15 Traits Only Flirtatious Men Who Are Real Don Juans Have

15 Traits Only Flirtatious Men Who Are Real Don Juans Have

Today, a Don Juan or a Casanova do not come easily, my dear. In love with women, in love with women’s love, in love with women’s femininity… They can’t blame themselves for this. As a being, as a state, they are. They also have a successful, pointed life. Everything else happens automatically.

We have compiled for you 15 basic features that we have examined so that we can recognize and understand them.

But hey! Even if you have them all, there is no guarantee that you will become a Don Juan, a Casanova. Because it is a duty, not a set of conditions: it is a lifestyle!

1. They listen to women.

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Listening is important. For a woman, a man who listens and understands her, who really listens to her, rather than interrupting her talk and giving advice, is indispensable. This is what it takes to be a true Don Juan, a passionate Casanova.

2. They marked Casanova and Don Juan as the qibla.

Well, they know their master very well. They read don Juan’s stories, and they can even learn French to read Mr. Casanova’s masterpiece, his life story ‘Histoire de ma vie’ in his mother tongue.

3. They know how to have fun.

Life is a never ending marathon. They laugh, have fun, and enjoy the moment instead of stressing themselves while living it.

4. Huge and loving hugs never end!

It’s not about scoring, it’s about reaching the soul of women…

5. They want the impossible, they don’t care about the stumbling blocks.

‘My life, my style. Who what?’

That’s the whole point!

6. They take risks, they hit the road!

Phrases such as ‘I don’t know if it’s the moon, can I make the moon, I don’t know’ are not found in the vocabulary!

7. They know what they don’t have, and they target them and take action.

Their life is a big challenge…

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8. If they give up on a goal, it’s not because they’ve failed, it’s because they realize the goal isn’t for them.

It didn’t happen, it couldn’t. Because that’s how it was supposed to be.

9. They do not know what fear is!

They don’t panic.

They lose their job, find a new one. Their relationship ends, the world stands still. In summary: They fall into a bad position and always know how to rise.

10. They feel rather than think!

They are aware that feelings are a powerful mirror that reflects one’s true face. They find their way with these feelings and intuitions and always reach the right point.

11. They don’t listen to people!

They don’t care about people who say that this way of life is completely evil and who constantly tries to persuade them to move on to a different way of life.

They do not want your kindness, they are jealous of you, my dear. Understand it!

12. They try everything!

The philosophy that the things that make life beautiful can never be one is one of their basic ideas. They sing, they play sports, they want to turn a canvas into a work of art, they dance, they get lost in mathematical equations.

What you call life… That’s it!

13. Don’t think that they’re going all the way… They never compromise on their principles!

Okay, they are people who are understanding, poetic, and try everything, but this does not mean that they take the shape of the container they are in, so that they can be held and bent as desired…

No such thing! The principle is their life pillar. They wouldn’t even take a step without them.

14. They don’t know how to get enough!

They don’t say that I got what I got from life, I’m happy. They know that life is meaningful only to the extent that they can transform and change it. They stay away from anything monotonous.

So they are always on the way.

15. They don’t take life seriously. They know it’s actually a bad joke.

All this rush, all this storm… There is only one truth: Life is a big joke. So, don’t overthink it 😉

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