6 Ghosts Allegedly Invading Britain’s Magnificent Homes

6 Ghosts Allegedly Invading Britain’s Magnificent Homes

After their tragic death, we have listed the “noble” ghosts that haunt their homes for you…

In England, the homes of noble families are filled with gruesome tales. Power struggles, intrigues, betrayals and deaths in these houses have been told since the Middle Ages. Some houses have disappeared over time, with their stories. The stories of some of them still continue to scare people today. Introducing 6 “noble” ghosts that allegedly haunt magnificent mansions, castles and palaces in England…

1. Owain Glyndwr – Croft Castle

Owain Glyndwr, the last native prince of Wales, is remembered for starting a revolt against England in the 14th century.

Before the rebellion, Glyndwr had allowed one of his daughters to marry Ser John Croft, who also owned Croft Castle. In this case, families would be considered united according to royal law. In this way, Croft Castle would come under Glydnwr’s rule… On the other hand, Glyndwr’s rebellion for the independence of Wales had failed. After the rebellion, Glydnwr’s fate is unknown. However, it is thought that he was buried somewhere near Croft Castle. For this reason, it is believed that the ghost of Glyndwr haunts the castle and appears from time to time! According to the claims of those who have seen it, the ghost is wearing a leather vest and is quite tall…

2. Anne Boleyn- Blickling House


Anne Boleyn VIII. She was Henriy’s second wife and queen of England at the time. However, the fact that she is a queen is not the only thing that has brought Boleyn’s fame to this day. Because Anne Boleyn is one of England’s most famous ghosts!

According to legend, King VIII. Henry orders the execution of Anne Boleyn, as she cannot give herself a son. For this reason, on May 19, 1536, Anne Boleyn was executed. Boleyn’s soul, which was unjustly taken from this world, of course, does not remain unresponsive to this situation and emerges in the flamboyant Blinck House…

According to the story; Every 19 May, Boleyn, in a chariot driven by a headless cavalry and pulled by 4 horses, comes to the door of the house. Boleyn’s severed head is in his own hands. The ghost, which wanders in the corridors of the house until dawn, disappears with the sunrise until the next May 19th.

3. Catherine Howard – Hampton Court Palace

Whether it is a family tradition or a strange coincidence, VIII. Henry’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard, is also believed to exist as a “ghost”!

Queen Catherine was accused of adultery and was arrested and imprisoned at Hampton Court Palace. However, he managed to escape prison, albeit for a short time. Inside the palace, he was screaming that he was innocent and trying to reach the king at the same time… But he could not reach the king, nor did his cries help…

Queen Catherine was executed in February 1542, when she was not yet 20 years old… Thus, the ghost of Catherin’s body that had once wandered through the palace corridors was replaced…

The “ghost” is said to be running through the palace corridors as Catherine did years ago. On the other hand, many people who visit Hampton Court Palace today say they shudder as they wander through the corridors. In addition, some palace workers testify that they witnessed the running of the ghost.

4. Francis Drake – Buckland Abbey


Sir Francis Drake was one of the most important explorers of the Queen Elizabeth era. He spent most of his life at sea. He was also victorious in many naval battles. He had achieved an important victory especially against the Spanish navy. He was awarded the title of ser for his outstanding achievements. Returning to England in 1580, Drake bought Buckland Abbey and began to live here.

Francis Drake was considered a national hero in England. However, there were also those who opposed this situation. There were also quite a lot of people who believed that Drake made a deal with the devil to win the wars he participated in and that he had supernatural powers…

Although centuries have passed, both the belief about Drake and the “ghost” have survived to the present day! Many people have appeared around the abbey claiming to have encountered the ghost of Drake… Allegedly, the ghost is taking a ride near the abbey in a chariot pulled by headless horses!

5. Elizabeth Murray – House of Ham


Elizabeth Murray, Duchess of Lauderdale, was one of the most powerful figures in 17th century England. She was an ambitious, intelligent and cunning woman. He established close relations with both King Charles and Oliver Cromwell, who would later overthrow the king and rule.

Murray married another earl soon after his wife’s death. For this reason, the woman who was already famous for her political ambitions was one of the suspects in her husband’s sudden death…

In the following years, Elizabeth Murray settled on the ground floor of her ancestral home and rarely left… Murray’s “restless” and “suspicious” spirit did not leave the house after his death…

Those who spend time in the rooms on the ground floor claim that the air in the rooms is suffocating and chilling. It is said that a woman in black appears from time to time in the same rooms. But on the ground floor of this mysterious house, the thing that scares visitors the most is a mirror! Visitors who encounter the mirror, which is known to belong to Elizabeth, express that they are really afraid and cannot look into the mirror.

6. Lady Louisa Carteret – House of Longleat

In 1733, Lady Carteret married a noble who also owned the House of Longlaet. Initially, they were happily married. But soon, rumors of an affair between Lady Carteret and one of the housekeepers cast a shadow over the happy marriage… Carteret’s enraged wife killed Carteret’s lover by throwing him down the stairs of the house. Later, she buried the man’s body in the cellars of the house…

Unwilling to believe this tragic event, Lady Carteret sought her lover incessantly… In the rooms of the magnificent house, in the huge garden and in the dark cellars…

The ghost, known today as the Green Lady, continues to search for the man she loves in the cellars… It is not known whether the ghost of Lady Carteret has reunited with her lover. But during a construction in the early 20th century, a skeleton from hundreds of years ago was found in the cellars of the house!

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