A Real Feeling Movie With Amateur Cam Footage

A Real Feeling Movie With Amateur Cam Footage

Found Footage, which became popular with the 1999 film The Blair Witch Project and attracted worldwide attention with the [Rec] Paranormal Activity series, is now the reason why many directors prefer the films to be more realistic. Here, we have compiled for you the best ones that stand out among other similar ones shot with this technique.

Listed on the basis of IMDb scores and movie information was compiled from turkcealtyazi.org.


1 As Above, So Below (2014) | IMDb 6.1

15. Derin Kabus (2014)  | IMDb  6.1

Beneath the streets of Paris lie the catacombs stretching for miles, the eternal home of countless souls. When a team of explorers enter the unknown maze of bones, they uncover the secret this city of the dead holds. A journey of madness and horror, As Above, So Below reaches deep into the human psyche to reveal the personal demons that haunt us all.

2 The Sacrament (2013)| IMDb 6.1

17. Ayin (2013)  | IMDb  6.1

They travel to a place kept secret outside of America, to the world of “Eden Parisch”, a rural utopia with 200 members disconnected from the outside world. The community welcomes them friendly. At the center of this small, religious, socialist community is a mysterious leader known only as “The Father.” When his friends reunite with his sister, they realize that this paradise is not what it seems. The journey that started as just a documentary shoot will soon turn into an escape to save their lives.

3 Grave Encounters (2011) | IMDb 6.1

16. Mezar Buluşmaları (2011)  | IMDb  6.1

Lance Preston and the Grave Encounters crew are filming for the new episode of their ghost-hunting television show at the abandoned Collingwood Asylum, which has been hosting unexplained events for years. To frighten their audience while illuminating the truth, the Grave Encounters team interviews psychologists as well as examines patient footage from the early 1900s. In the name of good broadcasting, they lock themselves in the building overnight and embark on their paranormal journey where they record everything on camera.

4 Blair Witch (1999) | IMDb 6.4

10. Blair Cadısı (1999)  | IMDb  6.4

Many children disappeared in the forests of Maryland in the 1940s. All three Cinema students go to the forest to research about this legend known as Blair Witch. They have a camera, a video camera and a voice recorder with them. They continue their research by recording the sound and image at each step. Days later, they realize that they are lost in the forest, and when the last sunlight reaching the forest disappears and evening falls, the three students are never heard from again.

5 Rec: Death Scream (2007) | IMDb 7.5

3. Rec: Ölüm Çığlığı (2007)  | IMDb  7.5

TV reporter Angela and cameraman Pablo go to the house where the report came, upon a tip that comes while they are making a program about firefighters. When they get home, they will learn that what they thought was an old woman’s accident at home was far from the truth and was terrifying.

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