A Nasty Wise: Gore Vidal

A Nasty Wise: Gore Vidal

His tongue is sharp, reckless, charismatic, funny, grumpy and used to scandals, moreover, “I like to empathize. I take the place of those who are in love with me and look at myself; Gore Vidal is a man so narcissistic as to say, “They really made the right choice.” Undoubtedly, he is a very good writer, screenwriter and political commentator, but his life, character and thoughts are heavy for the ordinary, the order filled with lies…

An interesting character is Gore Vidal. She has enough self-confidence to say, “I would never miss an opportunity to have sex or be on TV.”

Since he never kept his word, he was the most interesting name of talk show programs on television during his lifetime. Although he is a writer who has written dozens of books, he is also a cold-blooded, witty lunatic who also took up acting. He is a pornographic thinker who knows no boundaries, from politics to sex, by digging into the private in all areas of life! Despite his many unsuccessful political attempts, from the Democratic Party congressional candidacy to the California Senate candidacy, he is still one of the rare people who managed to become a political figure in America. In fact, when Kennedy was a presidential candidate, he asked the intellectuals around him, “If I become president, what problem of the country should I prioritize? Write what you want from me on a piece of paper. Everyone writes; the abortion issue, the armament problem, the end of the cold war etc… Gore Vidal writes “GO TO THE MOON” and the greatest achievement of Kennedy’s presidency was to take the USA to the moon!

While reading Gore Vidal’s City and Salt for the second time recently, he said, “She was threatening him with reality. That’s why it had to be destroyed” I was stuck on the word for a long time.

It wasn’t fair, Gore Vidal… What else could be as threatening as reality? And by a woman! No lie, no betrayal and no death can be as threatening and dangerous as reality… The first thing fearful minds will do is to attempt to destroy the reality they see as a threat. Isn’t that what triggers anger, discrimination and oppression: Reality!

When he wrote City and Salt, the first gay-themed romance in American literature, in 1948, Gore Vidal was blacklisted for being “immoral and pornographic”. The book tells the story of a handsome man who later realizes that he is gay. Kent and Salt was a cold mirror boldly held up against a denied reality. This was the reason why he wanted to be stoned as soon as he came out. They went well above Gore Vidal at that time. He even stopped writing for a while. But fortunately, his belligerent, combative, idiosyncratic, courageous and self-confident attitude was innate. They couldn’t melt it under any pressure.

After wandering through the winding corridors of my brain between Gore Vidal, homosexuality, reality, terror, oppression, courage and many more, my thoughts began to flow from my pen…

Reality was a cold mirror that took courage to look into your face… An ice sphere that showed you the hell inside you… The point where you prefer freezing to burning.

The passionate love of homosexuals, the magical femininity of women, the bubbling fiery heart of youth… All of them are a threat to the system. Of course, the only thing that those who do not have the heart to accept this reality will do is an attempt to suppress, silence and ignore, full of anger and hatred. What else can they do? After all, it is the heart’s work to look at the face of reality…

And while reading Kent and Salt again, I understood why they stoned Gore Vidal. Because he was one of those with heart and courage… Maybe that’s why he said in his interviews, “Under my cold appearance, if someone breaks the ice and enters, they will find cold water.” It was an icy reality, Gore Vidal…

She had confessed to having been with countless women and men before she died.

He reminded her at every opportunity that sexuality was not a complex issue to be discussed. Because Gore Vidal knew what a free sexuality could do to the world. A sexual life without pressure, without prohibition, without guidance; A free, happy and unyielding society means that the world has no tolerance for free and rebellious people. He knows how to scare them, to silence them or to provoke them.

Vidal, who did not have the heart to get along with anyone, also loudly criticized American militarism and opposed all wars in which America was involved.

To a success mentality that dies a little more every day with the success of others, kills, oppresses, and steps on others to achieve, “Do you prefer to win or for others to lose?” he asks against.

It was only in 2012, at the age of 86, that death could silence Gore Vidal, who spent his life as an activist, was excommunicated for his books and thoughts, and never compromised on the reality he believed in.

“Don’t worry if you still haven’t found your soul mate… It shows that you have a unique soul” mentality, of course, Vidal couldn’t find and marry his soul mate… However, Amelia Earhart, the lover of her father Eugene Luther Vidal and the first female pilot and writer to cross the ocean in the world. He kept the watch given to him before he went on his last journey. Amelia sailed around the world in a twin-engine plane and got lost in the Pacific ocean. It is not known whether the clock he gave stopped as long as Gore Vidal lived, but Amelia was never heard from again.

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