9 Ways to Control Anger That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

9 Ways to Control Anger That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

At work, on the street or at home… In our daily life, we often get angry with people and events in front of us, uncontrollably. This uncontrolled anger, which affects not only the person himself, but also everyone around him, has become a problem that many people have difficulty in overcoming. Anger has the risk of having devastating effects once it gets out of your control. A person can overcome uncontrollable anger, which is a problem that reduces daily productivity, harms family relationships and deteriorates health, without support. As there are many reasons that cause anger, there are also very simple, applicable and effective solutions to fight them, you can read from the list below…

1. Build relaxation and awareness

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We know how effective breathing exercises are on mood. Take a deep breath and let it out. You can try yoga to improve your breathing control and relax physically. At the same time, suggest yourself with comforting sentences, just as you would someone else. Repeat words such as “I will relax”, “it will pass”, “calm down”.

2. Think before you speak

Try to be quiet the moment the thing that angers you happens. It’s easy to talk when your anger is fresh, but what you say can have a devastating effect. Before you say anything, you can take a few moments to collect your thoughts and reflect on the situation. After you’ve calmed down a bit, voice your concerns and needs.

3. Exercise and reduce your stress

Physical activities will help reduce stress. When you feel angry, you should try going for a walk or doing different exercises.

4. Take time for yourself

If you feel that you are tense and stressed during the day, give yourself short breaks. If you stay alone for a few minutes in a quiet environment, you can calm down and clear your head.

5. Be solution oriented

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Instead of focusing on what’s making you angry, try to think through the issue. Blaming someone else or blaming yourself won’t help. If you focus on how to solve the existing problem, everything will be easier and you will have control of your anger. Remind yourself often that anger can’t fix anything and can only make it worse.

6. Express your feelings

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When communicating when you are angry, try to express your feelings with sentences that start with “I” instead of blaming or criticizing by addressing the other person as “you”. In addition to not hurting the person in front of you, you will also feel relaxed.

7. Do not harbor grudges and hatred

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Forgiveness is a virtuous act. You shouldn’t let your anger control your emotions. Forgiving the other party when you are angry will not only help you evaluate your situation calmly but also strengthen your relationships.

8. Use humor to relieve tension

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Try laughing at what makes you angry. Laughing will help you relax. Avoid being sarcastic though, it can hurt feelings. Laughing will help you realize that maybe it’s not as bad as you think.

9. Improve your communication skills

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Proper communication is one of the most important ways to control anger. Make sure you understand the other person well, and do not hesitate to ask questions while reaching your own judgments. You can end potential conflicts before they start, so you can control your anger.

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