quickly became famous by designing stunning evening dresses for celebrities and artists.

French holding company Pino-Printemps-Redot, now known as Kring, bought a 60% stake in Gucci in 2003, and Tom Ford and DeSoule split in 2004 after their contracts expired. The final collection, designed by Ford and directed by Dossule, was launched in the spring of 2004 and was a huge success for the Gucci brand. Reporters and fans of the brand then became concerned about Ford’s legacy, and the company announced that a group of upgraded young designers from among its current employees would replace Ford. John Ray and Alessandra Facinetti were two of Ford’s most famous heirs to Gucci.

Marco Bizzari has been CEO of the Gucci brand since 2015, and many experts attribute their policy to the popularity of the Italian brand these days. Alessandro Michel was named Gucci brand design director the same year. Michelle’s management once again brought Gucci’s designs to a mix of tradition and modernity. Many young people these days have become fans of the Gucci luxury brand despite the revolutions in the fashion industry. In big cities of the world such as London and Milan, they wear the classic and expensive designs of this brand and they are proud of it. The brand’s popularity among the younger generation has even led to words like Guccify being coined in their slang.


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