A Dark Mental Illness Defined as Obsession: Monomania

A Dark Mental Illness Defined as Obsession: Monomania

As we more or less know, there are many diseases in the world of psychology. One of the most interesting of these diseases is monomania. Let’s take a look at this mental illness right away:

We can call monomania in the most succinct form, “a disease of obsession”.

As a matter of fact, by definition, monomania means focusing heavily on a single idea and thinking about that idea every second.

There are multiple subtypes of this obsessive state.

Bu saplantılı olma durumunun birden fazla alt türü var.

The most important factors that determine the distinctions of these types are what the focus is on.

One of the most interesting subgenres is erotomania.

Alt türlerin en ilginç olanlarından biri erotomani.

People with this type of monotamia think that a certain man or woman is very, very in love with them. Moreover, they do not even need to have met this person, even if they have never spoken before, they can have such a thought. Because they make it an obsession, they don’t stop believing this idea no matter what.

Another subspecies is kleptomania.

Bir başka alt tür ise kleptomani.

This genre includes people who are constantly thinking about stealing something. People with kleptomania try to steal something from the stores they enter, from the environment they are in, in short, from everywhere, even if they do not need it. Contrary to popular belief, people with kleptomania, which is a very common disease, even if they are aware that what they are doing is wrong, to put it simply, they cannot control themselves.

It is not limited to that, there is also pyromania.

Bu kadarla sınırlı da değil, bir de piromani var.

Pyromania is also a genre in which there are people who have the idea of ​​​​creating a constant fire. This urge to set fires, which usually starts in childhood, includes behaviors such as being fascinated with fire and the events it creates, being curious about them and finding them attractive.

Monomania, which has many other sub-types, is a disease that damages social relations due to all this obsession.

Daha pek çok alt türü olan monomani, tüm bu saplantılı olma durumu nedeniyle sosyal ilişkileri oldukça zedeleyen bir hastalık.

For example, if the patient constantly thinks that he will drown, he may have negative thoughts towards a friend who invites him to swim. However, monomanic people, like all other mentally ill people, think that they alone see the truth and everyone else gets it wrong. They attribute this to the fact that they have a higher sense, or that they are stimulated by a supernatural power.

Monomania, which is also associated with paranoia in terms of all these features, stands out as one of the most dangerous mental illnesses.

Bütün bu özellikleri bakımından paranoya ile de bağlantılı olan monomani, zihinsel hastalıklar arasında en tehlikelilerinden biri olarak öne çıkıyor.

However, it should not be forgotten that; Of course, it is possible for the patient to get rid of these thoughts and return to normal life with a therapy process carried out under the control of a specialist.

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