11 Things Rabbit Owners Know Well

11 Things Rabbit Owners Know Well

1. Rabbits manage to make you love them even if they do nothing.

2. They are always on the alert.

2. Her an tetiktedirler.

Even a small bird sound is enough to get them excited. Sometimes they react so abruptly that you just stare after them.

3. Sometimes they are just as clumsy 😀

3. Bazen de bir o kadar sakar olurlar :D

4. The cleaning they do after the meal shows how small human beings deem animals.

4. Yemek sonrası yaptıkları temizlik, insanoğlunun hayvanları ne kadar küçük gördüğünü gösterir.

5. It is also true that they are very voracious animals.

5. Oldukça iştahlı hayvanlar oldukları da doğudur.

They eat fruit, vegetables, cookies, wood whatever they find. I’ve even seen my own rabbit eat a wall 😀

6. They always come out of unexpected places.

6. Beklenmedik yerlerden çıkarlar hep.

7. Rabbits should never be bathed. Otherwise, they will catch rabbit flu.

7. Tavşanlar asla yıkanmamalıdır.Aksi halde tavşan gribine yakalanırlar.

It is not enough to provide a suitable warm environment and wash, your precautions will be in vain.

If you think your rabbit is dirty, it will be useful to wipe it with a damp cloth.

8. They do not feel very safe around other animals.

8. Diğer hayvanların yanında pek güvende hissetmezler.

Rabbits do not have the instinct to attack. When they sense a threat, what they do is run away.

I recommend it especially to those who are considering feeding a rabbit with a cat; you should be very cautious, make sure that your cat does not have bad feelings towards your rabbit.

9. In order for rabbits to warm to you, they must first get used to the lap.

9. Tavşanların size ısınması için, önce kucağa alışmaları gerekir.

If he is running away while you are trying to take it, wait for him to get used to you and come to you. Otherwise, they will move further away from you.

10. They always find a corner to curl up in.

10. Kendilerine her zaman kıvrılacak bir köşe bulurlar.

11. Above all, rabbits are very special like other animals.

11. Her şeyden önemlisi tavşanlar diğer hayvanlar gibi çok özeldir.

We wish that the torture of rabbits for fur production will stop in many parts of the world.

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