A Section Exhibiting NFTs Has Been Added To Spotify!

A Section Exhibiting NFTs Has Been Added To Spotify!

A Special Section Exhibiting NFTs Has Been Added To Spotify! Artists Can Promote Their NFTs On Their Profiles

Spotify is testing a feature where artists can showcase immutable token (NFT) collections. Details are in our content…

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Spotify is testing a way for artists to showcase their NFTs.

A Spotify spokesperson told Music Ally that Spotify will help artists promote their NFT offerings through their profiles. Artists will be able to exhibit their NFT collections. The Spotify app has started testing for some Android users in the US. Currently, artists like Steve Aoki, The Wombats are showcasing their NFTs.

They announced that they are running a series of tests to improve the artist and fan experiences.

Sanatçı ve hayran deneyimlerini iyileştirmek için bir dizi test yaptıklarını açıkladılar.

We were told that a small group of artists would help promote their NFT offerings through artist profiles. In addition, Spotify is testing to improve artist and fan experiences. Some of these tests will pave the way for broad experiences.

After updating Spotify, the test can be accessed.

Spotify'ı güncelledikten sonra teste erişim sağlanabiliyor.

After updating Spotify, the test is currently only available in the US. Going to the artist pages of both Steve Aoki and The Wombats, the NFT gallery is immediately below the artist’s title and playlist. When you click on NFT, you can get extensive information about NFT.

Spotify will also direct you to NFTs’ page on OpenSea with a “See More” option.

Spotify ayrıca NFT'lerin OpenSea'deki sayfasına "Daha Fazlasını Gör" seçeneği ile yönlendirecek.

NFTs from Spotify can thus be purchased from its OpenSea page. You will also have the opportunity to see if the NFT is a video or a GIF by clicking on its page on OpenSea. Spotify will not charge commissions for NFT sales made through the app. It will only test the integration.

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