15 Situations That People With Anxiety Can Understand

15 Situations That People With Anxiety Can Understand

When you judge, remember that you will make their already difficult life even more difficult.

1. Urgent or important work comes over the phone like news of a disaster.

1. Acele ya da önemli işler telefonda afet haberi gibi gelir.

In the meantime, the instructions given to these people II. Sounds like target coordinates given during World War II.

2. The alarm set in the night before the appointment is waited until the morning before going to sleep.

2. Randevu öncesindeki gecede kurulan alarm uyumadan sabaha kadar beklenir.

If your date is early and you have to get up very early in the morning, you say goodbye to sleep. By checking the time from time to time at night, you cancel the alarm in the morning and change your clothes.

3. Every pain you feel in your body feels like a harbinger of a major illness.

3. Vücudunuzda hissettiğiniz her ağrı büyük bir hastalığın habercisi gibi gelir.

If you have a headache, you have a tumor in your brain, and if your chest hurts, you risk having a heart attack. Everything is magnified and enlarged.

4. A slightly distressing news about yourself in the friend environment ends your whole conversation.

4. Arkadaş ortamında kendinizle ilgili gelen hafif sıkıntılı bir haber bütün sohbetinizi bitirir.

For some, the issues that they will get rid of in 2 seconds and take care of when returning home become inextricable during these times. Even if your friends ask you something, you forget to even make a sentence at that moment.

5. You cannot be asked about anything you need at any place you are a guest.

5. Misafir olduğunuz herhangi bir yerde ihtiyacınız olan bir şey hakkında soru sorulamaz.

Be it the host, the waiter or the hostess. In those moments, when you want something, it feels like you are going to want the kidneys of the other person.

6. Time never passes while waiting in queues.

6. Kuyruklarda beklerken zaman hiç geçmez.

Even if time passes, if you’re waiting for an important job, your toilet will come when it’s your turn. You are torn between leaving and staying.

7. When you make a doctor’s appointment, life stops for you until the appointment time.

7. Doktor randevusu aldığında hayat senin için randevu saatine dek durur.

Let alone preparing for the appointment, you have dozens of alternative scenarios in your head about what the doctor will tell you.

8. Job interviews feel like torture.

8. İş görüşmeleri işkence gibi gelir.

If the meeting does not turn out the way you want, you wait for the moment to leave as soon as possible.

9. You feel like a burden to everyone when your requests are rejected or misunderstood by your friends.

9. Arkadaşlarınız tarafından istekleriniz reddedildiğinde ya da yanlış anlaşıldığınızda herkese yük gibi hissedersiniz.

Usually the first thought that crosses your mind when you wake up the next day is, ‘I shouldn’t have said that.’ It is possible. Your friend has forgotten the event, but according to you, he is sitting somewhere and insulting you to others.

10. In some cases, anger is all you feel when your mistakes are thrown in your face.

10. Bazı durumlarda hatalarınız yüzünüze vurulduğunda hissettiğiniz tek şey öfkedir.

You don’t show it, but you want no one to tell you that you’re actually wrong. The ‘relax a little’ advice that follows never rests.

11. The first obstacle you encounter in what you do will instantly lead you to pessimism.

11. Yaptığınız işte karşılaştığınız ilk engel sizi anında karamsarlığa götürür.

It is inevitable to panic if the job given to you at work or in a different place does not go the way you want.

12. When an idea comes to your mind, every possibility for the results of the idea is considered down to the smallest detail.

12. Aklınıza bir fikir geldiğinde, fikrin sonuçları için her türlü olasılık en ince detayına kadar düşünülür.

If you’re on guard duty at this time, that’s fine, but if not, woe to you.

13. It is desired to appear as a perfect person to your close acquaintances all the time.

13. Yakın tanıdıklarınıza sürekli mükemmel insan şeklinde görünmek istenir.

If you started smoking or drinking later, you would never want to show it around your relatives. Even if they ask, you will deny it.

14. If you say the wrong answer in class or in a social setting, your world will go dark.

14. Derste veya sosyal bir ortamda yanlış bir cevap söylerseniz dünyanız kararır.

Even if you know the answer, you always keep silent in order not to say anything wrong.

15. When you get into someone’s car, you feel like a burden to them.

15. Birilerinin arabasına bindiğinizde kendinizi onlara yük gibi hissedersiniz.

If your friends or acquaintance are taking you to a place with their car, they are the porters and you are the burden on their shoulders.

In short, you can worry about many things that others may not understand.

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