10 Reasons To Drink Green Tea

10 Reasons To Drink Green Tea

Weight Loss

The weight loss effect is not to be taken lightly, until without exercise supplementation… Doctors who do not recommend more than one cup a day; They also do not recommend drinking sugary drinks. Good news for those who also complain about metebozizm, it is a good accelerator for your working system.

Stress Reliever

Stres Azaltıcı

Green tea contains theanine amino acid. This amino acid actually acts hostile to the stimulating effects of caffeine on the nervous system. It has been observed that this amino acid induces a feeling of relaxation 30-40 minutes after ingestion.

Eliminating Cancer

Kanseri Yok Etme

Experts doing research on cancer want to drink green tea because it slows down cell division. But there is an important point: Since dark tea poses a risk of stomach cancer, consume tea lightly and without sugar.

Enemy of Cholesterol

Kolestrol Düşmanı

Green tea reduces cholesterol by 2 to 5%. At the same time, green tea consumed without sugar is a good method to combat cholesterol, as it contains very few calories.

Prevents Tooth Caries

The polyphenolic catechins in green tea have the ability to destroy bacteria and viruses.

Decreased Blood Pressure

Azalmış Kan Basıncı

A study conducted in China in 2004 showed that those who consume even half a glass of green tea a day can reduce the risk of high blood pressure by 50%.

Strengthens Immune Resistance

Bağışıklık Direnci Güçlendirir

The polyphenols and flavonoids in green tea help support the immune system by fighting infections and strengthening your health. Flavonoid and polyphenol at the same time; It is also found in foods such as soy sauce, red wine, purple grapes, pomegranate, cranberry.

Against Food Poisoning

Besin Zehirlenmelerine Karşı

Regular consumption of green tea protects against symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting and dehydration that accompany food poisoning.

Protection Against Asthma

Astıma Karşı Koruma

Theophylline found in green tea (Central nervous system a natural xanthine derivative with a stimulant effect on reduces and relaxes the muscles that support the bronchial channels.

Prevents the Spread of HIV Virus

HIV Virüsünün Yayılmasını Engeller

EGCG found in green teaHIV (which provides the body’s ability to resist microbes) (It affects and destroys the immune system.) They found that it was able to stop it from sticking to their cells. This means green tea Can stop the spread of HIV virus.


Information about the first use of echelle tea BC. 3000 up to the year. According to the story told, a green tea leaf It fell into boiling water in front of the emperor and was later the most popular drink in the region. Has become.

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