17 Interesting Facts We Claim About Vampires

17 Interesting Facts We Claim About Vampires

From literature to cinema, from the dusty pages of history to current research, vampires are still unknown to many of us. How much do we know about vampires that we are used to seeing on white screens? Let’s add culture to our culture together!

1. The people of Babylon were the first to introduce the concept of “vampire”.

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The first record of vampires, considered a symbol of evil, was obtained from Babylonian inscriptions. Legends about vampires, who were believed to be resurrected after death, became more common in the Middle Ages. They went hunting during the day as well as at night, and contrary to popular belief, they were not affected by the light.

2. The oldest vampire bones were found in Prague.

2. En eski vampir kemikleri Prag'da bulundu.

Two things could tell that a human was a vampire. The first is by being buried in a place different from humans, and the second is by filling his grave with stones. A skeleton similar to this story was found in Prague. The skeleton, which turned out to be from the Bronze Age, was buried in the opposite manner to which all other bodies were buried, and its tomb was filled with large stones.

3. They were swollen or red in color after they died.

3. Öldükten sonra şişmiş veya kırmızı renkte oluyorlardı.

People who feed on blood have a lot of gas-producing bacteria. After each person dies, these bacteria multiply inside people’s veins and cause the corpse to swell. Due to the abundance of these bacteria, vampire corpses would swell a lot compared to a normal corpse. Since this swelling was in the veins, the veins of the vampires would burst and their dead would be red.

4. They were buried face down so that they would not return to the earth.

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According to documents from the Middle Ages, vampires were buried in a large well. Two large stones were placed on the head and chest of the corpses, which were laid on their left side because they were unlucky. There have also been found tombs of vampires buried face down in other countries. According to the books, people would bury vampires face down because they were afraid they would come out of the ground. Thus, the more the vampire dug the ground, the more he would go to the bottom of the earth and from there he would go to hell.

5. Vampires were exhumed and then their bodies pierced.

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The person suspected of being a vampire would be exhumed after a while. Holes were drilled into the shoulders, legs, and other joints of the bloated vampires with a stake. The gas would leave the body with a sound as if someone was shouting through this hole. This sound was called the ‘Vampire’s Scream’.

6. Vampires had their hearts ripped out.

After the vampire’s scream was heard, the corpse’s rib cage was opened with a large knife. Then Vampire hunters would rip out this vampire’s heart. They would burn the heart of the corpse in a wood fire and then mix the ashes in a glass of water and drink it.

7. A stake was driven into the chest of the reburied vampire.

7. Yeniden gömülen vampirin göğsüne kazık saplanırdı.

Vampires’ arms and legs were stretched to see if they were alive. If there was still any doubt that he was a vampire, he would be exhumed and tested to see if he rotted for 6 weeks. Eventually, when it was fully understood that the deceased was a vampire, he was buried again and a stake was driven into his chest.

8. A cross was placed on his grave to be obvious.

8. Mezarının başına belli olsun diye bir haç konurdu.

A large wooden cross was placed at the head of the vampire tomb. The name of the vampire was engraved on this cross with a pocket knife. A piece of her dress was also torn off and nailed to the plank.

9. Anyone bitten by a vampire was forced to drink its ashes.

If a vampire bit someone before he died, part of this monster would be cut from his body and burned. The bitten person was forced to drink water mixed with the vampire’s ashes. If this was not the case, the vampire would also be fed bread pressed into his blood. Since vampire blood is not very common, the first method was more preferred.

10. Vampires used to rot while they were alive.

Due to the vampires feeding on blood, his under eyes would bruise and some parts of his body would turn bruises. That’s why they always wore black clothes. Since they knew very well that they would be killed when they were found out, they would sometimes try to heal by eating the internal organs of people.

11. Deep scars were found on the skull bones.

11. Kafa kemiklerinde derin izler bulundu.

A sword slash was found across the corpses of people who were said to be vampires, from chin to eye. People who received these blows could only live for a maximum of two minutes.

12. Vampires are believed to have the disease “Porphyria”

12. Vampirlerin ''Porfiria'' hastalığı taşıdığına inanılır.

Porphyria is a rare disease that causes darkening of the teeth and bloody reddening of the skin. The disease that can lead to mental loss is also known as Dracula. All the characteristics of being a vampire are found in people with this disease.

13. Let’s talk a little bit about Vlad Tepeş…

13. Biraz da Vlad Tepeş'ten bahsedelim...

Vlad the Impaler or III. He was also known as Vlad. He had people killed by impaling them or having their heads nailed. It was claimed that the murdered people had their blood filled into a barrel and drank it as wine. His grave was empty after he was killed, and it is said that his body has still not been found.

14. There can be no vampire case without Elizabeth Bathory.

14. Elizabeth Bathory'siz bir vampir dosyası olamaz.

Bathory got blood on her hands after beating one of her maids. He looked up and saw his hands stretched out. Convinced that it rejuvenated him, Bathory made it his custom. Although historical sources do not fully confirm it, it is said that the six-hundred-year-old virgin girl had her hands draped and bathed in their blood.

15. The Dracula movie is one of the biggest reasons why the concept of vampires is so popular today.

15. Dracula filmi günümüzdeki vampir kavramının bu kadar popüler olmasının en büyük nedenlerinden biridir.

This old movie in black and white is the product of a synthesis that includes all the vampire legends. The Dracula movie was named after Vlad Tepeş. The author of the story on which the movie is based, could not sleep for years and could not watch the movie for 67 years due to the vampire stories being conveyed so well.

16. The one who sucked the blood suffered more than the one who got the blood!

16. Kan emen, kanı emilenden daha çok acı çekerdi!

Studies have shown that blood-fed people are prone to vascular decay. Vampires who made it a habit would suffer terrible pain 4-6 hours after sucking blood. Because the blood would circulate all the tissues and blood in different groups would cause the other blood to precipitate. This would rot the organs.

17. And finally, vampires may still be among us.

17. Ve son olarak, vampirler hala aramızda olabilir...

Academician Professionals like Williams agree that vampires still live and roam the streets with us. Although there are places where rituals are held, there is not even the slightest information about the people who performed this ritual.

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