21 Guaranteed Ways to Impress the Person You Like

No Chance of Falling! 21 Guaranteed Ways to Open a Chat to Impress the Person You Like

1. Don’t complicate things, just be bold.

1. İşleri karmaşıklaştırmayın, sadece cesur olun.

Approach with a small smile on your face and say ‘hello’. This is not something that many people do anymore. And if you find the courage, state your intention. Directly, ‘I’d like to take you out to dinner.’ There are many people who can get what they want with an approach like this. It’s worth a try, so you can’t get it if you don’t ask, right?

2. Compliment her other features rather than her looks.

2. Görünüşü yerine başka özelliklerine iltifat edin.

Emphasize her character instead of her eyes or mention that you liked her outfit choice.

3. Ask for help.

3. Yardım isteyin.

Collaboration is a great way to open a conversation as it creates a natural bond between two people. It can be something as simple as asking for help or asking for directions to a shelf you can’t reach.

4. Ask for their opinion.

4. Görüşlerini sorun.

‘I’ve been thinking about something for a long time and was curious about your opinion.’ Saying this is a good way to show that you value the other person’s opinions. And remember, everyone has an opinion.

5. Make a binding joke.

5. Bağlayıcı bir espri yapın.

Jokes and jokes allow you to establish a sincere communication. If you manage to make him laugh, even if it’s about a certain topic or even a silly joke, you’ll be able to break through the first barrier.

6. Lie to ask a favor.

6. Yalandan bir iyilik isteyin.

Asking for favors is a way of opening a quality conversation. It’s great if you have a genuine favor to ask, but if you don’t, a little white lie never hurt anyone.

7. Use a humble sentence.

7. Alçak gönüllü bir cümle kullanın.

It’s not a sentence that will totally humiliate you, of course, but talking about yourself honestly and about a little weakness can help you bond, especially when you’re dealing with something positive like exercising.

8. Open a topic of common interest.

8. Ortak bir ilgi alanınızdan konu açın.

It’s actually easier than you think. If you’re in a grocery store, restaurant, or bar, there’s a reason you’re there, and the other person is likely there for similar reasons. You can ask questions to find out what this common point is.

9. Get out of your mind.

9. Akılını başından alın.

Random trivia, riddles, and knowledge questions can really come in handy. You can throw a riddle in the middle of a conversation and try to find out if it solves it later on.

10. Do not be afraid to engage in deep conversations.

10. Derin muhabbetlere girmekten korkmayın.

Talking about your life philosophy or opinions is a positive and loving way to open up and engage the other person. In addition, it is a plus that it will not make you look like you are trying too hard. 😉

11. Ask questions that don’t have a right or wrong answer.

11. Doğru veya yanlış bir cevabı olmayan sorular sorun.

Open-ended questions encourage people to talk so you can discover your commonalities. ‘Where are you from?’ It could even be a simple question.

12. Take advantage of the situation.

12. Durumdan faydalanın.

As obvious as it may be, if you are at an event, you can ask where the speaker or artist has been or if they have seen him. It can really work if the person you want to talk to is a passionate fan.

13. Give compliments out of the blue.

13. Durup dururken iltifat edin.

According to relationship experts, even giving compliments like handing out candy while walking on the street can work pretty well. Surely someone will turn to you and communicate.

14. Convince them to be your accomplice.

14. Suç ortağınız olmaya ikna edin.

For example, if you are waiting in the same line, you can make a joke about leaving and making your own queue, or you can find another way to turn this time into a fun time to spend together instead of waiting bored.

15. Use a movie excerpt.

15. Bir film alıntısı kullanın.

Screenwriters are perhaps the most gifted at initiating conversations, and believe me, there are loads of movies full of quotes you can use to start a conversation. While it may sound vulgar, we’ve seen it work more than once…

16. Say which celebrity you think they look like.

16. Hangi ünlüye benzediklerini düşündüğünüzü söyleyin.

If you tell someone you look like Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson, they’ll like the compliment and they’ll likely keep talking. 😂

17. Bet.

17. Bahse girin.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a true or false bet. Just mention that you’re making a bet with your friends, and it’ll somehow get involved. Or you can go and argue with a theory about whether the couple at the next table broke up.

18. Build intimacy by talking about your own weaknesses.

18. Kendi zayıflıklarınızdan bahsederek samimiyet kurun.

The best way to be friends with the person sitting next to you on the plane may be to mention that you may be afraid of the plane. Or you can get to the point because you don’t know anyone at a party and it’s hard to talk to strangers. This tactic will work if the other person is really worth talking to.

19. Offer to share a taxi.

19. Bir taksi paylaşmayı teklif edin.

If you’re both heading in the same direction, why not ask? It’s both a cash-saving trip and a chat, nothing wrong with it.

20. Repeat what they say.

20. Söylediklerini tekrar edin.

If you are in an ongoing conversation but still feel a little shy and unsure of what to say, repeat what they said. This is an indication that you are an attentive listener and empathetic. It can be effective if the person you are talking to feels understood.

21. Plan vacations together.

21. Birlikte tatil planlayın.

One of the best things you can use to start a conversation, especially on dates, is to ask them about their dream vacation destination. It’s also a good topic to really start getting to know each other rather than a casual conversation.

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