5 Golden tips that increase the taste of music

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5 Golden tips that increase the taste of music

There are some methods that those who want to increase the nutritional value of music, which is the food of the soul, can apply. Listen to these little tips to improve the quality of the music you listen to.

When listening to music in a digital environment, it is difficult to reach the real sounds of all instruments, as in a concert hall. In particular, MP3 technology can actually cause many sounds to be lost. But as you hear the main lines of the melody in total, your mind listens to that piece of music. But what about the timbres that the master musicians playing those songs add to the piece? You probably can’t hear most of those details. So what can be done about this problem?

1. Buy physical album
You won’t believe it, but yes, try to buy physical CD albums of songs you care about a lot. Yes, it’s not easy to find every album on CD anymore, but if you do, don’t miss this opportunity because the music format in CD albums offers much higher quality sound.

2. Find the right headset
A quality earphone makes it easier for you to hear instruments that are in the background and not easily heard in digital recordings, and strengthen your taste in music. Therefore, by doing some research between JBL or Samsung earphone models or Snopy earphone models, you can find the earphones you need.

3. Get rid of outside noises
Trying to listen to music in a noisy environment would be just torture. For example, it may not be pleasant to listen to music in your room while the engine/traffic sounds coming from outside or the TV sound of other family members at home reach your room. At this point, listening to music with headphones again can help solve the problem.

4. Try to create 3D sounds
When buying speakers or headphones, try to choose models that allow 3D positioning of the songs you listen to or concert recordings. Of course, the records must also be suitable for this. For example, in video games, sounds are often positioned in 3D. Thus, you can hear the footsteps of an enemy approaching from behind you and in the direction the enemy is coming from. However, you should also have the equipment to deliver it to you in the right way.

5. Try to learn about the musicians
Do a quick search for details such as the composer of the music you listen to, the musicians playing the music, and try to have information about the music history of these people and the story of the song you listen to. In fact, every piece of music is a story, and the story you listen to is always incomplete without these details.

Source: https://popsci.com.tr/

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