8 Unchanged Father Types from Past to Present

8 Unchanged Father Types from Past to Present

They were young, too, and they were as young as a pocket knife. Then one night, paternity came over them and they reshaped their lives with this lofty mission. Of course, not all fathers are the same, but they also have their own unique image. And it’s not like it’s an afterthought. Don’t worry, you’ll understand when you become a father…

1 – Father who likes crisis from age crises


When he wakes up one morning, it is the father who decides to rejuvenate and laments that he is behind the times. He is the father who puts his brown suit aside and starts to get dressed from his son’s wardrobe, stops listening to Yuksel Uzel and wraps it in Pitbull, and intends to grow a beard and dye his hair.

2 – The father who was forcibly taken everywhere


He is the father who does not go anywhere from the wedding, family dinner or “it would be a shame if we don’t go” class without being pulled. When he sees the preparations of the household, he goes to bed with an eyebrow or continues to read his newspaper as if nothing had happened. This type of fathers are divided into two according to the place they are taken: In the place where they are taken by force, they either start to give the message “let’s get up” with their eyes after 17 minutes or they have more fun than everyone else.


3 – “Is that much money to be paid for it?” his father

If you say to such fathers, “I bought 2 acres of land from Alaçatı for 1000 $,” they will find it expensive. When they are convinced of the cheapness of the product you bought, they return “they screwed you”. You can distinguish this type of fathers from the fact that they dive into the conversation from an irrelevant place during kitchen conversations and go out like “Look, my son, your mother gave 75 $ for this knife”.

4 – “Our kid will take care of it” father


Whether you are a pharmacist or a truck operator, if your father talks about you in public as “our child will take care of it”, you are hurt. The essence of the job; your father is eager to brag with you in the assemblies of the mates, it means he is proud of you. However, it is a little strange that you are asked to step in from teee Istanbul to have your distant relative in Sivas referred to a hospital in Eskişehir, just because you are a doctor…

5 – The father who attaches to all kinds of emotions

He is the father who can cry about anything from the glass that broke in your hand to your high school graduation. He is the father who can cry while watching a Turkish movie, talking about the future, remembering the past, looking at a photo, or talking to you on the phone. He doesn’t actually cry, he just gets something in his eye…

6 – The father who devoted himself to repairs in his retirement


He is the father who had dreams of looking at the tool bag of the master who came to the house all his working life, and bought these bags for himself as soon as he retired. Anything that needs repair, such as a broken iron, food processor, air conditioner, dripping faucet, cracked tiles, is the area of ​​attraction. Unfortunately, an item that has been repaired by the father will not be good again. The love of repair blocked by the mother is reduced to the level of removing the father’s toolbox from time to time and dusting the contents one by one.

7 – Dad who doesn’t like what anyone is doing

Since these fathers have a unique sense of humor, they are never received negatively by their close circles. Rather than dislike anyone, he gives unique names to everyone and every work done or makes comparisons. This attitude of the father is often contagious and the sense of humor of the household is developed by such fathers.

8 – Dad who pays attention to details


He is the type of father who has offered you all the life lessons you have learned from the years you asked, “What is that, what is that?” For the first time, he told you about the clock, counting, why the earth is round, why the apple is red, why the men sitting opposite each other shout at each other in the TV panel programs, with examples, figures and even drawings. While telling, he started the story from the formation of the world. That’s why you never forget the answers to those questions.

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